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Loveaholics is an adult dating site that, according to their slogan, helps love-addicted mates meet for naughty dates. Of course, a healthy portion of the meet-ups involves flirting and romance. So, for those who are hooked on chatting, flirting and loving, they will not see past this website as their virtual solution for dating. This is just a great place for them to have naughty fun, which is apparent from its main log-in page where you will be greeted with a succession of saucy dating profiles, with some more explicit than others.

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Site Features

This adult dating site a “naughty” mode, where you can generate normal, sexy and “no limits” search results, and the “safe” mode, where you can control the contacts you will receive from other members. It also has an activity page, where you can see other members’ activities, and a feature that lets you say “yes” or “no” to suggested matches. Plus, you will have sexual tastes that are detailed in profile. All these features can make your experience of using Loveaholics better.

Ease of Use

Browsing around this site is a breeze, whether you use it on your desktop browser or your smartphone’s. If you are using the latter, you can still access everything you need to via an extremely simple main menu page. You can still easily get to your account settings by tapping “My Account”. The loading times on this site are also fast.

Going Mobile

Although there is no mobile app for Loveaholics, it is optimized for mobile browsing. You can easily perform a search by just tapping the magnifying glass at the top right part of the screen. While operating from the main screen, you can also easily check your mailbox, activity, nearby matches, friends and chats.


Signing up is free, but you need to subscribe at certain costs to maximize the site. Subscriptions cost USD 9.19 for 3 days, 45.99 for 1 month, 101.97 for 3 months and 137.94 for 6 months.

Some Downsides

There is feedback from other users stating that Loveaholics has fraudulent activities going on. This is supported by reports that right after registering, they instantly received messages and emails from interested females, which they find unlikely for a legit dating site. Also, upon clicking the messages, they were directed to pay to read them. This led to the idea that these e-mails are coming from girls who are not real.

For the chat messages, they say that these seem to be the same with the emails, which are probably sent by robots. When you receive a chat, you will also be sent to the upgrade page. After all, instant messages that are sent without anyone sending them to you are quite suspicious.

However, each of us has our own preferences, so you are still free to check the site yourself.


Considering safety issues reported by other users regarding this site, it is best to be careful when providing personal details and be private as you like. If there are any members who act suspiciously, you can block them. The site also offers useful safe dating tips, so you might want to check them out.

Bottom Line

Considering its features, Loveaholics is certainly one of the adult dating sites to check out. But like any other site of this kind, you should use it with extra caution to avoid problems.

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  1. I am Jennifer and i am female 33yrs and I have been registration this dating site and i am not able to send a wink or a wave to anyone..And moreover i dont have my Feedback display on.Please i would like to know how i can be able to send send wink on here and also see my feedback displayed

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