Muscle Attraction: Achieve A 300% Increase In Success Rate With Women

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PL Dating Advice is about transforming you into the man that women desire. It’s not about gimmicks and quick tacky pick up lines. Part of being the ideal man that women desire is having an athletic body.
A toned muscular body turns women on and gives you added confidence to be able to talk to any women you choose.

Women are attracted to a fit and healthy body because it infers high breading value and a healthy successful lifestyle. If your big around the waist line it can say a lot about what you think of yourself.

As a generalisation – fat people have low self esteem.
It’s not just about the looks:

  • Last longer in bed
  • Work harder
  • Rarely if ever get sick
  • Happier life
  • More energetic

If you really look hard into health you realise that it’s everything! Everything revolves around your emotions and without a healthy body to keep you moving forward it’s hard to give a dam about anything else.
For any female reader’s you will know all to well what that tyre around your waste is doing to your chances of attracting a man. Men love women who are athletic but curvy. Men love the curves and your flabby ass and belly don’t come into the equation.
Guys – if your tummy has never looked so flabby in all your life you can bet the women have noticed. You might dream of one day getting those rock hard abs but do you really have the motivation to train every day? If you did you would be out their right now doing some abdominal workouts right?

The Real Reason Your Fat

What you need is some more motivation and REASON to want to change… The funny thing is that the motivation for running and exercising is completely counter intuitive. For some reason most people cannot muster enough will power to go to the gym JUST to look good.
You need to find OTHER reasons that are based on your emotions. You need to link up multiple benefits related to being slim independent of JUST being slim and looking better.
The more REASON you have to be slim the more chance that you will get up and go to the gym before work.
This is one of the breakthroughs in psychology that have enabled deadbeat losers to turn themselves around and become unstoppable training machines.
Don’t be afraid to use both negative and positive emotions to influence your decisions. One of the most powerful motivators of change and decision is person related. Get a buddy and get accountable to someone else! For some weird reason most people wont get out and train if it were just up to them but they DO go to the gym so they don’t let their gym buddy down.
Consciously you want rock hard abs and pecks but unfortunately your conscious mind means little when it comes to routine decision making.

Moving Forward

So now that you know that it’s not really your fault where to from here? You know that you are still fat despite YOUR hard efforts. You will have tried diets and you might even have a gym membership… but continuous weight sessions can get tedious and you just stopped going after awhile.
Deciding to stick to a weight loss or muscle building programme is a good idea. But help yourself out and do it with a group of guys. Try out courses like 21 Days To Fast Mass Building: Gain 12 lbs of Muscle in 21 Days! or P90X (90 days to a ripped body)
By getting together on scheduled days of the week you are able to break through barriers of past resistance and lose the weight or gain the muscle you intended. It’s also a lot more fun to go though a p90 or ab workout routine with friends or even loved ones. You receive their much needed support along the way and through peer pressure you work harder as a result.
Not wanting to let someone else down is a powerful motivator and should be used if you find yourself lacking in willpower. The comradery and team spirit established during hard workouts can form strong friendships.
You might find yourself turning up purely because it’s fun to hang out with friends, on the side you end up doing one hell of a workout and are ripped before you know it.

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