Looking for the One? How to Find Love Online ❤️

Questions on Finding Love
What are the best free dating sites?
Ok Cupid, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Badoo are all great free dating sites and apps.

Can online dating help you find real love?
Yes. You can find love with online dating. In fact, 20% of committed relationships begin online.

Online dating gives you an opportunity to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise. It’s easy to determine some aspects of compatibility based on their profile, which can save you time.

Love: How can I start dating again, even though I’m over 40?
Dating over 40 is not the same as it is at 20, nor would you want it to be. What you desire, value, and need in a partner will be much different than it was then.

First, you need to be ready. Ready to put forth the effort to find someone, have the time to do so, and have gotten over past disappointments and heart breaks.

Next, you’ll need to decide what’s truly important to you. What are your must haves in a partner.

Lastly, get out there and do it. Join some online dating sites. Go out with the person your friend has been trying to set you up with.

Put yourself out there and start going on dates again.

Is it possible to find true love on dating apps?
Of course. You can find love anywhere. Dating apps are simply a tool to connect you with others looking for love.

From there, its up to you. There is no right or wrong place to find love. The right place is the place that works the best for you.

Dating apps are particularly effective if you are on the go a lot.

As a woman, is it really harder to find a partner in your 30s?
Yes. It can be. Women in their 30s are generally looking to settle down and find love.

However, many men are still looking for casual sex instead of a relationship. Weeding through them and finding a partner can be difficult.

It isn’t all bad, however. Women in their 30s also know what they want, and are usually clear about it with potential partners.

This directness and confidence can save time and help you find Mr. Right without wasting too much effort on Mr. Wrong.

What is the difference between relationship and love?
Relationships and love don’t always occur at the same time. You can be in a relationship with someone you don’t love, or love someone but not be in a relationship with them.

A relationship is defined as a romantic or sexual involvement. Generally, a relationship occurs first, then love.

However, sometimes people fall in love without being in a relationship. Love can also remain after a relationship has officially ended.

Why do women fall in love with married men?
Women fall for married men for a few reasons. First, we all tend to want what we aren’t supposed to have.

Married men are supposed to be off limits, making them forbidden and attractive.

It’s also a form of social proof. Clearly, some woman found him valuable enough to marry, so this makes him more attractive to other women. It’s essentially the same concept as liking the same type of music or movies as the people we are around.

Lastly, a married man has proved that he is willing to commit to someone. Commitment is becoming rarer these days, and it’s a very attractive quality in a potential mate. Particularly for women who instinctively look for someone to commit and provide for them and potential children.

Best free{ish} dating apps for young love: We love OkCupid, Tinder,Badoo

These apps can be used for free, or you can choose to pay for an upgrade.

  1. Ok Cupid
  2. Tinder
  3. Badoo

Find Love on a Budget:
Best Free{ish} Dating Sites

These are the top freemium dating apps. This means that you can use them and send messages for free. However, if you want to save some time and get better results, you can pay for a premium account.

Ok Cupid

Ok Cupid is an excellent place for finding love on a budget. You will find people looking for all types of relationships, from hookups to marriage.

However, it’s easy to specify the type of relationship you are looking for on your profile, and search according to your relationship goals.

This allows you to filter out those just looking for a hookup while your looking for love.

You can play Double Take, which works similar to Tinder. If you like each other, then you match and you can send messages. You can also browse profiles and like people when you view their profile.

However, if you have a free account, you have to like each other before you send messages. You can send an introductory message when you like someone, which can be  a great way to get them to like you back and strike up a conversation.

If you prefer to save time and get the most out of Ok Cupid, you can purchase A List.


A list Basic allows you to see who likes you, and lets you know when your messages have been read.  A list premium increases your attractiveness and visibility in addition to the features found on A list basic.

A list Basic is about half the price of a premium membership on sites like Match, with a 3 month membership costing $14.95 a month.


I know what your thinking. Tinder is for hooking up, right? Just like any online dating app, Tinder has its fair share of people only looking for a hookup.

However, a surprising number of Tinder users are searching for a long term relationship.

In fact, a large scale survey conducted by the company found that 80% of its users are looking for love, not just a hookup.

85% of Tinder users are between 18-34, so it certainly fits with the younger demographic. If you are young and looking for love, Tinder is a must have.

Tinder offers Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. Price varies based on your age, with younger singles paying less than those over 35.

In most cases, you can find love on Tinder with a free membership.

Tinder: Not Just for Hooking Up

80% of Tinder users are seeking a long term relationship.

The majority of users are in their 20s, or early 30s.

It is  a great place to find love if you are under 35.


