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Match Affinity
Whats great about match affinity is they always have these “free communication” weekends. So you can use all the great paid
service features and not have to pay a dime.
Usually at match affinity you would be able to browse profiles and setup your free account but not be able to contact anyone. Signup to match.com uk in the weekend and you have quality free online dating for 2-3 days.
Match affinity is a relatively new uk dating site created by match.com uk. Personality tests are free at match affinity and detail is amazing if you are willing to fill out all the information accurately, (sometimes its tough to be completely honest about yourself)
eHarmony provide amazing scientific search features but Match Affinity have also integrate this within easy to use members search features.

Why is Match Affinity Different?

When you read their About Us page you find out that match affinity cares about who you are matched with.
In response to users within the match.com site match affinity have responded with a more user friendly intuitive approach to online dating.
Users said
“we want more help with finding our matches – more online dating advice and tips”
Users don’t want to have to search through millions of profiles from the database in the hope of finding a match. Often profile is not even active on the site.
So match affinity have created a system where they
“look at what makes you the person you are: your values, the way you live your life and the way you interact with others… and then we show you the people to whom we think you are well suited.”
So no more searching around and wasting time on free dating sites with low quality members, match affinity is often free in the weekends… plus they accurately provide matched local singles based on who you are as a person.
The delicate connection between science and human love is something match affinity has been working hard to balance. They have done a great job creating a uk dating site with both accurate personality tests and excellent user friendly search features and recommendations.

Match Affinity – Privacy

Only members of match affinity can see your email address and profile information unlike other dating sites where anyone browsing can read all about you. You decide when and to whom you share your identity with.

Match Affinity – Sign Up

On the registration page you are simply asked for:
You are: “gender”
You were born on:
Country of residence:
Your email
Once you have completed this simple process (5 minutes or less) You will be asked some personal questions about who you are looking for. You should have a good idea of the sort of person you want to meet at match affinity before you sign up.
It will narrow down the potential matches you get shown on your homepage. The more specific you can be in your description of who you want the better the algorithms that match affinity uses will work.
Writing their personal profile often eludes users so match affinity actually have full time love coaches ready to help you out.
Any match affinity dating advice or dating tips you need can be found by either emailing the coaches or checking out the dating advice pages.

Match Affinity – Ease Of Use

Match.com uk have always done a great job of making it really obvious where the next step is to take.
The simple but professional layout of match affinity ensures you can find what you want fast without getting “lost”.
White and black contrasting text with obvious clickable buttons for each next step is to be expected. However match affinity really hold your hand on the way through the process. With easy steps and dating coaches – you are never far away from a help in hand.
A small child could operate the search system on match affinity: called “search for a partner”
Big clickable buttons and tick boxes lets you decide the gender age country and income of your matches.
But also personality types and smoking tendencies
Match affinity understands that many users are not actually sure who they are looking for online. They don’t really understand what makes them tick yet so describing a perfect potential match is really pushing it.
That’s why at match affinity you are able to leave certain search criteria blank and the search still works.
Which means you are able to cast a wider net – this might reduce your chance of finding a pefect match but in reality if you don’t know who you looking for…
Then anybody will do for now huh
On the other hand Let’s say you know exactly what you want from match affinity.
Say you are a 37 year old British male visiting London for the weekend…
You are looking for a 34 – 38 year old female who specifically lives within 10 miles of Bexley London but who also has blond hair blue eyes and earns between 40,000 60,000 pounds.
This is where match affinity works best.

Match Affinity Features

Icebreakers(prewritten messages for introductory purposes) are becoming common among dating sites). Allowing users to easily make the first move with the click of a button.
Many people might think that the icebreaker is an indication of laziness due to not being bothered to write your own “hello” however this is actually a widely used feature and recommended for initial contact.
Matchaffinty test : explores your unique personality and relationship style and helps you define yourself and determine what
sort of relationship will suit you best.
The only problem with the match affinity test is that it’s not exactly for those in a rush to find love. The test takes around 40 minutes (well worth you time if you haven’t spent much time assessing your strengths, weaknesses and the kind of person you would like to meet)
The matchaffinity test does not take the fun out of dating!
It optimizes the chances of you meeting up with someone you will resonate with.
The way someone talks, smells, acts and the chemistry between you cannot be taken away by using a test.

Match Affinity Dating Experts

You have access to dating videos and articles as well as “Dr. Cecilia d’Felice and her team.
Not many other sites are willing to provide this sort of dedication towards helping it’s users. Match Affinity got the message that the dating masses wanted more dating advice. They wanted to know who to have success with online dating – match affinity answered the call with a professional dating coach available to answer any question you have.
Dr Cecilia d’Felice is actually a registered clinical psychologist based in the uk working for the nhs.
She has created several start up videos for you to watch at:
The advantage of taking out a affinitymatch subscription:
You are able to see other users profile pictures so you can see who you are talking to
You can send and receive unlimited messages
You can use the telephone coaching service: The matchaffinity coaching service allows users to ring up and talk about how best to put what you thinking on paper. Many users who first sign up find it hard to really sell themselves perhaps due to a lack of self esteem.
The match affinity coaching service allows users to too talk to real British dating professionals who care about optimizing their dating profile. You can also ask some more general questions about how to go about searching for uk users near you.
The trick with writing your profile is that you want it to be both positive and realistic in nature – accurately representing you but also projecting your strengths in good light. The dating coaches at match affinity will help you with this.
Of course once you are a member you are able to take the affinity test. The coaches will also help you interpret just what this means and who you are best suited for. This arms you with a better understanding of yourself so that you can go search for uk singles with confidence.
Dont be shy to ask the coaches about a certain profile you have your eye on!!!
You might be a bit shy and don’t want to approach them – the coaches will be able to tell you if you are compatible with this matchaffinity member and just how to introduce yourself.


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