you have a weak nation when you have a weak family

Is the use of dating apps and porn resulting in a break of the famliy?

Is the rise of infidelity and low birth rates due to declining morality or financial slavery?

If you believe your culture and famliy values (growing up) are worth presevering it’s your responsibility to build your own family and create your own community. Rather than waiting for gov to help you, start helping yourself.

Personal Freedom

A sure way to live a fullfilling loving life is a focus on the fundamentals. A certain way to ensure you will always have loving people by your side is to have what they want.

In an increasingly uncertain future food security, money security and energy security will be vital. So my message to those reading would be to return to fundamentals. However hard this might be, and however small you need to start, start today.

So that might be own your own land, grow your own food, produce your own energy (solar) own your own money (bitcoin/alt, real gold).

Instead of thinking about what your wearing what your saying and how your appearing to those around you.

Live within your own set of fundamental values that have and will stand the test of time.

Pickup lines are obvously laughable at this point and they always were but it goes far beyond that.

You have to have a set of internal values that you compare external messages/media to. “is this true” , “is this in conflict with what i currently believe to be true”.


Pron can be incredibly toxic to your relationship and famliy but it really comes down to your own responsibility and control.

Can you stop watching it if you decide thats going to be best for you and those around you? If not your a slave to your passions.

To your Health Wealth and Freedom


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