Badoo is part social network and part dating app. Badoo is very visually appealing, and it has a casual feel to it. It is geared toward younger users as well.

Badoo is ranked as the #1 relationship site, and #150 among all websites. It is extremely popular and available around the world in over 200 countries.

Similar to Tinder, one of the main features of Badoo is geo-location. It will show you people nearby, and encourages getting off the app and meeting in real life.

One of the most interesting features of Badoo is live video streams. What better way to see if you are interested than to watch a live broadcast? You can sort broadcasts by popular, near you, or following.

You are encouraged to complete your profile, which is required to view other’s full profiles.

You can play Encounters, which allows you to swipe left or right and see who you match with, or search for people nearby. You can also see who has visited your profile and who has liked you.

You can send messages and create public or private photo and video albums.

The basic features of Badoo are free. However, a premium membership will give you much more visibility.

If you are willing to be active and put in some effort, you can find love on Badoo for free.

Best dating sites for people nervous about online dating

The internet can make dating easier allowing you to get to know people at your own pace before you meet in person. This is great if you are shy. However, the amount of options, the pressure of sending messages, and even choosing a dating site can be daunting.

If you are an introvert, you’ll likely find the process more difficult. The good news is that there are sites that are perfect for introverts.

Best for Serious Relationships:

eHarmony is known as the dating site for people looking for someone to marry. However, it’s also an excellent place for introverts to find partners.

First, eHarmony doesn’t allow you to conduct searches. Instead, they send you curated matches. This encourages you to get to know your matches instead of endlessly searching.

Secondly, they have a guided communication system. Most sites leave you on your own with messaging, but eHarmony guides you through getting to know someone.

This can relieve a lot of the pressure associated with striking up a conversation with someone online, and hopefully help you connect on a deeper level.

Best for Shy Professionals:
Elite Singles

You have your life together and want someone who does as well. If you want to skip profiles of 30 year olds still living in their parent’s basement, Elite Singles is a great choice.

80% of its members have a bachelors degree or higher, so it truly is a dating site for professionals.

They offer curated matching as well. They do the searching for you and send you profiles of people that you are compatible with based on a 200 question personality test.

You are on your own with messaging. However, you should have quite a bit in common with anyone you match with, which makes conversation much easier.

Best for Shy Men:

Bumble was created by one of the founders of Tinder. The platform is similar. You’ll see photos and minimal profile information, and you’ll swipe left or right.

If you match with someone then you can message each other, again, like Tinder.

There is one big difference, however:

On Bumble, the woman must send the first message.

This takes the pressure off men. It also makes the app more inviting to women who are used to getting bombarded with messages on dating sites.

Women choose who they want to talk to and send the opening message. If you are a shy guy or just tired of sending messages and not getting replies, Bumble is an excellent dating app.

How to Find Love Online: 3 Steps to Success

Your profile should show your personality. This not only sets you apart, it helps filter out people who won’t be a good fit personality wise.

Details will help you stand out from the crowd and convey your personality. They will make your profile memorable.

Photos are just as important as your profile, if not more so. Be sure that your photos are flattering, and that you have at least one head shot, body shot, and action shot.

Remember photos are a way to communicate your likes and personality as well. Use them to your advantage.

Once your profile and photos are in order, get to work browsing profiles and sending messages.

Don’t wait for someone to come to you.

Be proactive!

STEP 1: Profile

  • Show your personality
  • Fill out everything
  • Be detailed
  • Stay positive

STEP 2: Photographs

  • One headshot
  • One full body shot
  • Action shots

STEP 3: Make a Move

  • Know what you want
  • Search profiles
  • Send messages

Dating: how much would you spend in a search for love?

It’s said you can’t put a price on love. However, you can and should put a price on how much you spend searching for love.

The answer to how much depends on how serious you are about finding love, your priorities, and your budget.

There are advantages to choosing to use a paid dating site like Match or eHarmony. Generally, those willing to spend money to be on a site are serious about their search for a partner.

To maximize your chances of success without maxing out your credit card, I recommend taking a dual approach.

Choose one paid dating site, and one or two free ones. You’ll want to focus the most on the one that you are paying for, however you should be active on all of them.

You may choose to upgrade a free site like Ok Cupid to maximize your results as well. Upgrading can save you time and boost your profile.

Set a budget for how much you are willing to spend on your search for love. It can be easy to get caught up in upgrades and extras, and they can add up quickly.

The truth is that you can find love on any budget, but paying for some features will save you time and headache.

More Advice?

If you’d like more in-depth advice about online dating, check out these helpful articles for more tips and step by step instructions.

