How To Get Better At Meeting Girls Online + 9 Online Dating Benefits

meeting girls online

This is me – before I learned how to meet girls online
meeting girls online meme

Here’s me after

Here’s how my love life changed and yours MIGHT! Only if you’re willing to get off your lazy ass and do something about it 🙂


Meeting girls generally speaking is a skill. Whether you are trying to meet girls in clubs, bars, during daytime in coffee shops or through your social circle, there are certain rules to learn and apply, to have the best possible chance of success.

Meeting girls online is no different at all. Online dating websites and apps are just tools that enable you to reach more girls than you ever dreamed of. But the tool is worthless if you are not skilled at using it. That’s why you’ll hear some guys say that online dating is the best, while others less lucky, or to say it more precise “less skilled” will run away from it.

I suppose you want to be in the former category.



We hear a lot of guys saying how online dating sucks, and it’s a waste of time.

Maybe for them. In the past, I would perhaps agree, but now I wholeheartedly disagree with that opinion.

Online dating is the easiest, the fastest, and the most fun way to meet new people and transform your love life for the better.- if you know how to use it!

To put things in perspective- there are thousands of online dating sites available. Whether you are looking to meet girls, guys, gay people, Bi people, swingers, mature partners or simply someone who shares the same hobby as you – There exists a dating site that’ll make that possible.  

According to online dating statistics, the use of the online dating sites and apps is constantly on the rise. That isn’t hard to imagine when we take into a consideration the amount of time we spend using technology. We use the internet to work, to pay the bills, to have fun, to communicate with the world, and now we use it even to meet dating partners. Meeting girls and guys online is no longer a taboo topic or something you should be ashamed of. It’s just a tool- a fun and effective one.

Just look at the statistics

During an April 2017 survey,

  • 84 percent of dating app users stated that they were using online dating services to look for a romantic relationship.
  • 43 percent used online dating for friendly contact
  • 24 percent of respondents stated that that they used online dating apps and services explicitly for sexual encounters.

Experiences and attitudes regarding online dating websites and apps-according to users from the US, as of april 2017. 

meeting girls online statistics

photo source:


This is my story, lessons I’ve learned, and benefits I received firsthand since I started meeting girls online.



LOVE LIFE BEFORE ONLINE DATING? (warning depressing story incoming)

I struggled. Like most guys. But I was willing to invest a portion of my time, energy and money to learn how to meet girls that are my personal 10s. 

I’ve read books on pickup from some of the best pickup coaches in the world. They helped me tremendously, but it was a hard work. The common belief among pickup coaches is that clubs are the best venues for practice and gathering skills. The biggest benefit of clubs is the number of potential girls, or how the coaches call it- target rich environments.

But for me personally, going to clubs every Friday and Saturday was a real drag. It’s one thing to do it in your early twenties while you are full of energy and lack any real-life responsibility, but whole other thing when you are approaching your 30s.

I tried it all to succeed at my goal: TO LEARN THE SKILLS OF A SEDUCER.

I tried:

  • being the nice guy- only to realize that the nice guys really do finish last. 
  • being the bad boy, but I just came off as a jerk. 
  • chasing girls, only to repel them with my neediness. 
  • backing off and letting them pursue me. 
  • being myself, but no one seemed interested in me. 
  • taking things slow, only to lose the women I liked to someone who moved faster. 
  • watched videos about dating advice on Youtube,  asked my friends,

and still found little success…


All of these methods of pickup were merely window dressing. It’s was like painting the outside of an old house. No one will want to buy it unless you remodel the inside.

But an army of pickup artist coaches will have you believe otherwise. Fake it till you make it-they say. Say this or this, and pretend that you are someone confident, dominant, and successful. Be alpha bro!

That’s all a facade. All I was doing was pretending. I was pretending to be a confident guy who has the most fun in the nightclub when in reality I wasn’t having fun at all. I didn’t like the music, expensive entrance fees, expensive drinks and inability to speak to a girl in a normal fashion because the music was too loud. and realistically I met maybe three or four girls per night- If I had a good night.

After I’ve put the things on the paper and into perspective, I decided that nightlife is not worth my time, and that actually it’s one of the worst places to meet girls.


