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Lucky hookup is a game-changing app that is built around the idea that people only match with people quickly within the area of a 100-mile radius.

Common Questions

Is Lucky app replacing Craigslist Personals?
Lucky app is considered to be one of the top alternatives to Craigslist Personals due to the similarity of intent of finding someone for casual encounters and hook up. This is article may give you insights on why Lucky App is in the front row for Craigslist Personal alternative.

Can I meet strangers on Lucky hookup?
Absolutely. Lucky app’s unique feature is its design for total anonymity. You’ll meet strangers without having any idea about their personal information. All you can see is just their profile photo. Though by chance, you may meet someone you know/knew because of the proximity of the area where the app is trying to find you a match.

Are lucky members open for casual sex and one-night stands?
People use the Lucky app for that reason. To have a one-night stand or being friends with benefits. People here just want to hook up quickly. Just like other dating sites and hook up apps where members have different personalities and behaviors, not all members have the same goal of finding casual sex encounters on Lucky app. Though more often than not, given that the name of the app does have hookup in it, they’re all just in it for a fast release. Keep in mind that the nature of the app is helping members to find someone to connect and meet in person really quick and only a member can determine his/her level of intention – if they want to turn casual encounters into long-term affairs or even serious relationships.

How to make friends and meet people on Lucky?
We’ll get to this in detail under features, but basically, you’ll need to get out there and talk. Match and message. PM is key. 😉

Sign Up

Lucky doesn’t collect personal information. It doesn’t require you to register with an email, mobile number, or Facebook info.

Creating an account on Lucky Hookup is easy-peasy, just provide basic information like gender, gender preference, the gender you like to meet, your country, and zip code

It is important to enable location services because that is how the platform will determine your matches.

You are also required to upload a selfie photo or a 15-minutes voice record for an extended anonymity. The app construction isn’t about dating but is specifically for hook ups and casual encounters. Lucky software was designed with convenience and anonymity in mind.

Once you’re logged in, there are four cards to deal with. Each of the cards represents the profile of your potential matches in your area.

Unlike other swipe-left hookup apps that give you choices, this one will only reveal your match’s profile after flipping/ tapping a card and that’s the fun part. You’ll have unlimited sets of cards.


  • 1 month of Lucky Plus for $19.99 USD
  • 6 months of Lucky Plus for $69.99 USD
  • 12 months of Lucky Plus for $95.99 USD

According to their terms of use, all of these subscription plans automatically renew. However, there isn’t much detail on what is included or perks that come with it.  It is highly suggested that you check out the features provided below that easily come with a basic membership.


When a match has been made on Lucky hookup app, there is a time limit of 24 hours to take action and start a chat, or that match will automatically expire.

You must immediately decide to connect to your match partner or not. This totally caters to that on the heat of the moment thing. Better act now because it will require luck to match with each other again. Else, you’ll lose connectivity forever.

As soon as you found a match, you can shoot a message or strike a conversation immediately and can talk about anything privately – you can totally get kinky by sharing sexy photos and voice messages too.

Apart from the time limit, Lucky also has a feature of “status timer” where you can choose to be visible online at certain hours you have set with three-hour increments. Your status will show “active” upon setting it by 1 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours. This would enable people to see you and will probably be matching up with you.

Your profile selfie photo is also parallel to the limit of your visibility. Your photo is hidden when you’re not using the app or is offline. You can also set your photo visibility hidden as long as you want.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy sign-up process
  • Straightforward mobile app layout and design
  • Free to use Large user base
  • Voice greetings
  • Easy to navigate
  • Specify type of relationship you are seeking
  • Webcam supported
  • Easy to use
  • App versions available on both iOS and Android

  • No verification process
  • Not much to do on the website
  • Low member activity
  • Non-webcam supported

Interesting Information

One of the unique features of Lucky Hookup is the matching expiration. Lucky’s goal is to set people up quickly and conveniently.

So when the member hasn’t initiated any communication after 3 hours of being matched, it will automatically expire. This will help distinguish people’s real intention and the seriousness with the match.



Lucky Hookup is very unique when connecting people immediately through its match expiration feature. It also has a significant user base across all the regions around the world.

But the members will only be connected to other online members nearby. So the number of members is negligible when using the app.

This app provides a fun, immediate, safe, and unique hookup or dating experience. A great avenue to find someone to hookup while you are being anonymous the entire online connection time.

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