Make Women Chase You and Crave For Your Attention With These 7 Simple Self-Improvement Tips

make women chase you by becoming the prize
You can make women chase you for dates and attention, only if you stop acting like a stranded puppy, and realize that you are the prize! Unfortunatelly the majority of men don’t get this.We’ve all been brainwashed from the early age!Yes, you heard me right. We have been brainwashed into believing that men are the ones who chase women for attention, dates, validation, and sex.I’m sure you remember watching romantic Hollywood comedies when you were a teenager, where the leading actor Freddie Prince Junior chases Sarah Michelle Gellar all over the town on his motorcycle, sings her serenades under her apartment window, and breaks his back to convince her of his undying love.And of course, in the end, he always succeeds.But then, maybe when you were sixteen or seventeen, you tried those same things on your first girlfriend, and you failed miserably. After you made all the romantic gestures, bought her flowers, took her for romantic walks and wrote her lovey-dovey poems, suddenly she flipped the script, and you heard the famous words:  “let’s just be friends”.After that shocking moment, you were probably confused or angry, because, after all, you did everything right, right? You were her Freddie Prince Junior or her prince on a white horse, and as a result, you got kicked to the curb.But why is that?It’s simple. Romantic Hollywood movies are just movies. Sometimes they are so far from the reality and the way the things really work. They are written in a way to make you have fun and to be entertaining. The fact that the stuff they show you in the movies doesn’t work, nobody mentions.

Women say they don’t chase men, ever- but they do!

I’ve seen the scenario where a woman goes out of her way and forgets about all of her life’s obligations just to spend some time with a guy she really really likes.I’ve seen it with my friends that are good with women, and I’ve experienced it personally. But not after I learned how things really work, and I was ready to expand my mind and see how reality really works.Women are emotional creatures, while men are logical. We men love to think things out and make only smart moves, that will get us from the point A to point B, as fast as possible.Women, on the other hand, have better developed their emotional side, which can in some cases work against them, and even get them in trouble, when their emotions get the best of them. You can see that in situations when a perfectly healthy and smart girl dates thugs, convicts, and bad boys who don’t give a damn about her and her feelings.And again women chase after them and their validation.But why does that happen?Why do women chase after bad boys and criminals and turn down all attempts from nice guys who always want to show them a good time? I mean isn’t it logical that women should like men who have their best interest in their mind?Logically yes!  But emotionally, not very much.Why is that and how you can use this information in your favor I will tell you in this article.With a few simple mindset shifts and continuous self-improvement, you’ll have women text you first, invite you for dates and crave for any scraps of attention they can get from you.We’ll talk about how you can use this information and :
  • How to make women chase you for your attention when you just met them for the first time
  • How to make women pursue after you to take them out for dates
  • How to make your long-term girlfriend or wife chase after you to spend more time with you, and as a consequence get more sex and deeper intimacy
  • -How to make your ex-girlfriend chase after you after you two have broken up
Ready? Let’s get to it!

Always look at the things women DO- not what women say

You all know the saying- actions speak louder than words!And it’s the truth. The next time when you hear a woman say how she never chases a guy, just smile on the inside and observe what she does when she meets that guy that rocks her boat.When that guy appears in the picture, all of a sudden she no longer believes in her own words. Her actions change.I’ve seen it myself, and I have experienced it myself.But if girls chase guys they find attractive, who are those guys? And what do they have that you don’t?Is it the money? Is it looks? Is it status?Yes, it is. But… not every time.Some guys are rich and successful, and that’s why they get all the girls without lifting their finger. Some are good looking guys that attract women left and right without even lifting their finger.But some guys get plenty of women chasing after them while being dirt poor. They don’t drive a nice car, they don’t have a big fancy apartnment…but, in the end, they always get girls.Just look at this guy!This guy from the video may be homeless, has no money, no car, no roof over his head.But in spite of that, he manages to pick up girls and sleep with them.All these things that he lacks are just on a surface level. That’s what we can see and comprehend.
But there’s another, invisible paradigm in play. The homeless guy has charisma. His mindset is bulletproof. He is oozing with confidence. He is relaxed and sure of himself.
He has the ultimate abundance mindset, and he believes that he is the prize and that the women will find him attractive in spite of his external conditions.He believes in himself, and women follow him.What can we learn from this guy?

Characteristics of guys who have women chase after them

1. The men women chase after all have the ultimate abundance mindset.

They see themselves as the prize to be won, not the girl. Their mindset is one of a never-ending stream of opportunities, whether that be of girls, jobs, or money.When you have an abundance mindset your whole life perspective changes. You start to see the world in a different light.When you have an abundance mindset, you will no longer cling to only one girl, because you will see an abundance of girls all around you. And if you think about it carefully, there really is an abundance of women all around you.If you take into a consideration that we live in the best time to live on the planet earth in the history of mankind, where you have the Internet, and you can find women for sex and hookups locally and internationally, only by swiping right with your finger, your whole life perspective will start to change.
Remember the old saying- never chase women or buses. There is always another one behind the corner.
Well, that is the abundance mindset that you will have to develop if you want to have women chase after you.