Approaching women I met in my day to day life, at the grocery store and coffee shops was one of the hardest methods I tried. I even tried taking my dog to the park, hoping my faithful German Shepard would charm them.

I found occasional dates with these methods, but it always seemed like I was getting a small return on the time and money I invested. 

But the problem was that I was taking every date I could.  If a woman was reasonably attractive and seemed interested, I went out with her.

In a nutshell- I didn’t have the power of choice. I could only get the girls that were already into me, and to be honest, the quality of those girls didn’t satisfy me.

I never dreamed before that I could have the freedom to choose only the best and most attractive women using only my mobile phone, from comfort of my home.

Not until I learned how to meet girls online and use online dating sites and apps effectively.

Now I look back on those days, and I almost feel sorry for the man who put so much time and effort into meeting women who could only be described as average. I spent a lot more time trying to find dates than I actually went on them anyway.

Even when I got a date, I found it hard to enjoy it. I was always plagued by self-doubt. Wondering if I would score and if my date partner would go out with me again. Worrying if I was good enough for any woman to want me, and how much time will it pass until I meet another girl that likes me.


My mindset was one of scarcity.

That was my biggest problem. If I learned anything over the years about girls it’s this: Women can smell neediness and desperation from miles away. It shows in your vocal communication, in your body language and even your mannerisms. It shows also in your texting.

The fact that I wasn’t meeting a lot of girls, and I sometimes didn’t meet a new girl for a few months, had a big impact on me and my confidence. I lacked options and I feared of losing the girls I was already dating. Scarcity mindset was real, and I knew I had to change something to meet more girls with less effort.

After being a skeptic for a very long time, I finally decided to try online dating sites. And let me tell you, it was a good choice.


Catch 22- to become better at dating you need to go on  lots of dates

It took me years to learn how to date successfully through proper old-fashioned trial and error. I wasted lots of time, money, and effort doing things the wrong way. The good news is, you don’t have to. Of course, you can learn and get the experience much faster- if you are brave enough to go on more dates

You see, to become better at dating and meeting girls, you have to go on a lot of dates and spend more quality time with girls. But how do you do it if you already struggle to meet girls? That’s the catch 22. I found that the best method was to use online dating sites, meet girls online and get as many dates as possible. All in the name of the practice of course. Wink Wink

And actually, show up on dates!


Online dating impacted every area of my life

Online dating has literally changed my life. I can get a date anytime I want one, with the highest caliber of women- according to my standards.  It’s no trouble for me to find several new women to go out with each week if that’s my desire. However, the benefits didn’t end with my love life.

I’m more confident and more successful in my career, I’m happier and even healthier than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m respected at home and work, and I have close friends that I can count on. It’s had such a massive impact on my life that I would compare it to winning the lottery, only better.  

You see, your dating life doesn’t live in a vacuum. It impacts every other aspect of your life, including your health and career.

Healthy relationships can help keep you physically healthy and even help you live longer. People who are successful romantically tend to be more successful financially. Change your dating life and the other areas of your life will change as well, for better or worse.


meeting girls online

These are just a few of the reasons I love using online dating to meet girls.  


Do you ever shop online? Why?

Because you enjoy being able to browse through products and pick out exactly what you want, without having to make a trip to the store. Because it’s much more convenient, saving you time and money.

Online dating is much the same. You can browse through hundreds or even thousands of women, and find your ideal match, without even leaving your home.

You can begin chatting with them online and see if you are interested in each other before you invest time and money on a date.


You can waste lots of time on online dating sites.

But, you can also save lots of time because every woman you meet online is already looking for some form of male companionship. she’s using online dating for the same purpose as you. To meet someone and get to know them better.

You don’t have to worry about chatting up a woman, thinking it’s going well, only to find out she’s married and not interested in anything after you’ve bought her a few drinks.

Having access to only women who are seeking a relationship from the get-go dramatically increases your chances of success, and the overall quality of the women you date.


This doesn’t mean that you should date multiple people simultaneously if you are not that kind of a person.

The thing goes deeper than that. It all comes down to your mindset. Are you living in the abundance or scarcity mindset?

The people who think abundantly never appear needy and desperate.

