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Based on the verbatim they use on the Love Me website, their target market is men… and what they’re selling is women from various locations around the globe, including Russia, China, Philippines, and Latin America. This gives the platform a Mail Order Bride impression but they were quick to provide a disclaimer that they are not. They specify that the way they conduct these international matching is through their invitation-only socials and tours.

They have a weekly Conference Call at 8:30 PM Eastern Time where members can have a conversation with the A Foreign Affair’s Vice President to discuss anything about finding your perfect foreign match and other Q&As.

Sign Up

Registration for men and women is separate.

Men’s registration link is to look for potential matches. Actually, women can also use the same link as long as they’re the one actively searching for a match.

The women’s registration is basically an application to become a ‘model’ or the selection for the members of the Love Me website.

Members’ (Men’s) Registration

To register as a member, there’s the usual name, birthday, email, location schtick. The next details requested to be provided as part of registration is physical attributes like height, weight, hair and eye color.

It will also ask for background, lifestyle conditions, preferences, and interests. It will also ask for the age range of your potential match.

Women’s Registration

AFA’s services are completely free of charge for women. Women may fill out a questionnaire on the Love Me website or print it out and have it sent via snail mail.

Given that women’s membership is free, a lot of pieces of information are required.

Initial information required are the basics: name, age and date of birth, and mailing address. Other information required are at least one phone number, at least two photos, a passport number and a photocopy of it. Physical attributes and other preferences like height, weight, hair color, eye color, marital status, number of children (if any), smoking and drinking preferences are also requested.


Upon successful registration, members will be directed to the homepage. It will contain the information about the status of your membership, your credits balance and a bulletin of the latest tours.

Under the Account & Order tab at the top portion menu, you’ll find links to view the hotlist and balance history and to add funds.

The My Info tab of the menu is where members can modify their profile from the most basic personal information, photo uploads and albums, and account security settings.

My Mail directs you to the area where all your communications can be found. The letters are color-coded. Green letters are replies from women you’ve initiated communication with/written to before. Blue letters are those from women who initiated communication with you.

Clicking on Search opens a new tab that lets you search for foreign women matches by fine-tuning it by age range, weight range, height range, English skills level, region/country, whether they do or don’t have children, and their preferences on drinking and smoking. There are even more advanced search functions where you can input keywords that involve hobbies, interests, sports, hair color and even by women’s ID#.


AFA offers multiple tours around the world. Majority of the tours are in Ukraine, with a couple around Latin America, Asia, and Russia.

AFA Singles Tours provide tour packages that allow members to an easy tour of whichever country you’re headed to. The package includes:

  • Fiancee Visa Kit with full visa assistance
  • Tour transport
  • Hotel accommodations
  • One-on-one personals introductions
  • Socials and mixers
  • and so much more!


AFA calls its premium membership as the Platinum Subscription. To activate Platinum status, there is an activation fee of $95.00 and a monthly fee of $29.95 to remain as a member.

Being a platinum member gives you discounts on features and perks like:

  • Express Mail ($2.50 per letter for platinum; $9.99 per letter for regular)
  • Three-Way Phone Translation ($2.00 per minute for platinum; $5.99 per minute for regular)
  • Free unlimited access on Women’s videos
  • Monthly renewal fee applied to tour balance

Services are paid through AFA’s online payment system where you can top-up credits to be used for any of the features.

Topping up is available in four denominations:

  • $50 with 5% bonus added to account
  • $100 with 10% bonus added to account
  • $250 with 10% bonus and $50 credit towards a tour
  • $500 with 10% bonus and $100 credit towards a tour

You’ll also receive bonus credits for every letter received via the platform.

Tour Credits earned by topping up in the $250 and $500 denomination have no cash values and can only be used to become a part of one of AFA’s Singles Tour.


The AFA Love Me website is a fusion hookup, mail order bride, and dating site.

Most of the features that come with AFA are paid, at least for the male members. Given the amount you need to pay to be a part of the Love Me site and use their features, they are making sure that there is a sufficient level of security measures to affirm that their members and models are real, no one is getting conned.

What I want to know is they’ve been doing those introductions since 1995 online… I tried to find out, but couldn’t confirm anything. After all, the internet hasn’t been so big during the height of Seattle grunge and the Clinton administration.

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