Lonely Men Seeking Lonely Ladies

Now that’s one sad title don’t you think?
But the truth is that many many folks out their right now are just plain lonely…
They lack the connection in their work or home life to adequately satisfy their basic human need to feel loved.
Some need more love than others

  • Some give love to feel loved in the form of volunteer work at the local shelter.
  • Some get just enough love from their pets to stop them going insane.
  • Some still have their kids from a past marriage and this is enough.

How lonely are you?
Everyone is different and I am not for a second suggesting that you are wrong to do what you do. Folks, everyone has to receive love in one way or another.
Just make sure that you are receiving it in a form that will benefit both parties involved plus a love that is being true to yourself.
You know you can be lonely even if you are married – some cheating wives and cheating husbands are driven to feel wanted and needed because their spouse no longer feels love for them.
Or though they don’t want to hurt anyone the desire to be loved by someone even if for a night is stronger than the urge to remain faithful.
As a result you get services that cater to cheating spouses such as no strings attached and Ashley madison.
If you are looking for a lonely women to brighten up your day and feel the joy of being able to add excitement to hers you could use the power of the internet to do it. There plenty of women in OR out of marriages that are simply not happy.
Your goal should NOT be to break up marriages but to find a women that will compliment your life. If you find that she matches your personality and life goals two lonely souls just became one lifelong partnership.
However you could simply be after a one night stand where you get that quick fix of false love that comes from sexual exploration with another women.
This is fine if you know what your in for and you know the outcome. Being with a different women every week/month sure does add excitement and variation to a working week.
So you need to define what your really after – the quick fix excitement of a one night stand or the more stable long term relationship with a soul mate.
This lonely women you seek is either going to be attached to a guy already and lonely herself or she will have been out of a relationship for sometime and all but given up on the chance of love again.
image: Rich Damboise

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  1. Yeah…reality always hit me when I am all alone and that loneliness is sometime a pain that without realizing I do often cry.

  2. Yeah…reality always hit me when I am all alone and that loneliness is sometime a pain that without realizing I do often cry.

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