The knowledge that you can open a dating site and meet someone new any time you want will give you the strength and confidence in yourself. You will refuse to settle because you have plenty of options to choose from. And who doesn’t want to meet the best suitable mate possible?

The more options you have, the more powerful you are.


No more blind dates and awkward first dates with girls with whom you exchanged numbers in a drunken haze of a nightclub after only knowing them for 5 minutes. When you meet someone online, after some texting and chatting, you quickly decide if you “feel the vibe” or not. If you like the way the person communicates with you online, chances are that you’ll love it in person.

Next is on you-to organize a fun and straightforward date, and to not ruin it.

If the person decided to meet you on a date, chances are that she likes you for some reason. 50% of your job is already done, and you can relax and enjoy the date.


Almost all dating sites want you to fill up your profile when you first join. Sounds like a tedious and unimportant task, when photos are all that matters. Or is it?

Your profile is your biggest asset. You can write the exact things you look for in a partner and filter the girls you prefer more quickly.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, online dating is the best way to meet quality partners in the least amount of time. There are hundreds of dating sites specially designed for people looking for relationships.


Online dating drastically reduces the time used for dating. Dating becomes easy. Instead of wasting time in clubs and bars, you have options to find a date in a matter of hours. This way, you can concentrate on other, more productive things in life- like your career and health.


Lots of dates mean lots of practice. That means lots of talking and flirting. And you know what they say: Practice makes perfect- not reading a book makes perfect.

Going on lots of dates made me a better listener, a better communicator, and overall more social and confident person. I learned how to relax and enjoy talking to women, and people in general.



More and more we learn how pornography isn’t as innocent little hobby as it seems. Not only is it not healthy for your brain to watch a lot of porn, but it can become a habit or a way for you to medicate your loneliness.

The real thing is so much better, anyway.



This one is my absolute favorite. It is a well-known fact that meeting girls is way easier when you are traveling abroad. It seems that foreign girls are all open to meet sexy strangers with foreign accents.

But a combination of traveling and using online dating to meet girls before you’ve even arrived at your destination is priceless. You can start meeting girls online weeks or months before you go on your trip, and after you arrive YOU simply arrange a meeting.

According to an in-app poll of more than 18,000 Tinder users, 54 percent of respondents said they plan to travel solo in 2018 


Since I first started using online dating sites 5 years ago I’ve learned a lot of lessons and I tried almost any dating site imaginable.

These are some of the best lessons I learned on my journey in the online world.



You must work on yourself-and continually improve yourself as a person. Your looks, your image, your charisma, your humor, your confidence and your status as a man in this society.

There is no magic formula, routine or a line that will make you a pickup master.

It doesn’t work that way.

You must learn to see yourself as an unfinished product, constantly tweaking and getting better and better with time.


The truth is that you can have the dating life of your wildest dreams, but….

You’ve got to be willing to work for it.

It’s going to take some effort on your part.

Let’s compare it to losing weight. You can read all about the latest new diet and workout program. This information can transform you and give you the body you’ve always wanted if you put it into action.

Just like a diet and exercise program, your results will depend on how much effort you are willing to put in.

It requires the courage to put things into action and meet women in real life. It requires the dedication to keep trying until you get it right. The discipline to implement the techniques you learn along the way.


You’ll need to be honest with yourself about your shortcomings and what keeps you from success. You’ll have to be willing to work on yourself and make improvements.

The knowledge on how to do it is great, but It’s up to you to put it into action.



It’s an incredible resource for meeting women if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, most men approach it lazily.

Yes, it’s an easy way to meet women, but that doesn’t mean that you can be lazy and successful. Incomplete profiles and “hey” messages won’t get you anywhere. there is a better- more systematic way of opening the conversations, intriguing them and finally making a connection with them. all of that is learned through practice and learning.

Using a hookup dating app like Tinder, when your goal is loving and a long-term relationship will also leave you disappointed. (I’m not saying it’s not possible, but it is very time inefficient.)



This is the key to getting women to want you and to have successful relationships. Everything you think you know about women is likely wrong, that’s why you can’t understand women. That’s why the things you do don’t work.