Help: I’m struggling to find love through online dating

Online dating can be a wonderful thing, but it isn’t always easy. What do you do when you aren’t attracting people? Or aren’t attracting the right people?

Your photos and your profile are your first impression. If you want to attract the right people, you’ll need to do it with your profile.

What Do You Want?

To be successful at anything, including online dating, you’ll need to know what success looks like for you. Think about the qualities that are important to you in a partner.

Make a list of what your perfect lover and relationship looks like. The more detailed, the better.

What Are They Looking For?

Once you have your list, look at your profile. Is the message you are sending what this person would be looking for? Get a friend to look over your profile, preferably of the opposite sex.

Ask what vibe they get from your profile. What type of person your words would attract.

You should be able to find some things that you can change to better attract potential partners.

A Picture Says It All

You’ll also want to take a look a the message conveyed by your profile pictures. If you are looking for a real connection, you should make sure your pictures are flattering but not to sexy.

It’s best to avoid pictures of bathing suits, underwear, and shirtless pics. You should also avoid pictures of you partying or drinking with your friends.

Consider what you would wear on a first date with the person you are seeking. Your main profile photo should convey this style.

Can You Find Love Without Dating Apps?

Online dating is often seen as the only or the best way to find love. While it can be a great choice, it isn’t your only option.

Surveys say that most people meet their significant other through mutual friends. 

Online dating takes the fourth spot. Your odds of finding love are actually better offline than online it seems.

There’s nothing wrong with using dating apps. In fact, I recommend using them as one of the ways you meet potential romantic partners. However, keep in mind that it isn’t the only way.

The next time your friend wants to set you up on a date, take them up on it.

Is Online Dating Hurting Your Chances of Finding Love?

Online dating is excellent for casual dating. The wide array of options and the ability to narrow your search results can make you feel like a kid in a candy store.

Things move fast. There’s always another match. Another possibility. An upgrade from the person you went out with last night always seems within reach.

However, this can hurt your chances of finding love. It can be easy to fall into chatting with lots of people and dating casually. This prevents you from getting to know someone on a deeper level and falling in love with them.


Serendipidating is chatting with lots of people but not going on dates because something better might come along. It’s easy to believe in the Hollywood story that someone out there will send us a message, and we will just know that they are “the one”.

The will be witty and sensitive and everything we are looking for and..

it doesn’t happen that way in real life.

Chemistry can take time to develop, particularly when you haven’t had an irl meeting yet. If someone seems worth getting to know, then make the time to get to know them,

If you do choose to use online dating to find love, set limits for yourself. Don’t be afraid to commit to someone you are interested in. Be clear about what you are seeking.

If you find yourself falling into the serendepidating trap, you may need to change the sites you use.

Consider a site that limits your matches, like eHarmony, Elite Singles, or Coffee Meets Bagel. Stay away from sites like Tinder that encourage endlessly swiping and endless choices.

Questions on Finding Love Online
What is the best Online dating Platform to find True Love?
Ok Cupid, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and Badoo are all great free dating sites and apps.

How to find love abroad through online dating?
Finding love abroad is exciting as well as challenging. You may be tempted to sign up for sites devoted to specific ethnicities like Dream Brides.

However, many of these sites are scams. The better idea is to choose an International dating site.

This will allow you to date locally and abroad by changing the location you are looking in.

These sites are also trusted and have a reputation as being legitimate. The top International dating sites are:

Is it possible to find love on a social networking site?
Yes, you can find love on social networking sites. However, keep in mind that these sites are for forming friendships, not dating.

Start out with friendly conversation and get to know someone before you try to ask them out on a social networking site.

Does online dating wreck you for long term relationships?
Online dating can make it harder to settle down and commit to one person in the long run.

There are more options with online dating. While options can be a good thing, it can create a sense of “there’s always something better out there”.

Essentially, online dating makes it easier to find new partners or potential partners, so it can seem easier to start over instead of try to work things out.

This is an attitude and a thought process, however. Online dating can be used to find a long term relationship, if you are willing to commit to someone.

Is online dating real dating?
In the sense that you can get to know people and see if you are compatible, yes.

Some aspects of compatibility, like physical chemistry, can only be determined by an in person date.

However, online dating can be a great way to find out if you are compatible in other areas and decide if someone is worth the time and effort of an offline date.

What are some tips to finding love online?
First, tweak your profile. Get advice from your friends, make sure your pictures are flattering, and be descriptive.

Second, broaden your search criteria. Increase your distance and age ranges. Consider adding more options to the type of relationship you are willing to accept.

You don’t want to lie about your intentions on your profile, but being too restrictive will limit the amount of people you have access too.