 How to develop an abundance mindset?

The best way I’ve personally found to develop a killer abundance mindset is using the online game. At least when we talk about picking up girls.We already mentioned the online game. Use the abundance of free and paid dating and hookup sites and apps like leverage.Imagine if every time you want to meet girls you need to go to a club. Realistically you would have to go to clubs every Friday and Saturday, pay high entrance fees( at least if you want to meet beautiful girls), kill your lungs breathing in a  room full of smoke, and experience lots of rejections.That’s why the online dating sites and apps are the cheapest, fastest and the most effective way to meet tons of girls in a short time span, and develop that mindset of neverending opportunity. When you get two or three matches on sites like Tinder, or OK Cupid, you’ll know what I’m talking about.Rejections won’t even cross your mind anymore.But what if you don’t have any girls you’re talking to at the moment, and you don’t feel that abundance.?There’s a solution for that.I learned this from the old pua books I’ve read when I was much younger. The answer is:Fake it till you make itIt works. Every girl you talk to, imagine that she’s nothing special. Imagine that there is an inexhaustible well of potential girlfriends for you.If you change your thinking like this, your whole attitude and the way you carry yourself around women will change. Maybe not the first time you try it, but if you give it time and be consistent you’ll see results.Wherever you go, a girl is dying to meet you.

2. Become a hot commodity- become a guy that is hard to get

I’ve seen this dynamic play out in real life hundreds of times. Again, I even experienced it myself.Whenever I was too available, too agreeable and I would react on girls every whim, she would quickly lose interest.Why is that?Well, people appreciate the things that have value, and things of value are not so easy to get a hold on. A great example would be diamonds.When you look at it purely objectively, what is a diamond? It’s just a rock. But, this rock has excellent value and everyone dreams about diamonds.Diamonds are not easily obtainable, and that’s precisely why they have high value.Learn from this and apply it to your love life.To successfully apply this to your love life change things a little, especially if you are always available to women, and you jump to every opportunity women give you.

3. Be a mystery

No, I don’t mean you should lock yourself into a dark room and sit there to appear this mysterious, non-available guy.But don’t share all your life story with everyone when you just met them the first time. This goes especially for women.Women love mystery. They like to reconstruct a guy and figure him out.You can use that to your advantage and give women information about yourself on a drip. Make them curious and impatient to learn who you are, and what you do, and what ‘s your deal in life.For example when you go on a first date with a new girl, don’t make a classic mistake all guys make, and tell the girl your whole life story. If the girl asks you what is it that you do for a living, and you are a computer programmer, tell her you are a hacker.A programmer sounds ordinary and dull, but if you tell her you are a hacker she will instantly be curious, and she’ll want to learn more.

4. Women chase guys that are unavailable

When I say unavailable, I mean unavailable in the sense of your time, and this is especially important-your emotions.I see my friends that are less successful with girls do this mistake all the time.They meet a girl, whether that be in clubs, through friends or online dating sites, take a girls number and hold onto it with their dear life. They are afraid to be patient and keep the girl waiting and thinking will you send her a message.They contact the girl the minute they get the girls number, and then quickly try to secure that first date like it’s the last date they will ever get in their life.Don’t be afraid to keep the girl waiting. Remember that the girls chase guys that are hard to get, not guys that are forgetting about their life’s mission the second the girl sends them a text.I know this advice is very hard to comprehend for some guys because it’s hard to imagine that the girl will appreciate your absence. But it works guys.Women love winners, guys that are working hard on their life’s mission. If you are working hard on your mission, and you are hustling hard every day to improve your position in life, you naturally won’t be available to meet girls every day of the week, and every time they want to.This false belief that we must always be in contact is again a product of Hollywood brainwashing. It’s hard to understand, but if you are open enough and you try it, your whole perspective will change.Just remember the last time you were dating a girl that was a little needy. Maybe she was texting you 24/7, sending you songs to listen, funny memes, and just wanted to know where are you at every minute of the day.In the beginning, when you first start dating a new girl that kind of things is cute, and it’s very appealing to your ego, but after a while, it gets old and annoying, and you go cold very fast.

5. Make women appreciate the time they spend with you

Another false belief a lot of guys have is that they must always be in contact with the girl and that they must see the girl at least three to fours times a week so she wouldn’t forget them.But this belief is totally wrong. Scarcity creates value. That means that the more time you spend with the girl, the faster she will get used to you. And when a girl gets used to you and learns everything about you quickly, she will lose interest.I’m not saying that every girl will lose interest, but the majority will.That’s why the best advice is to see a girl you are dating one to max two times a week. This way when you two see each other on a  date, she will be happy that she got your time.You will have more things to talk about, and the girl will learn to appreciate the time she spends with you, even if you meet only once a week and spend the night together.This way you will always keep the girl wanting more of your time and your attention. In other words, you’ll become a hot commodity.Show a girl a good time and then vanish for a week. In & out.

