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Did you know that there are men who can find women to get laid by just sending not more than three text messages? These guys are the ones who have come across a material called “Magnetic Messages” this will teach guys to hook up with girls very quickly and effectively. This is the work of dating experts Bobby Rio and Rob Judge. After three years of experimentation they have perfected trade in casual dating and now they are sharing it to all of you.

Here is the hard truth. For some guys it’s already a huge challenge getting her number. But they soon struggle with what text to send in order to grab her attention. Take this situation as an example. An average guy had mustered every ounce of courage he got just to approach a hot chick and ask her number. Ruining his chance with a single dumb text can be frustrating. There are a lot of average guys out there who are getting dumped by girls just because of a good for nothing text message. Bobby and Rob has found a solution to avoid this from happening to you.

Using the ideas presented in this Magnetic Messages eBook any one will be able to use simple and effective text messages to get a girl’s interest. With just three text messages anyone can date any girl they are texting to. This is not just an ordinary date we are referring to casual date that may end up in sex. This is made possible by sending messages that appeal to a girl’s emotion. It will not only make her feel comfortable with you but she will be sexually interested with you.


There are a lot of things that we can learn after going though the eBook. First it will show us the most common mistakes that guys do, when composing text messages for their girl. It’s important that you realize you these common mistakes so you will not do it again.

Think about the past girls you have texted, did you even wonder why suddenly they stopped texting back? You might also ask why after sending too many texts you never got a single reply. Does it not bother you? It should!

Some of the common mistakes that guys do is showing too much eagerness and giving their girl too much attention. Sometime a guy may text her every 30 or 20 minutes, this can be annoying and it will definitely turn her off. Sometimes because you really want to impress a girl, you will be sending text messages which are too long. Well, guess what? The chance is she never cared to read half of it. So next time that you send her a message be very sure that you don’t do these two common mistakes.

Some of you might already have read other theories in dating which says that you have to wait three days until texting her again. Well, how about the other guy who believes that you must strike while the iron is hot? Confusing isn’t it? The problem with these theories is they are both talking on the absolute ends. Every girl is unique and they have different personalities, so one thing can’t be true at all times. This is the flaw of these theories. Something that Magnetic Messages never left out, because with this method you only have to send three messages and nothing more.

Your phone is the best weapon in the world to get women and get laid. You just have to learn how to use it effectively and quickly. This is the general message that Bobby and Rob wants to let everyone know. Because in a very short time you can be sending dozens of magnet messages that will make any women horny for you.

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