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Lonely Cheating Wives is an adult dating site that offers a chance to all spirited ladies who are trapped in marriage to find handsome young bucks who can bring some passion and spark back into their lives. This means this site is perfect if you are into such group of women. By becoming a member, you will find a great selection of fine married ladies who are more than willing to engage in extra marital fun. So, if you are 18 years old and above, join the community, share and be sociable!


This adult dating site focuses on letting married women meet other men. It provides advice and articles on experiences, as well as guidance about keeping the affairs secret and staying on your toes.

Lonely Cheating Wives also does not allow free membership to serve the purpose of narrowing down its user base to just those who are serious in their intentions. There are plenty of options for members to express their desires clearly when creating user profiles, and there are also many privacy options to ensure that they reveal as little or as much of their true selves as they wish. It also allows video and photo uploads to help users titillate their potential partners.

Site Features

It is sad to say that this adult dating site only has limited features somehow, which can only be accessed after subscription. Of course, there is an internal e-mail feature, instant messaging and the “capacity” to flirt with other users to let them know that you are interested in them, but these are pretty much as far as the site goes. We can say that its search facility is not that good, only allowing users to search by gender, age and location, which is fairly limited when it comes to scope. As far as more exciting features—chatrooms and webcams—are concerned, Lonely Cheating Wives seems unlikely to introduce them for its members.

Subscription and Pricing

When you want to become a member, you do need to pay USD 34.95 for a monthly subscription and continue using this site, unlike other adult dating sites that are usually free. Other than a 3-day trial, Lonely Cheating Wives does not allow free membership.

Other Issues

Without free membership, users need to be sure that they really want to commit to this adult dating site. It seems that there are a lot of subscribers who are unhappy with its service and have reported a number of issues and even potential scams being operated on the site. Some have reported being inundated with messages from fake profiles, unauthorized payments being taken from accounts to pay for subscriptions and search results that return fake profiles as part of local searches. But given the nature of this type of site, there is always a possibility that there are many people who use it for malicious or fraudulent intents.

Considering the price of subscription and the problems that are highlighted in this review, it is suggested to check out what is really offered before signing up. Moreover, it is important to observe utmost care or caution when using the site.

Bottom Line

With a mixture of positive and negative impressions, it is recommended to check out Lonely Cheating Wives yourself and see how it does for you.

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