6.  Always improve your position in life- work on your goals and your mission

In other words-become a boss of your own life.Women love winners.This advice goes hand in hand with the information above- women love to chase men they can’t easily get.When you work on your mission six or seven days a week, when you have a vision and goals for your life, you will learn to value every minute of your spare time.When you learn to work hard, you won’t even have the time to chase after women. And they will smell that and reverse the roles. Women pursue winners.You should always work on yourself and incorporate a self-improvement regimen into your life.Work on your:
  • Confidence
Confidence comes naturally when you get your shit together, and you get your house in order so to speak.
  • Status
Do you think celebrities and millionaires chase after women? Of course, they don’t. They have women throw themselves at them, and they actually are trying to get rid of them.To get status, you’ll have to work hard to earn money, form connections in your locations and always give value to the people around you.Another great way to elevate your status, at least in the eyes of younger women is to use social media in your favor. Girls are always on Instagram these days. Use that to your advantage and don’t be afraid to show off your life, your hobbies, photos from your travels, and photos of you having fun with friends.Instagram and Facebook are becoming a must these days, especially if you are using online dating apps like Tinder, Ok Cupid and Bumble. Phone numbers are slowly getting out of fashion. Girls want to see who you are and what you’re all about before they agree to meet you on a date.Of course, I’m not saying you must use social media. But, social media gives you leverage to meet a larger volume of girls and helps to show off your social proof.
  • Improve your looks
We are not all born with a model looking faces and bodies of Greek gods. Maybe you’re not the worlds most handsome guy, but I know that if you apply yourself and decide to work on your looks, you can quickly increase your sexual market value (SMV) scale for at least two points.Things that are must if you want to have any success with women:BodyIf you are fat or obese, this should be the first thing you must take care of. Everyone can lose fat if they apply themselves. The hardest part is to start. But when you lose that extra weight, your whole body structure and facial symmetry will change.If you are skinny guy get a gym membership and pump that iron. Make it your priority and make a habit of eating a lot and going to a gym.Putting on some muscles will do wonders for your looks. Your clothes will fit better, your posture will improve, you will feel more confident because of all the testosterone that flows through your veins, and girls will see that and feel that.Improve your wardrobeIf you are totally clueless about male fashion, visit these Reddit subreddits about masculine style. There you’ll find lots of information that’ll help you stand out from the competition and make you a better-looking guy.The first impression is everything, and whether you like it or not, people are making quick judgments about you. Studies show that it takes less than 5 seconds for people to paint a picture of you in their head, just based on the first impression- the clothes you wear and the way you carry yourself.Get a cool, trendy haircutYour face and your hairstyle is the first thing people notice. If your hair is long and greasy, you aren’t leaving a good impression.Use the Internet to emulate a hairstyle of a celebrity you like the most. Ask a hairstylist to pick a haircut for you based on your head shape, if you cant choose for yourself.
  • Develop your personal style- your swag
To take your game to a whole other level, you must develop your personal style or your swag.If you are out of ideas, check out photos of your favorite celebrity and emulate their style.What do they wear? What kind of haircut do they wear? What types of accessories- necklaces, pendants do they wear?You would be surprised how many compliments you’ll start getting from women when they begin to notice your great style.Look at a few examples

7.  Outwit women, develop patience and have them chase you for your time and attention

A lot of times guys mess things up with girls they’ve just met because they are too eager. They want to take things from hello to sex in a matter of hours and days.Sometimes that will also happen, you’ll meet a girl and hit it off very fast. You will have one night stands and quick sex. But not all girls are like that.Some girls feel cheap and slutty if they sleep with you and get into a relationship with you quickly. For these kinds of women, you will have to be more patient and stretch out the seduction process to a two to three weeks, even months before you get down to business together.All the guys that I’ve personally seen that are great with women were very non-needy and patient.Why?Because they have abundance, and they couldn’t give a damn if one girl sleeps with them or not.And that is a catch 22. The less you try, the more successful you’ll be.The saying goes like this:
The hungry don’t get fed. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorerRemember that the next time you start to panic when a girl tries to slow your tempo and give her the necessary space to miss you and gets to know you.
Never rush things, and remember what the famous dating coach Corey Wayne said:Dating and seduction are like a game of tennis. You kick the ball to the girl and wait till she returns the ball back to you.Back and forth.And so you have it. These are the things I’ve personally applied to my life and saw my friends who are great with women do, to make women chase them.If you apply just one of this tips, you will see over time how your interactions with women will change, and how for once you will have women chase you, and not the other way around.As always, take care and have fun!P.s.We are interested in your experiences and tips to make women chase you?Write a comment below and share your story.
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