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Too many men think that they can approach a women with a set of preconceived ideas and lines and woo her heart…
It’s true that women respond to certain behaviours and that you should be prepared but rather than using any sort of method why not work on your natural masculinity instead?
Even if you think you have little to offer women with regards to looks and youth you still have the ability to attract her with your dominant and masculine nature.
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The natural approach to dating that a guy like david wygant teaches involves being more of yourself… The reality is that relationships and dating SHOULD be easy but are often full of emotions and anxiety that we are ill prepared to deal with or handle… (see related science journal article on Feminism and Masculinity and how there roles affected relationship satisfaction)
This is why there is so much dating and relationship advice about – it’s because dating involves emotions and we humans would like to think we can take a pill and avoid the good emotions and have more of the good stuff…
well the nervousness, awkwardness and weird date feelings that you get when on first dates are all NATURAL and everybody gets them to some degree (even the “experts”) so the trick then is to feel the fear and do it anyway.
These emotions should not be viewed as either good or bad but just a necessary process that needs to take place.
The anxiety is letting you know that you should be preparing for a future event.. The emotion is not trying to hurt your but HELP you in your dating life. So respect it and respond accordingly.
Cheesy pick up lines and rehearsed poems (even if you pull them off) are lies…
The trick with successful dating is to be the best you that is possible at the time without being rude. This way the date gets to see who you really are and you come across as hopefully:
At ease with yourself

All the things that the dating gurus teach can be found from studying “zen” because it all comes down to is connecting with their emotions…and to do that you need to find YOURS to transmit.
When you are happy with who you are your natural masculinity and confidence with SHINE through and your dating life and success with skyrocket.
Sound far fetched?
I understand that some might feel a bit weirded about it and rather stick to the easy out of rehearsed lines but be prepared to date an equally shallow disconnected women who might be average to slightly above average.
see wikipedia masculinity
But give me a second to suggest an alternative.
Natural Game and using your Masculinity in a natural way, simply requires you to be yourself…
You also need to understand – manners, respect and the art of the conversation.
If you have some natural game already it assumes that you can make eye contact but you don’t stare and freak her out…
It assumes that you are able to smile and make her smile in return (easier said than done)
It assumes that you are authentic (women can pick a man that lies)
Natural game assumes that you are able to chat easily with friends and wouldn’t jump a girl at the first sign of her approval.
At the root of your natural game is your own self respect… If you respect yourself then WOMEN will respect YOU…
Men are scared to approach because of the biological programming of their past.. If you approached a women (that was not yours) and got caught doing it you could have been killed or at least banished from your tribe (tantamount to death).
The emotion of fear that you could be feeling when thinking about talking to a women you don’t know in a group with other guys and girls is very REAL.
You don’t need to beat yourself up about having no confidence or feeling shitty because your single!
What CAN you do about this situation?
Feel the fear and do it anyway – Work on your conversation skills – Get out more and be accepting of female advances (even if they are below your artificial subset of “standards”)
I would urge you to take control of what you can control and dismiss the emotion of fear that will be there whether you like it or not and act in spite of it… As soon as you choose to talk naturally to a women the fear should fade!
In a recent post by a guest poster suggests that dating is EASY – this goes against the regular notion that relationships are hard and require a lot of work.
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