Singles Over Fifty: What You Should Know About Love, Lust and Dating

singles over fifty

Seniors, Elderly, Mature, or just singles over fifty… however we want to be called lets take a look at:

  • Sexuality for Seniors
  • Sexual Issues Encountered by Seniors
  • Tips to Keep Sexual Desire Alive
  • Products and Procedures to Improve Sexual Performance
  • 50+ Dating Services And Online Meeting Places

In today’s world, hitting the age 50 is both a gift and a curse. With the number of diseases that sprout in our world, it is indeed a blessing to still witness your golden age, and spend it with your family, friends and loved ones.

Singles Over Fifty

A dilemma arises however when the individual has gone through a tough marriage which resulted in divorce – worse, the death of a partner. If an individual had children, by age 50, they are no longer children anymore, more like adults who have careers, partners or families that they are now focusing on – the same focus these seniors provided it/them about 20-30 years go.In short, the individual is now alone – one of the singles over fifty club.

If they have remained singles over fifty, at this age, they could be deeply focused in their careers or businesses.

For those singles over fifty, dating just seemed to be a little more complicated than it is for their younger counterparts. People, in general, are just not as exposed to the idea of mature/senior dating, Health Guidance commented on the lack of media content surrounding mature dating, which somehow gives off a connotation that it is invalid, or out of the norm.

They might also think that dating is not necessarily the best activity to waste their times on, given that the parties involved are mature, they often think that going back to dating is like a blast from the past, as noted in this article by Harvard Magazine. Going back to their high school dating problems may seem like a petty thing to do when they have years of life experience under their belt.

Further, finding someone who can accept you for all your quirks and hang-ups at a later age is much more difficult than it was when you were in your 20s or 30s. Upon reaching the age of 40, life would have already molded the personality well. Unlike younger counterparts who can easily bend and compromise, with age comes some non-negotiables, not because of stubbornness, but due to a greater sense of self and individuality, better awareness of one’s own happiness, and less tendency to give a f*ck what others think.

Trust may also become an issue, given the decades worth of life experiences, lessons, and mistakes, it tends to make someone jaded with the idea, or even paranoid, as mentioned in Stitch. Entrusting confidence on someone can be challenging, with the crime rates, reports of con-people, and young women and men out there looking for sugar mommies and sugar daddies, siphoning their benefactor’s money as if it is their trust funds.


Sexuality for Seniors

And then, there is the unspoken issue that comes with mature dating and singles over fifty – sexual performance. In an article written by Loren Stein for Health Day, it was provided how colloquialisms such as dirty old men and horny old broads imply so much about how the population views sexuality in later age.

It is established that with time, a couple’s desire for sexual activity will slowly decrease with the development of the dynamics of their relationship: children, responsibilities, careers and other factors contribute to this, leading to the assumption that sexual desire and activity just continually wanes and by a certain age, plummets to 0. This view gives off a stigma that as seniors and singles over fifty have low sex drives, and worse, are expected to be asexual.

A research published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information provided figures on the presence of sexual activity – which is quite active – for singles over fifty, with minor differences on the desire level between men and women.

Sexual Issues Encountered by Seniors – Singles Over Fifty

For singles over fifty, menopause can mean different things. According to Couple Connection, there are reports of women feeling liberated and sexual desires spiking, possibly as the risk of falling pregnant is no longer present, and hormones are no longer wreaking havoc on their system every 28 days, aka the menstrual cycle. Meanwhile, there are also women who report a decrease in their libido upon menopause. Per Web MD and the National Institute on Aging, the decline in sex drive is due to vaginal dryness, incontinence, and psychological issues – like anxiety and depression. Health concerns and medical conditions also contribute to this.

Mayo Clinic provided information on the effect of age on the sexuality of men. It is noted that there will be more time needed to stimulate arousal, achieve and maintain that erection – not to be mistaken for erectile dysfunction. Orgasms also tend to be difficult to achieve and shorter, on the other hand, premature ejaculation may also occur, stated in this Psychology Today article. Similar to women, psychological issues may also burden older men. Health conditions like having suffered a stroke or heart attack might also discourage them from having sexual activity.

Reaching 50 is something to be celebrated, however with the age comes medical conditions, some of which might lead to taking medications to support the health, which might affect sexual performance, reducing the sexual desire for both men and women. On some occasions, these ailments may resort to surgeries like mastectomy, hysterectomy or prostatectomy, procedures that alter the appearance of parts which are often the focus during sexual encounters.


Tips to Keep Sexual Desire Alive

Despite the issues discussed that hinder sexual performance, it is recommended to maintain sexual activity as one age, be it with an existing partner, or a new one – whether with someone of the same age range or someone younger. Couple Connection provided some guidelines to keep desire flowing even as one ages.

Keeping sex hot despite limitations driven by age entails communication with your partner. Be sensitive and accepting of the issues experienced, always manage expectations, communicate pleasure and pain points, this way both parties understand what each other need.

