Love Does Wonders But Money Makes Marriages

Have you ever hear of that saying?
Love does wonders, but money makes marriages.
It’s a French proverb and it sure has some truth to it. If you cannot support and protect a family your attraction levels go WAY down. In the end if a women wants to raise a family with you (the reason for attraction) then money is going to be a big part of that. is all about making you a better man so that you are able to attract the right women into your life. Part of becoming a better man in todays society is money. We all want it for the power and freedom that it brings.
Women are undeniably attracted to men with money because of the freedom it brings THEM and the protection it will eventually bring their “offspring”.
Sadly you can be in a loving relationship and it fall through as a result stress related to lack of financial stability. You can love someone very much but if your going hungry and dam near bankrupt it’s hard to find that love in your heart.

On the other hand if you have an abundance of money life’s stresses disappear and you have choices.
Women are drawn to the man with money. It matters little whether he is bald fat or ugly.
You can be a 57 year old loner with not much going for you… strike it rich and your back in the game. This makes today’s society somewhat shallow but the reality is that you can do so much with a little cash these days that it’s no wonder everyone wants it so bad.

Making Money Online

Have you heard how much a site like face is worth? It’s in the billions of dollars in case you missed it. Billions… we are talking about a website that allows you to talk with your friends here!!! Not a solution to energy or food shortages but a silly little website. The web is expanding and people will pay for useful services online.
If you are interested in increasing your financial stability to attract women you should look into making money online. There are many opportunities for you to escape your job and earn 100K+ working from anywhere in the world.

Making Money Online #1 Investing

Investing and playing the stock market has been a lucrative money maker for some savvy business investors in the past but now thanks to the internet anyone can use systems like Hacking the stock market found at
These systems take you by the hand and teach you step by step how to make money investing in the stock market. Often they use push button software that requires no former knowledge or even interest in the stock market at all.
Currently sold out: The GPS forex robot allows you to trade foreign currency using software
Read the story of how an oklahoma professor gets shot in the leg afte winning the big lotto prize three times in a row the Lotto Black Book is a system that suggests that you to can win the lotto 3 times in a row and become a millionaire overnight! Hard to believe but an interesting story all the same.

Making Money Online #2 E-Business and Marketing

You can make money online to impress women and gain power and freedom by creating:
A blog
A product
A community
A ecommerce site
PPC arbitrage
for the first time evey watch a brand new clickbank account go from zero to $7,515 per day… Mass Money Makers shows you real video proof of an account that pulls in thousands overnight using the mass money makers system.
Learn how to get your piece of the trillion dollar advertising market with extreme traffic arbitrage… Traffic arbitraging is a way of making money online by buying cheap traffic and sending it to other areas of the web that are of a higher value. The real leverage with this method is that there is no limit to the amount of traffic you can but in a very short space of time. If you get good at arbitraging you could literally be earning hundred of thousands of dollars by the end of the month.

Of course all of this money making interest of yours comes back to attracting the right women into your life right? After all it’s all about the relationships in your life. Maybe you already have a women or family and you want desperately to be able to give them a better life… the life they deserve.
Making money online requires you to be able to find the right information and implement it in the right way.
All it takes is one piece of information or one idea and your life could change forever. It will take work and dedication one you decide on the direction you are going to take but the payoffs are a whole new life. Surely that’s worth working and searching for. You could be sailing a boat around the Greek islands 6 months from now.


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