Have you ever tried to put together something complicated without reading the instructions? How did it work out? Dating without understanding female psychology is like trying to put something together without instructions. But don’t worry, as you start getting dates under your belt, you will learn all about women psychology and how they think.



This isn’t about pretending to be someone else. It’s about working on yourself and becoming the best You that You can be. When you are the best version of yourself, you’ll find women are naturally attracted to you. You’ll also become more confident, learn to embrace your masculinity, and be proud of who you are.

Women are attracted to success, looks, and status. In one word- WINNERS.



The process can be repeated as often as you like, with the same result- the woman you desire. I even made my own system to have success with women easily without the guesswork.

It’s merely a matter of knowing what works and doing it. Rinse and repeat until your personal life is as full as you.

You’ll also learn how to choose the right dating site for you. Everyone has preferences when it comes to dating. You have a specific type of girl that you are attracted to, and certain types of girls will naturally be drawn to you.

It’s much easier to find them if you look in the right places.

If you want to read more about the best online dating sites that I personally still use- read here-link to article best dating sites.


You’ll learn how changing your mindset can transform your dating life. Do you feel that you have to pursue women?

Do you think that you have to prove that you are worth going out with?

Deep down, do you feel like women are doing you a favor by dating you? You’ve been sold the lie that 99% of men today believe. It’s time to learn the truth.

The truth is that women want men as much if not more than men want them.

Your average woman will feel like her life isn’t complete without a man in it. Her family and friends will pressure her to “find a nice guy.”

It’s still seen as a social faux pas for a woman to attend social events without a date. Not to mention the fact that women want sex too. Yes. Women desire sex just as much as men do. They just act like they don’t.

Once you shift your thinking from “I have to work to get a woman to want me” to “women need me more than I need them” meeting girls online becomes easy.

You’ll stop being a doormat and bending over backward to please a woman. Also, you’ll stop feeling desperate. You’ll stop going out with any woman who will have you. You’ll realize that you have value because you are a man, and that makes all the difference.


Online dating helped me to remember that- I am enough, and I am the prize.


But wait a second…


meeting girls online

Now you must be wondering if online dating is so popular and there are hundreds of different ways to “skin the cat,” aka to meet girls online-, what is the best place to meet girls online?

That’s a legitimate question because people tend to get confused and make rash decisions when choosing the place to meet girls. And later they say that online dating sucks.

In short, the best places for meeting girls online are dating sites and dating apps.

They are designed with one purpose in mind- to attract people who want to hook up, have an affair or find dating partners. The intent is what is essential. The girls on the dating sites and apps are there for a reason – they want to meet someone, the same way as you are.

The second biggest reason why dating sites and apps are the best choice is that of the numbers. The biggest and most popular dating sites and apps attract millions of users every month. That’s a lot of people with the same intent at the same place. Dating sites make meeting girls online very easy and convenient. So, if you want to catch fish, go where the fish is gathering.

There are also other ways to meet girls online apart from the dating sites and dating apps.  We’ll discuss them in a minute.


When choosing a dating site to use there are many factors to take into consideration.

The number of users is one of them.

To increase your chances of finding a date you want to use only the most popular and most visited dating sites, with the most extensive user database.

These are the best ones in our opinion, with the largest user base. 

Click on the Link to read the Full Review


  • 39.7 million visits a month  
  • with 49% men 51 % women ratio
  • is the best dating site to meet friends, find dates and relationships.


Elite Singles   

  • 2 million visits a month    
  • 43 % men 57 % women  ratio
  • geared more towards serious relationships

Read the Full Review Here


  • 28 million visits a month   
  • 48 %men 52% women
  • Zoosk is the best for fun dates and serious relationships
  • great to use on the mobile phone- it’s has excellent integration with social media sites


Be Naughty  

  • 13.3 million  
  • 48 %men 52 %women ratio
  • great for a chat and casual meetups


Plenty of Fish  

  • its the largest of the free dating sites  
  • 23 mill new users every month


OK Cupid

  • one of the most popular dating sites.
  • It’s Great for its unique functions- tests and questionnaires-
  • 10 million of unique visitors a month


  • the most popular all over the world
  • attracts mostly younger crowd 18-40


Another important consideration, again depending on your preferences, time and budget.