Set the mood by lighting up candles, playing sensual music, doing some erotic massage, or even watching erotic videos or reading sensual novels, can heighten the stimulation. Remember that it isn’t always about penetrative sex, stimulation through touching, playful talk or oral sex are some ways to keep sex spicy for singles over fifty.

Role play or even dress up. Maybe seeing the same thing over and again isn’t as stimulating anymore, role playing makes one see their partner in another dimension and even play with the imagination and fulfill fantasies.

Some sex positions may not be as forgiving to those hips, backs, and knees, so consider more relaxed ones Huffington Post identified spooning, ‘backs’, and chair sex as more fit for the circumstance. The Date Report and The Health Site also provided more options that might not be as simple but are still doable.


Products and Procedures to Improve Sexual Performance

If sexual performance still struggles despite the tips above, you can always ask for back up. Here, we provide some tricks to improve sexual performance.
You can spice it up by using toys, props or other accessories that will make the experience more arousing. Some example are dildos, vibrators, and ticklers which are sex props for women that can aid in arousal one can check out. Men also have their options: penis rings, male vibrators and stimulators are some. These can do the work when either party is taking a bit longer heating up.
If dryness is a problem, lubricants, also called lubes can come in handy. Lubricants can be water-based, oil-based or silicone, each of the three have their respective pros and cons of use, though water-based seemed to be the most popular variety.

Everyday Health expounds on choosing your lube and how they make sexual activity more fun, sensual and wet – an easy remedy to vaginal dryness. Ask Men provided a list of the best lubricants out there. There are also flavored lubricants that can make it an even more mouth watering and tastier affair.

For men experiencing problems with their erection, getting stimulated, and even premature ejaculation, there are drugs that have been created to resolve this issue that commonly comes with age. Men’s Health expounded and weighed in on these different drugs, their benefits, and disadvantages.

Web MD provided the different names/brands of these erection aid drugs, however, top of mind would be pills. Men’s Health provided ways to strengthen erection and last longer in bed without drugs if you are one of those who would rather do things naturally, while Healthline provided OTC alternatives, that can do similar results minus the stigma of getting prescriptions and buying erection aid drugs.
For those who might feel a bit insufficient, there are methods that can enhance package size. Penis enhancing pills, and pumps or massagers exists with the promise to add an extra inch or two into the length or enhance girth of the penis. There is also phalloplasty or penile enlargement surgery that can lengthen or extend girth through implants.
As with younger people, body issues can also haunt seniors. As you age, some parts might not look as nice as they did 20 years ago. Arousal and stimulation are linked to confidence, and sometimes to feel confident, physical attractiveness counts – if an individual feels good and looks good, one is more likely to enjoy giving pleasure and pleasure themselves. Fortunately, with the dawn of science and technology and cosmetic enhancements and surgery, there are procedures that can be done if nature’s gift isn’t quite cutting it for the parties anymore.

For older women who might have had a mastectomy due to a health condition, or just want to improve how their lady humps appear and feel, breast augmentation, or in some cases, breast reduction are ways to keep those breasts looking young and attractive. After all, perky boobs represent health and fertility, something that will be appreciated by the both male and female species, young or old. There are 2 kinds of breast implants – namely saline and silicone which was explained by Web MD, both of which have its pros and cons; so with breast reductions. Cosmo also expounds on boob jobs and what one must consider and think about before deciding on surgery. There are also breast enlarging creams and pills that can enhance the size of the breasts as well, as alternate to surgery, if going under the knife seem like too big of a decision.

Just as women can be mindful with how their breasts appear, they may also be conscious with how the lower lady parts look and feel. Vaginal Rejuvenation, also known as vaginoplasty, which involves tightening of the vagina is a procedure to make the vagina feel tighter and younger. There are also vaginal tightening pills that are said to have the same effect as vaginoplasty, minus the nip and tuck.
Meanwhile, labiaplasty and vulvaplasty deals with the physical appearance of the labia and the vulva to enhance how it looks.

Looser vagina and poor appearance of the vulva or the labia might have been caused by childbirth and aging. Smart Beauty Guide provides more details on these procedures should one consider getting it.
A G-Spot Amplification procedure, on the other hand, does not deal with appearance but with the feeling during sexual activity. This treatment enhances and augments the G-Spot making intercourse and orgasms more intense by injecting the ingredient hyaluronan.


Get Dating!

Now that information is aplenty on how to make the most of the senior years and sexuality, all it takes is to get close to a partner and start cuddling up. If the partner is the problem at this point, here are some dating sites that one may visit for to find a match whether for some serious romance or fun.

  • M.I.L.F dating is a website with an impressive database of members and matches older women with younger men.
  • Younger Women with Older Men is a community for age gap dating, specifically matching young women with older men.
  • Sugar Daddie is one of the most internationally acclaimed dating sites that connects Sugar daddies to their babies.
  • Senior Match does not want anyone to be a part of the singles over fifty club. Their app is available on both Google Play and the App Store, catering not only for dating and relationship but also provides matching for activity and travel buddies.
  • AARP but is a niche online community for seniors that not only caters to dating, but the holistic lifestyle of seniors including lifestyle tips and articles focusing on health, work, retirement, travel, and finances, among others.

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