Mocospace Review

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To become a part of Mocospace, you’ll need to register an account. This can be done through an existing Facebook or Google account, or the traditional way — through your email address.

Signing up the old-fashioned way they will ask for a username, email and password, your full birthdate, gender, and phone’s area code (curious why they’d ask for your phone’s area code? Apparently, this is their basis to match you via location).

They’re quite stringent with their captcha demanding a couple of times to identify specific things in photos.

Next step is uploading your profile photo.

From here. you’re welcomed into the Mocospace world where you’ll end up on your ‘newsfeed’.


The layout is reminiscent of early Facebook. A brief look around will make you see that Mocospace is designed to build friendships more than for dating purposes.

The header menu allows the user to acces the various areas of the platform. There’s the usual home and messages but Mocospace provided extra features for its members.

One of these is Daily Spin — quite similar to the early version of Facebook, Mocospace have games. Each user gets one free spin per day with the chance of winning gold, mob members, free VIP access for a period of time, or Friendshop Dollars.

Another unique feature to Mocospace is Street Wars. Now, this is very reminiscent of another earlier Facebook functionality — Mafia Wars. Here, you get to play with other Mocospace member-players and try to beat each other. This game is not really anything sophisticated, no eye-catching graphics. It’s just a clicking game.

There is also a Friendshop where you can ‘buy’ friends. Again, similar to an old Facebook feature of owning friends, Owned.

Mocospace also has a forum and blog section where users can share their thoughts and interact with each other.

Messaging and chat are two separate functions for MocoSpace. Both will allow you to communicate with other members, but the chat function is much more convenient to access as it pops up from the bottom of the page.

Groups and chatrooms allow users to interact with more members.

If your sole purpose for getting into Mocospace is to find companionship, relationship or just friendship, then the Meet People feature is what you need — it displays all the other nearby members. Daily picks allow you to sort through the other members, filter those you don’t want to connect with and start chatting with the interesting looking ones. – almost like Tinder.


Becoming a VIP member allows you to check out who views their profile or go stealthy and stalk all the other members you like by going invisible. Another perk that comes with VIP subscription is being listed first in searches and messages, no ads, in-game benefits, and 50% more with gold purchases.

VIP membership is available at:

  • $7.99 USD/month valid for 1 month
  • $6.99 USD/month valid for 3 months
  • $5.99 USD/month valid for 6 months or 1 year

Bottom Line

There are so many things to do within the website that it is pretty easy to kill time on it. Mocospace has high engagement, with lots of member activity, despite the dated features. Mocospace is definitely one of those social and dating networks to check out if it’s to your liking. The best part is that you can do almost everything free!


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