What is the best dating app to find a lifetime partner?
Match is the best dating app for finding a long term relationship. It’s been voted as the#1 dating app. It also claims to lead to more marriages than any other site or app.

Can love happen over the Internet?
Love can happen over the internet. In most cases, couples meet online, then meet offline, begin a relationship and fall in love.

However, in the case of long distance relationships, some people find themselves in love with someone they have never actually met.

There are risks to this, as someone’s online persona and real one can be different. When both parties are genuine, however, they may form a real love connection.

6 Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person

1. Know what you want
2. Unpack your bags
3. Be honest

4. Have a sense of humor
5. Be yourself
6. Keep living your life

Know What You Want

We’ve already been over this, but it bears repeating. You have to know what you want in order to find it. Be clear on what you want in a person and in a relationship.

Unpack Your Bags

We all have baggage. However, you’ll need to “unpack your bags” enough that it doesn’t affect your future relationships negatively.

If you are bitter or can’t open up to people because of past issues, you aren’t going to be able to have a successful relationship.

Be Honest

Honesty truly is the best policy. When you lie, not only do you break the other person’s trust, you waste your time and theirs.

This is also true of lies of omission. Don’t leave out important information or potential deal breakers. If you think it might be an issue, mention it sooner rather than later.

Be Yourself

Being yourself is a part of being honest. Show people who you really are from the beginning. If they don’t like you, then what’s the point in dragging things out.

Have a Sense of Humor

Dating is difficult. Sometimes it is extremely frustrating. Sometimes it’s sad. Sometimes, you just have to laugh to save your sanity.

Keeping a sense of humor can help prevent dating fatigue and make the process more enjoyable. The way it’s supposed to be, remember?

Keep Living Your Life

Yes, everything is more fun with the right partner. However, until they come along, keep living your life. Don’t wait for the one to start enjoying yourself.

Having a life and doing things you enjoy will make you more attractive to the opposite sex, and give you some fulfillment while you are searching for love.

You Have to Be Comfortable With You

You’ll never find love until you love yourself. If you are searching for someone to boost your ego, to complete you, or to distract you from things, you will never find real love.

You have to know who you are and be happy with yourself. We are all a work in progress. There will always be things about yourself that you are insecure about or don’t like.

However, you should be happy with who you are overall as a person.

If you aren’t, figure out why. Then work on changing those things. Self improvement is just as important to finding love as searching for your soul mate. Maybe more so.

Signs They are the One

You smile when you get a text from them. They make your heart beat faster. You have a standing Friday night date. Things are good, but how do you know if they are THE ONE?

4 Ways to Know They Are The One
  1. Your pronouns change
  2. You are willing to sacrifice and compromise
  3. They’ve met the important people in your life
  4. You are in sync and things flow easily

4 Universal Signals You’ve Found a Partner To Spend Your Life With

1. Your Pronouns Change

When you are in a relationship and feel a genuine connection, you will start using “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me”.

This is a great sign because it’s something that happens unconsciously. It’s not something you think about, or likely even realize you are doing.

This is important because the desire for “the one” can cloud your judgement about how you feel about someone. You may tell yourself they are the one simply because you want them to be.

If your I’s turn into We’s, it’s a good sign that you view yourself as part of a couple instead of as an independent agent.

2. You are Willing to Sacrifice and Compromise

When you fall in love, part of that is desiring the other person to be happy. You are willing to put their needs ahead of your own.

Compromise becomes something that you do happily. You willingly make sacrifices without a second thought.

It’s important to not take this too far, and neglect your own needs.  However, in a healthy relationship, both of you are willing to sacrifice for the other person, creating a balance.

If you are happy giving up game night for dinner dates, then they might be the one.

3. They’ve Met the People That Matter to You

It might be friends, family, or both. When they are the one, you will want to introduce them to everyone who is important to you.

You will also find yourself seeking their approval on your choice. If you find yourself asking what your best friend thinks after you introduce them, they could be the one for you.

The one will want to be involved in your life. They will want the people you love to like them. They will make an effort to make a good impression, and will be open to spending time getting to know your friends and family.

4. You are in Sync and Things Flow Easily

When you are with the one, you’ll find yourself in sync physically and mentally.  Conversation flows easily. Silences are comfortable.

Being with the one is easy. You are comfortable around them. You can be yourself. You don’t over think things. You don’t stress over what they are doing or why they haven’t texted you.

You’ll mirror each others movements. Say the same thing at the same time. You won’t agree on everything, but you will generally be on the same page and enhance each other.

In fact, studies have shown that couples even sync their heart rate and breathing.

Couples were asked to sit across the room from each other while their breathing and heart rate were monitored. They would sync up so that they matched each other perfectly.

