Love Systems At The Playboy Mansion

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The guys from love systems will be at the playboy mansion July 22-23rd 2011.
You have a chance to be their with them and learn from the best! It will come at a cost of course (it’s THE playboy mansion for christs sake)
Love systems coaches will be heavily focuses on picking up 10’s and fine tuning your game.
How to attract and seduce 10’s (different from other women)… These women have had special treatment all their lives and it takes a certain kind of seduction to bring them in.
The love systems guys will actually go into threesomes and how to make them work for you rather than being the loose end.
Framing a conversation a specific way allows you to control the outcome and predict what’s coming next. This gives you a massive leg up! Advanced conversation control is just the beginning of this playboy mansion seduction event.
For many guys the motivation is speed – one night stands and ideas of getting laid by same night girls no longer need to be a fantasy of the past with rapid sexualization techniques… friends with benefits anyone?
Insider information on female cheating and how to avoid getting stung.
Queer eye for the straight guy? No this is identity consultation – at the exclusive playboy mansion you will be given crucial advice on the truth about personalization. Hair , clothes and developing a strong identity that you feel comfortable in is crucial.
The love systems guys don’t leave out the rest of your life with “beyond pickup”… nothing worse than a guy that get’s his validation from picking up women. There is so much more than just seduction – the success of rest of your life is crucial to the success of your game.
You will be asked to sign a non disclosure agreement before you attend the playboy mansion because of the exclusivity of the content you will receive.

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