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Loopy love is based around connecting singles in the UK. Loopy love is predominantly a uk dating chat site with the site headline of:
“Fancy A Chat? Our Local Members Do To”
I felt like they should have just said…
“Fancy a Shag?”
Loopy love set up is pretty cool with a web 2.0 feel. (all curvy and  iphone like) It’s the results people are looking for though:
How does loopy love stack up?
If you go to http://local.loopylove.com/
you can click on the chat by major city or county

Dating in Birmingham
Dating in Bradford
Dating in Bristol
Dating in Cardiff
Dating in Coventry
Dating in Dudley
Dating in East Riding
Dating in Edinburgh
Dating in Fife
Dating in Glasgow
Dating in Kirklees
Dating in Leeds
Dating in Liverpool
Dating in London
Dating in Manchester
Dating in North Lanarkshire
Dating in Sheffield
Dating in South Lanarkshire
Dating in Wakefield
Dating in Wigan

According to loopylove they are one of the most loved uk dating services in operation with 1.5 million uk users chatting and emailing each other
Negatives: Due to the lower number of singles at the site you might not find who you are looking for at loopy love if you search within county. If you live in a major city such as liverpool, london manchester then loopy love will be great for you due to the large number of potential matches in your area.
UK dating has exploded in the past 5 years – it is no longer taboo to chat to users online regarding meeting up outside the realms of online chat.
Loopy Love is helping local British singles chat and connect online and they are worth checking out.


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