Natural Game: The Real You Is What’s Attractive

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Are you suppressing the ONE aspect of your personality that will give you the best chance with women?
Do you present that mask when you see a women that you find attractive?
The trouble with being aloof, portraying the fake you… is that it’s suppressing your ability to attract her.
You think that by acting “cool” you increase your chances with her but you end up coming across disinterested.

Natural game is all about having the courage to speak your mind and let your true personality shine despite your audience.
Your natural and real nature is the ONLY attractive quality you can use because it’s all you’ve got! Everything else you attempt it a lie.
You have to realize that not only is attraction NOT a conscious choice but we dont really understand HOW it even works.
So you have to get out of your head – out of the mindset that you think you know what your doing and into your body. Into that emotional high energy feeling.
You will notice that the more time you spend in your head trying to suppress the real you (to attract her) the more low energy you become.
The guys that are truly good with women are simply able to access that natural energy that stems from being themselves.
You need not sprinkle a little wit and charm in their or a crafty pick up line because these all come natural when you are in state.
The true authentic you is what’s attractive – You may not attract the women in the bar that you have your eye on but let fate take the lead and trust in the process.
It’ll turn out that she is an aloof stuck up bitch all along and average in the sack to boot.
However the quirky and cute single girl in the corner that you are naturally drawn to… almost out of fate… will rock your world and you guys will have an immediate connection.


From experience it’s ALOT harder to implement natural game out their than your regular masked crusader style approach.
Everyone at the bar has their own mask up – alcohol does wonders to bring that mask down just a little bit but the problem is you get an even more fake representation of them.
So rather than relying on booze to implement natural game… use courage.
You will find that childlike energy and and sporadic laughter will return — you will attract that goddess into your life because she is fascinated in your world.
Natural game encompasses all areas of your life. It teaches you to follow your dreams and create that attractive lifestyle that is impossible to ignore.
If you are practicing natural game effectively… she WILL notice you. Because you will be out their doing your thing – making it happen in life and in your hobbies. You cant help but get attention from women when you are high energy and high state.
It’s impossible not to attract women because of the law of attraction. You are destined to be with someone and the more you accept your personality and let it shine through the faster it will happen.
The trouble is that everyone is resisting their true personality. It’s not helped by all of the cute techniques and systems out their. They do help but only to fine tune your base game… your natural game.
Every piece of dating advice and pick up advice you get should be based around and added to the core fundamentals of your true personality. If it is not you will end up with a fake girlfriend and a fake life.
If your too stupid to realize what your doing (running away from and resisting your true personalty) you are destined for a life of frustration and sadness.
That’s not an exaggeration! That is the reality that you are dealing with.
It’s about giving up control and eliminating resistance.
A good friend can really help you with this – that relaxed feeling you have when you are with a lifelong friend is what you should focus on. That relaxed peaceful but high energy state is what you need to bring to the table this weekend.
Once again I will say this – It’s NOT easy. You might like to think that you don’t put up walls and your full of class but the reality is that we all put up walls to protect ourselves.
We put up walls when we go out to meet women because their are so many people we don’t know. Have the courage to do what few guys really do and that is to enter the domain unscripted and unrehearsed will the knowledge that they alone are good enough.
The teachings of natural game revolve around elimination of the ego. The ego seeks to attach itself to material and superficial things. It seeks validation from others.
The only way you are going to be able to let your natural self finally shine through is to dis-attach yourself from your ego. The trouble is that you may falsely believe that you and your ego are the same thing.

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