There are hundreds of free dating sites around, which is good.

But, it’s also bad in a way.

Free dating sites attract a lot of men, which means more competition. Also, when you decide to pay for a subscription, you are guaranteed to have a much better experience, and you receive more useful perks, which free members can’t use.

Free dating sites are often free for a short period only, or you have certain limitations when you use the site.

With free membership only:

  • you are not able to see who visited your profile
  • you are not able to message girls first
  •  On some sites like Tinder, your visibility may be restricted. There’s a rumor that paid version of Tinder gives you an advantage in the search results-meaning, your profile is shown more often to the most desirable girls on the platform.

Which one you choose, paid or free version depends solely on your budget and how serious you are. You can always start with the basic free plan to dip your toes in the water and feel out the site.

If after that you like the experience, switch to a paid version.



Now the part that should interest you- Best dating sites.

I can really say that I’ve tried the majority of them. As a result, I know which ones are the best and yield the best results.

Which one you choose will depend much on your goals and preferences, but in my opinion, these are the online dating sites you’ll enjoy the most.


[rwp_boxes title=”TOP 10″ sorting=”top_score” count=”10″ layout=”inline” template=”rwp_template_54c8cde935859:rwp_template_54c9024d7875a” stars=”yes”]



Whats best about meeting girls online is that the possibilities are endless. The dating sites and dating apps are the best way, but there are other- not so conventional ways to meet girls for hookups and dates.

Here’s a few of them.


Meeting girls on Facebook is a method I  haven’t used, but a few of my friends meet girls on Facebook all the time. The process, as silly as it sounds is simple. Add random girls as friends and try to chat them up.


  • Everyone is on Facebook, even my grandma. The numbers play to your advantage
  • The girl can check out your profile and get a glimpse into your world-this plays in your favor if your Facebook profile is top notch and it looks like you are having fun in life. If your Facebook profile is bland and boring, meaning you have two photos and 14 Facebook friends your success rate will be unfortunate.


  • Creep factor- let’s be honest, adding random strangers on Facebook and trying to spit your game sounds a little bit weird and creepy, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  •  If you “spam ” random girls all the time, you risk having your account banned. It happens, so be warned.


Similar to the Facebook method, if you want any success on Instagram, you have to use it to your advantage. Girls love guys who are famous ( or they appear that way), and fun. Make your Instagram account as exciting as possible.

Show photos where you are doing fun things and generally try to build up your following. When a girl follows you and starts to like your photos, you can start a light convo and proceed from there.

  • Pro tip- to increase your appearance of status- aim always to have more people following you than vice versa. It makes you look more popular than you probably are, let’s be honest here.


  • It’s free
  • Girls love Instagram, meaning …lots of girls


  • Can become a time waster
  • needs lots of effort to make a great profile, photos & following


Reddit subreddits &  Kik

Reddit is the 6th  most popular site on the internet, according to monthly statistics from Alexa.

If you are unfamiliar with Reddit, in short, it’s like a giant web forum with thousands of little subforums where you can read and post on any topic imaginable.

Dating, sex, and hookups are one of them. To go into detail on how to use Reddit to meet girls online would be a whole separate post. You can read about it in detail here.



This method is as old as the internet itself, but for a reason. I haven’t used it, but many people use craigslist ads sections for meeting partners for hookups and friendships. Quality could be an issue.

Write in detail what are you looking for and place the ad on Craigslist. Also, look at other peoples ads in your area and respond. Who knows, you may get lucky, as the Daft Punk says.


What’s best about meeting girls online is the amount of choice. With hundreds and thousands of dating sites and apps, you can pick the one that fits you the best.

The possibilities are endless. 


Before you decide which site to use, ask yourself a few questions.

What kind of girl are you hoping to meet?

Take your time and be as detailed as possible. After all, you are hoping to find a perfect girl for you.


  • what is your ideal girl’s personality?
  • what is her age?
  • her ethnicity?
  • is your perfect girl religious or spiritual?
  • Does she likes sports or is she more of a party animal?
  • is she more into casual flings or serious long-term relationship?
  • Does she want to get married?
  • is she the kinky type or more on the conservative side?
  • Does she have pets?
  • is she a bigger girl (BBW) or petite?


