Move On After Being Dumped With Replacement Theory

Casual Sex And Attachment Issues

This is a real tough one to deal with!
It’s emotional…
It’s filled with pain… + you don’t know what the hell is going on.
You cannot control your emotions around you ex no matter how hard you try.
You just want to be friends and that just aint happening for you.
You feel a sense of possessiveness whenever you see your ex – overwhelming anger wells up whenever you see her with another guy.
You just want to move on from this bitch after being dumped but you cant get your mind off her.
What does a guy do?
You didn’t treat her bad
You broke it off with her (or her with you) in a rational and mature manner!
Your not interested in getting her back but every now and then you have that feeling of regret.
You know she doesn’t want to get back with you but if she did, you probably would – this makes you feel weak and lame inside.
Like you are not in control of this situation at all.
Moving on after you have been dumped is one of the hardest things to do for guys.
We have this weird sense of entitlement and ownership of our past girlfriends.
You never thought that she would ever leave you – and now that she has you feel like you should be protecting her.
The very thought of her with another man literally makes you feel sick.
All of these bullshit painful emotions need to disappear right now… but how?
How do you get over a women that has become so engrained in your life. It’s like she was a part of your family – you shared stories and secrets and goals together and now she hasn’t gotten in touch with you for weeks.
She has been cold and distant and your left wondering what the fuck went wrong.

How to move on after being dumped

The best way to get over an ex an move on with your life is to use the replacement method… Not only should you cut all ties (talking texting and physical presence) but you should also REPLACE your ex.
This means that you need to get back into the dating game and find another women.
We have all hear do the rebound relationship – you want to look for a women that is interested in casual dating. You don’t want to get into a long relationship soon after breakup.
But you do need another women in your life (if it’s just in the weekend) so that they are in your mind rather than your ex.
You cannot consciously just NOT think of your ex – they will invariably always pop up again because they were such a HUGE part of your life. This is why cutting all ties “no contact approach” does work for moving on from your ex but it’s not the full story.
You have to be able to replace her life…
There will be such a massive gap and hole left in your life. You will not be able to fill it alone. Find another girl or two to hang out with and even have casual sex with.
The great thing about the male mind is that it can only focus on one thing at a time.
If you replace your ex girlfriend with another girl your mind will thank you for giving it another focus.
You are letting it know that you have moved on enough to go out and see other women.
It’s exceptionally hard to accept the fact that your ex girlfriend is NOT coming back and that you need to cut them from your life! Very tough…
But once you accept that and stop thinking about your ex altogether you start to move on.
This can only be done if you FILL your mind with thoughts of another women.
If your not ready to be with a different girl yet at least get out with the boys and play sport – get active – join new social groups and move on with your life. A life without your ex in it at all.

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