Make a Sex Tape So Good, She Won’t Make You Delete It

Sex Tape

So, you did it. You succeeded in convincing your girlfriend to make a sex tape. Congratulations. Now it’s important to make the experience enjoyable for both parties and increase the chances that she will want to do it again. How?

Well, to begin, you may be surprised to find out that over a third (40 per cent) of women admitted to making a DIY sex tape with an ex or current partner and 66 percent filmed it on a smartphone, according to Daily Mail.

Sex Tape

Sex Tape

While the smartphone is a very handy tool when it comes to fornication filming, we want to make a few more suggestions that can improve the result. Therefore, we have put together this guide to help you accomplish a sex tape so good, she might not make you delete it afterwards.


Preparation can be tricky because sometimes it’s better when it happens at the spur of a moment. However, our goal is to make a high-quality sex tape, so prepare we must.

1. Groom Yourself

You’ve seen countless porn and in each of those, the actors were properly groomed. Almost nobody gets turned on by seeing two wads of hair bumping against each other. Trim your pubic area. Don’t worry about telling her to do it. If she doesn’t regularly, she will once she finds that you are.

On a related note, take a shower beforehand. Neither of you want your reaction filmed when you get down on your knees to begin performing oral sex on the other person only to discover a day’s worth of rank emanating from their crotch.

2. Have a Drink

Both of you may need some easing of your inhibitions so a couple of drinks can help. However, don’t drink too much. You won’t want to watch yourself fumble through drunken sex with whiskey dick so take it easy. At any rate, it’s likely that she will need the liquid courage more than you will. Sexy talk over a couple of cocktails should do the trick. However, pounding a couple of beers probably won’t do much for the mood.


This isn’t going to be a studio quality porn but it’s going to be sexy. Moreover, you and you partner are the stars. Putting in some extra effort can be a difference maker when it’s time to watch.

1. Location

As sexy as sex in the shower is, filming it well enough to want to watch it can be a challenge. Unless you have a waterproof smartphone (or a GoPro which opens a lot of options), there are many other places that provide a better setting for both camera angle and positioning – like your living room or bedroom. Opt for a place with plenty of natural light that you can take advantage of without giving your neighbors a front row seat. Natural lighting will help avoid strange shadows that are rarely complementing and are likely to hide what you want to see.

2. Use Her Smartphone Also

Your smartphone is a great tool because it’s lightweight and easy to maneuver for close-ups or reaching that perfect angle. In fact, we recommend using your smartphone and perhaps even using hers as well. Taking advice from, as with any other kind of professional video development, it’s rare that perfection is reached in one take. Indeed, with porn, there are multiple takes and in some circumstances additional shots could even be completed at another time of day, or another day entirely.

To remedy this, we recommend using your smartphone and her smartphone strategically placed in separate locations. You may even consider a third camera, such as your laptop or GoPro. Later, if you really want a high-quality sex tape, splice the versions together, similar to how porn is made. We’re fairly certain you are familiar with the various angles that are captured in a typical video.

3. Vary POVs

Ever wonder what she sees when you’re having sex? Well, here is your chance to find out! Since you followed our advice and are using at least two cameras to capture your tryst, consider having you and your partner alternate holding one or both devices for varying points of view (POV). Later you can edit out the fumbling around with the camera. Keep moist wipes nearby to wipe off the bodily fluids from your smartphone when handling it during sex.

4. Have a Plan

Maxim offers a lot of great advice starting with making a plan and sticking to it. Doing anything on film requires some organization because it’s live. While you don’t want to overdo it, some preparation can help to ease nerves and result in a better final product. It may help further to role play which can also help to lighten the mood and make it more fun.

5. Dress the Part

Because one of our goals is to have your partner enjoy the sex tape enough to do it again and allow you to keep rather than delete the finished product, it’s important not to leave out the “build up”. Consider this: when reading romantic novels, do women thumb through the book until she finds the sexy parts? No, they like the other stuff as well, probably more. Therefore, do your best to indulge that side of her.

A great way to do this is to dress the part. According to Women’s Health, “great films are all about building anticipation. Start out the video partially dressed and slowly undress for the camera.” They go on to suggest picking out sexy lingerie for your partner. You will be less likely to want to “dress up” so just follow the partially dressed suggestion.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Time for your close up. But remember that there are two of you in the room. Make the moment amazing for both of you and the sex tape will be equally amazing.

1. Get Her Going First

Hopefully it’s not news that women can take a little longer to get “ready” than men. Professionally made porn rarely starts with immediate penetration because the female actor is simply not ready. Not to mention there is a lot of action occurring off the camera. Unless the first several minutes of your video is going to be you pleasing her, which is not a bad idea, you want to do this beforehand.

Don’t do anything differently than you normally would when it comes to pleasing your gal. Just ensure that everything is setup for rolling prior to starting so that she isn’t waiting for 10 minutes. However, it is recommended that you do film yourself performing oral. Many women enjoy seeing their guy go down on them similarly to how men enjoy seeing it happen.

2. Don’t Lose Focus

It’s going to be easy to spend a lot of time worrying about the camera and whether you have the right angle. However, try to remember to focus on pleasing your partner while not losing sight of your own enjoyment. Your partner will want to feel like you are in the moment with her, not already watching the sex tape. It’s going to be difficult to kiss your partner passionately while your eyes are glued to the screen of your smartphone.

3. Money Shot

Durex, the well-known condom maker reminds us to not forget about the money shot. Yes, that money shot. It’s always the best part of any porn and whether it’s on the face, in the mouth, or all over the place; what we see on film is what we want to do in real life. Now is your chance, with her permission, to act it out. In fact, according to Durex, “every climax, orgasm, squirt or squeal is movie-maker gold.”

Post Production

After you have cleaned up yourselves and any mess, it’s time to also clean up the sex tape so that it’s watchable. There are also a few valuable takeaways, other than the sex tape itself.

1. Free video editing software

There are tons of free video editing software available across the web. A usually reliable source, offers reviews of many of the available software. Depending on your level of skill, you may opt for a highly-rated yet somewhat difficult program like VSDC Free Video Editor the more user-friendly Windows Movie Maker. Just be sure to review the comments to do your due diligence in terms of what downloads are safe. We also recommend downloading a program that does not require an internet connection to function. Proceed with caution to keep your sex tape private. Edit offline and consider uninstalling afterwards.

2. Learn from the Experience

You’re likely to learn a lot about yourself and your partner while making your sex tape. If you play your cards right, her takeaways can include feeling more confident and therefore more likely to do it again.

In an anonymous interview from Cosmopolitan, a woman who recently made a sex tape with her boyfriend admitted to the following realization: “My self-awareness was probably related to my insecurities about how my body would look on tape, but I think the experience ultimately gave me more confidence with my body, because I was able to confront my negative body image when I watched the tape afterward.”

3. Watch it Together

You won’t need any convincing that you should watch the sex tape, but try not to watch it until the two of you can watch it together. Glamour makes the case for why this is important: “Remember, this visual souvenir is for the two of you to enjoy and have fun with. Think of it as the sexiest porn you’ve ever seen, or those moments in bed with your partner that are so hot that you wish you could relive them over and over again.”

Privacy Concerns

Don’t rush into filming yourself if you don’t feel comfortable and exclude your face and hers if you don’t like the idea of your junk (attached to your name) being shared online. The reality is the stuff on your phone could be hacked, it’s not likely but it’s a risk that you have to be aware of. Teenagers have ended their lives and families broken as a result of an innocent video being recorded and not deleted. So if your just testing the waters with this thing start off slow and keep your face out of it.

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