Money And Looks Won’t Guarantee Success With Women

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There is a guy called mystery that you wouldn’t exactly call classically attractive but has become one of the most famous “pick up artists” (dislike the term) in the world…
Nick savoy from love systems also agrees that you DO NOT need money or looks to attract women.
What I think is happening here is that women are attracted to what money and looks BRINGS and CAUSES in men. Men who are attractive and wealthy are confident and sexually dominant. These attributes bring about sexual QUALITIES in men that women are attracted to but are NOT necessarily attractive qualities themselves.
You will have heard before that male attractiveness is not as important as female attractiveness. Men are very visual creatures but women on the other hand use different indicators and qualifiers.
Mystery talks about female indicators of interest. Interestingly enough it’s the women with their back to you that are attracted to you! Some of this stuff just seems so counter intuitive because:
Thousands of years of human evolution have shaped our subconscious behaviour
Recent rapid increases in the human population have caused our hard wired brain to confuse and misrepresent information.
The truth is that in todays society MONEY IS POWER and to some extent LOOKS is power to! But the reality is…
Women are attracted to men that are more powerful than they are. So getting money is ONE way to attract women, and being attractive is ONE way to get your foot in the door with women but it is NOT the only way and you don’t NEED money and looks to be POWERFUL… get it?
Women craze the desire of powerful men…
If a women simply perceives that you are more powerful than them they will be uncontrollably attracted to you. Forget intellect, it does not come into it. Attraction is triggered by a part of the brain that is not accessible by our more “higher thinking” areas.
The area that triggers attraction was evolved many years before the invention of any modern technology such as MONEY. Money is simply a modern invention.
Money basically is an agreement of trust between two people that has only recently (in evolutionary time) come into existence.
This can confuse the hell out of our intellectual brain because it continually tries to make sense of what it sees.
So as a result you get a ton of confused men working hard to get enough money to attract women and in the end finding out that it was a pretty inefficient way to get power. Don’t get me wrong money is still a great thing to have but confidence and power can be achieved quicker easier than you think.
Starting to get the picture?
We as men automatically assume that money and looks will get us in the door but we are missing the point.
So big deal… How do I get power without any money or looks?
Now you’re on the right track…
The good looks big wealth = hot women stereotype has been drilled into you since birth so it’s understandable you find this topic a bit confusing.
Before I go on…
Good looks and money WILL make it EASIER for you to get hot women but they are not mandatory and in fact just having these traits will not work on their own.
Women NEED emotional connection which involves talking and conversing in certain ways. A rich mute male model incapable of connecting with women on an emotional level will not keep them for long. She will be with him for the money but will really be with Daryl from down the road for the REAL connection.
Women are hard wired to be attracted to the LEADER, like the 1 mabey 3 guys from 50 (a pack or tribe).
Are you that guy?
If you were on an island with a group of 20 people would YOU be the leader? Or would you sit back and let others take charge?
If so you are not getting laid.
You wanna know what… it’s actually EASIER these days to get laid than it ever was. Guys in a tribe used to have to fight and perform for rights to women. Now you just have to get on with a women , it really is not that hard to get laid with an average looker.
But if you really want to step up your game and date hot women you HAVE to be the leader. It doesn’t matter what tribe or group you are in because it’s all relative but just make sure you are conveying the right social qualities.
But I’m not a leader… ;-(
Fake it till you make.
Mystery knows all to well that the fear of illusion is REAL
Tell a few white lies if you have to. Never hurt her feelings in the process or do it just to get laid but you got to put your best foot forward and sell yourself.

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