When you have made your list, you are ready to go.

Here is a little help for you-

The best niche online dating sites and apps to cover all of your preferences.

Girls of all colors, shapes, and sizes 🙂

Take into consideration that these dating sites are more niche or more specific. That means that the number of girls on any site may vary. The same applies to man to woman ratio.





Asian women are well known for their youthfulness, beauty, and femininity. Meeting Asian girls online has never been easier with dating sites like:


Do you want to meet your black queen online? Check out these dating sites:

  • Black Milf Affair
  • Free Black Hookup
  • Black People Meet
  • Local Black Milfs
  • Bae
  • Afro Romance



Latino women are one of the most passionate and most beautiful in the world. Meeting latino girls online is easy today with dating sites like:

  • Free Latino Hookup Tonight
  • LatinAmericanCupid
  • DominicanCupid
  • Amigos Caliente
  • Latino Milf affair

Indian& Arab

  • Arab Lounge

Best Dating Sites to Meet Big, Curvy Women

For all you guys who love their women with big curves and on the heavier side, meet big curvy women online on dating sites like:

  • BBW Milf Affair
  • BBPeopleMeet
  • BBWCupid
  • Insta Bbws
  • Free BBW Hookup Tonight
  • MilfBBWs

Best Dating Sites to Meet Older Women

All the guys who love milfs and cougars lift your hands up in the air. All the jokes aside, meet milfs and cougars that want quick and dirty sex online on the sites like:

  • Cougar Life
  • Milf AffairBlack Milf Affair
  • Free Milf Hookup Tonight
  • MilfBerry
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • DateACougar
  • Milf-Date

Best Dating Site to Meet Teen Girls

If you are a younger guy, in his teens, who wants to meet teen girls your age online to talk about the math problems and biology Wink Wink, these sites are a great start.

  • Swipe Chicks
  • Badoo
  • Tinder
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel


Best BDSM and Fetish Dating Sites

For all you lovers of the kink, leather, chains, and games of domination and submission, meeting other kinky people online has never been easier.

Wheather you are already experienced or you are just dipping your toes into the unexplores waters, you can make true all your kinky fantasies, if you are brave and sexually open enough. No pun intended.

Meet dominant or submissive, meet a cuckold couple or plain old swinger couples on dating sites like:

  • Free BDSM Hookup Tonight
  • Fetlife
  • Fetster
  • Fetish alt
  • Collarspace
  • Mistress Femdom Dating
  • Local Cuckold
  • Find Spanking Partners
  • iHookup

Best Dating Sites for Religious and Spiritual People

You don’t have to go to a Church anymore to meet a proper religious girl. Online dating made that the easy part. Whether you want to meet online a Catholic girl that shares the same passion for her faith as you and waits for a special someone to get married, or you want to meet a girl who loves meditation and other spiritual stuff, you can meet them on dating sites like:


  • New Age Connections
  • Pure Matrimony
  • Jewish Friend Finder
  • eHarmony
  • ChristianMingle
  • Christian People Meet
  • BigChurch
  • LoveandSeek
  • LDS Singles
  • CatholicMatch
  • CatholicSingles
  • CatholicMates

Even If you consider yourself an atheist and you don’t believe in the higher power, you can meet other like-minded people on sites like:

  • Meet Atheist Singles
  • Free Atheist Dating


Best dating sites to meet Fitness People

If you are tired of spending three or four nights a week alone at the gym, and you would like to have some extra help by your side- someone who shares your lifestyle choice to stay fit and healthy-your best bet is to find them online.

People into fitness sometimes have problems finding that special someone who shares the same passions as them. But now, with the help of technology, you can meet other fitness and exercise freaks online in seconds.

Meet fitness girls online at:

  • Sweatt
  • Fitness Singles



So if you are still on the fence and unsure of should you try online dating- Try it.

It’s fun, quick, cheap, and you’ll love all the freedom it gives you. Just constantly tweak and upgrade your profile, practice how to text girls online, and generally – try new stuff, and you should be set. 

Enjoy & Stay Safe


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