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money and women
As a guy I defiantly understand the idea behind
Get money $$$ = Get women
Because quite frankly it IS this way! Women are attracted to the security of money. If they don’t have to work and you can fly them around the world of COURSE they will be up for that.
If they are allowed to spend more time with the kids as a result of your money then YES another tick next to your name…
But there is more at play here: You cannot rely on JUST money to get you women that actually give a dam about you. This should seem obvious to you but there is so much hype around money and power attracting women in the media… that you just kind of accept it as fact.
Does money bring you a feeling of confidence and power? For most people
Can you get confidence and power without money? Yes but it’s much harder
According to the yaguntu advice blog:
There is a post titled
Mistakes That Men Make: Money and Looks is All You Need
At this url
Thinking that all you need is money to attract women is a very common and DUMB idea. But I can’t help but sympathising for all the guys that believe just that because it’s a pretty safe bet.
I mean assuming you’re not some psycho and can hold down a normal conversation with women then having money has got to be a bonus so focusing on it should not be thought of as DUMB.
I just cant help but disagree with the article.
I understand what they are trying to get across:
don’t rely solely on money
don’t expect money to be an adequate substitute for poor personality
BUT come on…
Lets be honest here:
money buys time,experience, opportunities,information to further your career, money buys better quality food for your family which transfers into better health.
There are some obvious limitations which I believe most men understand.
Money does NOT buy you:
sexual chemistry
a real relationship.
They go on to suggest that: “if you think women are attracted to money and looks you aren’t worth their time”
An people actually agree with them!
I’m not trying to call them out here but come on!
The reality is this:
Money is today’s equivalent of providing for a “tribe” or local family group. It is ONE definition of “success” of the modern world. There are defiantly other measurements of success but money is usually the equivalent of being able to provide a useful service to few or many people.
Why wouldn’t WOMEN be attracted to a guy that can provide and help other people because he is genuinely great at what he does?
You don’t have to be filthy rich or even weathly but being able to support yourself is obviously important.
Another flaw in the article suggest that height and age has nothing to do with your ability to attract women…
How does height and age play a factor?
I can assure you that age and height play a very BIG factor in your ability to attract women.
Assuming everything else is equal a 70 year old grand-dad going up against a 30 year old?
A dwarf going up against a 6 foot male? The maths just doesn’t add up – women are looking for the man with the great fitness and ability to provide.
Let’s not confuse facts
I agree that personality is a VERY important factor in the process of mate selection but that’s assuming annual revenue is the same!
Let’s assume PERSONALITY is the same across 10 men.
Which annual revenue sum would you pick?

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