Natural Game: Find Love Where It Counts The Most To You

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Excuse me as I rant for awhile
Do you like getting blind drunk while stumbling over yourself and throwing up in the gutter not to mention ever remembering a thing from the night before?
Do you like feeling hung over and sick for a full day just for a few hours of dancing on a weekend?
All of the popular music is targeted towards the masses who fall for the lyrics of “going out and smashing it” and having a “good time” while completely intoxicated…
But have you any idea that they are ones laughing at you because they rarely get drunk themselves…
They are too busy coming up with the next hit single that will make them another several million dollars at your expense.
The hits that make money at the moment are all voice altered party related flicks with little substance.
It’s this town music that we all seem to love for those fleeting hours on a Saturday night… we don’t care to much for the lyrics as we are all to incoherent to realise they are just saying “Drink Bacardi” or “go out and smash it”… Lyrical genius huh?
Anyway if the real reason you are out is to have a great time with your group of friends and dance a little while only having one or two drinks then I commend you!
If you are out in search of dates and get drunk in an attempt to make it easier on yourself you are shooting in the dark.
Apart from looking stupid, and apart from being unable to hold a conversation down you will only attract equally ridiculous and drunk girls….
If this is what your after then continue the cycle of work drink work that everyone seems to buy into going. It will work for you – just don’t expect that you going to find anyone with any substance.
Expect that the alcohol abuse will alter your brain chemistry over time and your mood will be bipolar at best.
Keeping in mind that this is not a rant at you personally it’s a stab at society in general. Nobody wants to have to rely on drugs to keep them going…
End of rant…
So what is the alternative to finding the girl of your dreams?
Not to many guys have the nuts or the will to work on approaching women they don’t know during the day… one needs the will to get the girl and it needs to be greater than the fear or getting rejected by 5 out of 6 girls…. A tough call to make.
Try the natural approach to dating…
Try to find a girl that really matches your personality and interests…
This is most effectively done in places that you would like to hang out… funny that.
So if you love opera and the ballet why hang out with a mechanic at the races?
If you love sport and the outdoors (hiking, fishing, running) why look for girls in a science laboratory?
Silly examples I know but the only conclusion would be that your confused about this whole deal.
It’s easy to get impatient and feel that you only have one shot at love but in reality there are PLENTY of girls out there that would suit you perfectly.
That amazing women that walks into your life completely unexpected is going to be the “one”… By not actively searching you find you attract what you need into your life…
A really tough thing to do if you are getting desperate after 6 years alone or perhaps the biological clock is running out. This is where online dating can be useful.
If you want to be proactive about finding love then sites like (, girls date for free, cupid, eHarmony, vip singles, finding singles) are all great paid alternatives to the free sites (plenty of fish, okcupid, oasis active)
The alternative to NOT being proactive about specifically finding love is what I mentioned above…

You can be proactive about living!

By doing this you give your self the best chance of being in the right place at the right time.
Which means you sign up for local events
You frequent parks or social events in your friends circle.
You join sports clubs
You join dance class
You join yoga class
You join a cooking class
You volunteer anywhere you can (search google for events in your area)
Go to the beach
You go to a drawing or painting workshop
One of the most common ways to find a girlfriend is through the “referral” of others.. The more people you know the greater chance there is of meeting a like minded girl through a friend of a friend.
This is by far the majority when it comes to gf/bf acquaintance.
So at least put yourself in the right statistic and widen your social circle…
Even wanted to travel? You would be surprised how cheap it can be: if your life is getting a little desperate on the friend front travelling via contiki tours could be for you…
You join a group of other travellers and head off on a wild adventure around Europe amongst others.
There are many ways to meet women both online and offline… he key is to be yourself and…

Get Busy Living!

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