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Meet locals is yet another casual dating site – it’s owned by the creators of
So what’s the news on this site?
Is it worth paying money for?
When you compare it to the friend finder network does it measure up?
Similar to sites like be naughty has an amazing interface an functionality. The tools are amazing and the exposure is huge… So why all the bad reviews? Why are there so few positive experiences coming out of these types of casual dating sites?
If you read about.coms review of it’s very positive – They suggest that there are bunch of active members and it’s on of the better casual dating sites on the web… yet you go to a user forum such as:
and it’s full of hate and bad experiences. Perhaps these forums tend to attract users with bad experiences – certainly at (100% free casual dating)  you get a bunch of not fake but questionable profiles popping up from women in foreign countries looking for money from you.
You would have to be an idiot to give them any. If you see any simply flag them or report them to the site’s admin.
So how can plenty of fish have such a great following and meetlocals and fling (better looking and functioning sites) end up in the dog box with everyone. Meet locals certainly takes the angle of casual sex and naughty dating which will attract a large male audience.
Check out the demographics of meet locals as suggested by

Apparently 58% female african american betwen 13-17 wtf?

Something doesn’t add up.

Mostly bad news again then 🙁
suggests that many guys have tried it without any responses or mostly cam site girls. You can never really be sure until you sign up for yourself though.
If anyone has had any +/- experiences with this site please leave it in the comments below to help others out.


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