mate1 is one of those dating sites which cater for all. Whether your into Christian personals, jewish personals or don’t have a clue what you want and just want to meet new people, mate1 is where it’s at.
They are one of the big dating players according to major data miners such as comscore and neilsen.
There are tens of thousands of new members joining the original 15 million strong mate1 database every single day. These figures don’t lie.
The strength of mate1 is its versatility. Whether you are interested in a serious long term relationship a quick casual encounter or just widening your social circle mate1 is the way to go. You can quickly change between what you want from the site and you can even change between ethincities.

Why Choose Mate1 #1 Active Site

There is constant activity within mate1. According to there is more email sent between mate1 users than ANY other dating site.

Why Choose Mate1 #2 Authentic

Mate ensure there are a large array of photos uploaded by each user. They also believe that profile pictures should accurately represent you. They do not believe each photo should be perfect and in fact they encourage normal every day photos. You will see millions of authentic photos of singles in every mood doing all sorts of fun crazy things.

Why Choose Mate1 #3 Easy Search

Super easy one click search features at mate1. One click away from your home page you can find out who is online.
With one click you can find the singles in your area with great sorting features. Due to the huge number of active singles at mate1 you are sure to find guys or girls you like in your area. matches you to other singles based on whats most important to you. This means you wont need to fill out pages and pages of personality tests… Simply fill out your profile properly and mate1 will match you based on your hobbies and
Interests that are usually included in a profile that mate1 use to match:
Favourite restaurant
Turn Ons
Turn Offs
You get the drill
Mate1 gives you 100% free access to voice recording.
These are used to create personalized audio greetings which are uploaded to your profile. You just ring a toll free number and talk.
This really increases the ability to connect with other mate1 users.
Because singles really want to not only see your face but hear your voice. Especially if you have a great phone voice you can really turn on the charm
Try the mate1 fully integrated multiple chat messenger system. Instant fun with the ability to chat to as many singles as you can handle at one time.
The reality of online dating with mate1 (if your city is big enough) is that you can log on at any time of the day 365 days of the year and find active singles chatting online. They are all looking for people to date and will be delighted to receive your email.
Online dating can get a little addictive especially when you start chatting to people you really connect with. It’s easy to find singles that you get on with because you can screen your searches with a few clicks.
You know how you just get on with some people really well and the communication just flows however with others you have to force it? Some say this is due to zodiac signs and personality matchings. All this can be sorted as well as age and obviously gender. This means the personals you are chatting with will be easy to talk with because you share so much in common.
Using mate1 to find local guys and girls has never been easier. You really have no excuse to be single anymore because it’s so simple to meet new people. You don’t even need to get out of the house! This is lazy connection at it’s best but the truth is it works.
Give mate1 a try and find out for yourself why 15 million other online daters have chosen mate1 to find new connection, organise quick flings or find a partner for marriage.


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  1. Looking for a good relashinship men that are in there 30-40 that love animales goes dancing and likes to goning to do a lot of fun going campeing and likes and likes to hang out and do hunting being with family and and with people going gilding doing a lot of fun stuff

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