Moving From Casual Sex Into Serious Relationships

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Finding a life long partner through sexual motivation – apparently a large proportion of the casual sexual relationships that are created turn into long term meaningful relationships anyway.
If you want some casual bedtime fun but deep down long for a committed meaningful relationship then there is the option of finding someone for casual sex and letting fate take it’s course.
Your chances are pretty good that they will stick around. If the sex is good and you get on well with each other outside the bedroom secrets will be shared and trust will be formed.
Soon you will look upon each other as more than friends and the start of a serious relationship is born however you have to be careful. You cannot be waiting and hoping that a casual relationship will and should turn serious.
It has to happen naturally + you need to be aware that THEY may not want it to get serious. You get what you put in and you have to set yourself up and put your heart on the line… even if they are not prepared to do so… Will you get stung a few times?
The trouble with really caring about a casual sexual partner is that there is a very good chance they are will be with other people while they are with you.
It’s all about communication in the end.
You might have fallen for a bi girl that is looking to get adventurous with guys but deep down leans toward being lesbian. Could you accept that she would leave you for another women?
Well the reality is that she was never yours to begin with. Never commit to a casual relationship until YOU know the full story. Casual sex can be great fun but emotions inevitably get involved when sex is involved.
Never assume that she or he is falling for you because you had a great night of sex last weekend. As soon as you start assuming emotions you get yourself into trouble.
The success of a good casual sexual relationship lies in your ability to communicate your intentions. But it also lies in the obvious chemistry flirting and sub communication that goes with seduction.
You see even if you know that she is well keen for a causal sex type relationship and you have played out fantasies online within the confines of a casual dating site you still have to go through the seduction phase…
It will just be sped up a little. Meeting for the first time offline is an important time – how will you escalate?
Will you assume she wants to get right to it like she said online or should you introduce yourself to her like you do with everyone else? If you act too formal all of the online foreplay will be lost completely.
So definitely HUG and even kiss her on the cheek when you first meet – definitely don’t shake hands!
Use keno escalation on the heavy to move things forward. Hold eye contact and remember to smile. If you cant pull this one off there is little hope for ya!…just kidding. But it should be fairly inevitable if you have chatted online and both are interested in casual sex.
Just let it happen naturally.
If you really like her and are hoping that the casual relationship will turn serious just keep up the contact. Don’t go telling her you love her to soon just make the sex intimate rather than casual and non intimate.

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