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What is the all about?

It is a premiere dating site that caters to models and millionaires. Anyone can sign up, as long as you fall on either category. Doctors, lawyers, pro athletes and entrepreneurs are more than welcome. Unlike an adult dating site, Millionairedates is less subtle in terms of the web design, layout and profile presentation, although the ultimate goal still ends with how to find sex. Still, professionalism is well maintained throughout the website.

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With millions of active members, is arguably one of the most popular dating sites for millionaires and models. This also means higher chances of you hooking up.

Dating a model, millionaire and celebrity certainly has its perks, especially because fame and fortune are all part of the game. But what are the odds of you meeting them if you don’t move in the same circle? In most likelihood, they just date each other and leave you to droll on the sidelines. But not anymore. Through millionairedates you just might have an opportunity to date someone who lives on the more glamourous side of the fence. Done right, your first foray in the model-dating world could be your ticket to find a bf/gf or in finding sex partners to elevate your love life.

Reasons to Join

  1. Attractive and sexy women looking for a financially secure, worldly man who can offer new and exciting experiences.
  2. Financially secure men looking for a woman to spoil and share his great lifestyle with.
  3. Young, attractive women looking for a man to pamper who is successful, caring and mature.
  4. Prosperous gentlemen looking for a woman who appreciates the exciting side of life!
  5. Exotic women looking for a dynamic man who can provide an erotic, opulent experience.
  6. Affluent gentlemen looking for a soft and sexy woman to be by his side and share the finer things in life.


Website Features

Easy Sign Up

Like most free to register dating websites, sign up is fairly easy. After you fill out the necessary fields, which include your annual income, age, physical attributes, and address, you would have to tick the box to confirm that you are 18 years or older. Click “Continue and Have Fun”, and you are on your way to meeting your next date.

Live Chat

Online chat is just one of the many reasons to join this dating site. With lines of communication kept open, you will be able to quickly forge a relationship with members near you or within your area. What are the odds that you might just get laid or find a date quickly when you sign up for one of the best hookup sites?

Online Webmail

If you prefer something more personal, you can show your interest by sharing your thoughts to another member through online webmail. Most people are more comfortable exchanging emails than chatting, especially when using a webmail service. The bigger the space, the more words you can fit in one mail. Just don’t overdo it, however.

Search Tools

Similar to most online free dating sites, also provide a variety of search tools. With more than a million members, it is only right that you there is a tool that you can use to narrow down your option. On this site, you can search members based on their physical features, age, location and annual income. If you are very particular about the money, you can get right down to business. You can also save your search settings, so you don’t need to set the parameters every time you run a search.
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This is probably one of the most important parts of, because you will learn plenty of tips and tricks in using the website and dealing with a model or millionaire for some sexual healing.

A word of warning

This site is obviously targeted towards women that are looking for a man to handle the financial side of their lives in exchange for their looks. The trustworthiness of this site has come into question – I would suggest that if you have not had a real meaningful exchange with someone after the first month it’s unlikely to happen.

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