Lonely In London

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Loneliness is one powerful emotion! Especially in the cold of an England winter! A site like match affinity could really help you find someone to snuggle up to if you were prepared to spend a little cash for a membership.
Match affinity would set you up with singles that are near you and looking to date RIGHT NOW.
The reality is that you are missing out on some great dating experiences by NOT being online. Someone else will take the girl that is right for you as a result of not being that profile that she searches for tonight…
Playing the guilt trip card? Absolutely not, I am merely giving you the facts here. Millions of emails and chat/video sessions are being performed every day, if not every second online.

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Love and lust is thick in the virtual air as we speak – are you apart of it? Once again being lonely is one emotion that I never want to feel again. Sitting at home knowing to well that nobody will ring, nobody will email, if you lucky you might get a txt from your mum or your mate.
What you really want is someone that understands you and accepts your faults.
Someone you can be passionate and sexual with and who wants to back but someone who also admires and respects you.
UK online dating is flourishing.. British singles have taken to it like a duck to water and match affinity has used chemistry based matching algorithms to pair compatible singles.
This means that the dates you set up at match affinity wont be random “hit and miss” singles but real “soul mate” like material. However this all depends on what you want now doesn’t it. You could have a more sinister thought on your mind and match affinity caters to that too.
As I said before lust is thick in the virtual air and women are quite happy to accept casual sexual encounters.
But match affinity specializes in relationships… love that runs deeper than fleeting sexual emotions. They want you to find love that will last so that you don’t have to spend lonely nights in front of the TV with a micro wave dinner.
You see, it’s true that you become MUCH more motivated to live, create and love when you are with people you love.
Being alone for to long has a way of destroying your creative and loving soul. Can you remember the last time you were in love?
It can really change your perspective on life and give you new hope. Love can conquer all as they say.
Love can increase your productivity and digg you out of depression. Love can ignite a long lost passion and change your life. After all life is all about the relationships that you establish and the times that you have with the people you love.
I think you know that it’s time for you to establish some fresh loving relationships.
Don’t beat yourself up about being down…
We all get down from time to time and if you have nobody in your life to pick you up it makes it even harder.
If you want to have kids at some stage you will want to really understand your partner and be with them for a few years before making a big decision.
The title of this post is lonely in London but I am really referring to anyone who is secretly and silently crying out for love.
YES that is what you doing is it not? It’s OK to be on the look out (even desperately) for love!
It’s almost as if suggesting that we need love and are lonely is a crime and weakness.
It’s as if suggesting that we require someone else’s support to go on and are therefore not independent. Of course we need the love, appreciation of other people!
That’s what makes us HUMAN!
If you did not require the love of friends and family you would be considered quite odd indeed.
So I would suggest that you listen to your heart and trust your instincts. Once you fill the gap of longing and being understood by a partner, everything else in your life will start to take a turn for the better.
Nobody should have to deal with the horrible emotion that is loneliness for to long. If you let it beat you and accept that you will never find someone to share your amazing self with what then? Do not forget to share your amazing and unique personality with the world because they DO want to hear what you have to say.

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