The study found that when this was performed with strangers, no syncing occurred. If you find yourself syncing with them, then you have a deep connection. They may be the one.

If all of these signs are present, then congratulations. Your search is  over. You have found the one.

Social Media & Dating

Social media and dating are closely linked these days. Many singles using social media as a way of finding dates.

There are also social media rules that you should follow when you are single or in the early stages of dating.

Can You Use Social Media to Find Love?

The short answer is yes, it is certainly possible to find love through social media. A better question is, “should you use social media to find love?”


  • It’s free
  • Easy to find people with common interests
  • Very large member base


  • Not everyone on social media is looking for a partner
  • Intentions can be hard to read
  • It can be seen as inappropriate

Falling in Love on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network, with 2 billion active users each month. There are certainly many fish in the Facebook sea, but meeting them can be tricky.

Facebook is seen as a place to connect with friends and family, and women are particularly cautious about messages from strangers on Facebook.

If you plan to use Facebook as a dating platform, you will have to be tactful and put in a little thought and planning.

It can be well worth it, though, as it’s much easier to meet people who are already on the outskirts of your social circle. If you have a mutual friend or two, you are much more likely to find a genuine connection.

There are two ways to go about Facebook dating. The first is to browse through suggested friends and your friend’s friends. When you find someone who interests you, check their profile.

If they seem available and you like what you see, send them a message. Let them know who you are and aim for friendly, not flirty.


Hi. I’m John. I am a friend of Bobs. You popped up in my suggested friends, so I thought I would say hello. Do you know Bob well?

The second method is to join local groups around a particular interest or hobby. You can find groups by conducting a Facebook search and filtering the results to groups.

Once you’ve joined the group, be active. Make posts and comment on others. When you see someone that you like, send them a message.

If it isn’t a group for dating, it’s best to mention something about the interest the group is centered around.


Hi. I’m John. I noticed you mentioned (mention a specific post or comment) in (group you are members of). I would love to know more about (something they mentioned).


  • Be friendly
  • Be polite
  • Let them know how you know them


  • Assume they want to date you
  • Flirt in the first few messages
  • Pressure them to respond

Instagram Dating

Just like Facebook, you can use Instagram for dating. The demographic for Instagram tends to be younger, with 64% of Instagram users being between 18-34. This makes it a perfect dating platform for millenials.

While you won’t find cut and dry intentions and paragraphs detailing likes and dislikes on Instagram, you can find out a lot about a person’s personality and what matters to them.

Do they post lots of selfies? Do they take photos of beautifully prepared meals? Do they enjoy art? Do funny memes suggest they have a sense of humor?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words they say, and this holds true on Instagram. You are getting a peek (a filtered one) into their life. It isn’t a bad way to begin getting to know someone.

Be Presentable

Basics of IG Dating

  • Clean up your profile
  • Start with a like and/or a follow
  • Like a few of their posts (at different times)
  • Comment on a post or story
  • Avoid cold messaging

Before you even think about dming that hot girl, you will need to take a look at your profile.

Browse through your posts and see what sort of impression they give. You want your story to be a somewhat accurate representation of your day to day life.

However, depending on who you are trying to attract, you may want to avoid posting drunken selfies every weekend. Should probably avoid feeling your story with sexually suggestive memes as well.

Lastly, add some interests. Follow people and subjects that you are interested in. Your favorite celebrities, bands, and things related to your hobbies. This helps someone get an idea of what you are like and what you are into from your profile.

Follow the Process

Instagram has it’s own set of dating rules. It’s considered rude to just slide into someone’s dms.

The process is reminiscent of times gone by, when people flirted with each other before asking for a date.

Much of the flirting on Instagram happens through likes and following people. Everyone wants more followers, it’s a sign that someone finds you interesting.

First, you’ll need to find people you are interested in. You can search for posts by location and or interests. You can also browse through people who commented on posts that you are following.

Once you find people you are interested in, follow them. Then start to like a post here and there. Do not get excited and like every single thing they post, or like too many posts in one day.

See if they like you back. If you like a few posts and get no reciprocation, assume they aren’t interested and move on. If they follow you or like a post back, then it’s safe to assume they are at least slightly interested.

Once they have reciprocated in some way, you can send them a message. Say something related to one of their posts, and you have an instant conversation topic.

Instagram is more flirty than Facebook, so it’s ok to flirt a bit from the beginning. However, don’t do too much too soon. Keep things flirty but light in those beginning dms.

Once you’ve chatted back and forth for a few days, then you can ask them for their number or  a date.

Have you found love online? Which is more effective, online or offline dating? let us know what you think in the comments!


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