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Natural Game (soon to be updated)
natural game tips from james marshall
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There is a very good reason why men have different levels of success with women and the natural game phenomenon is one way to explain this. There are different personalities and game plans of seducing women and each have their pros and cons. Most men understand intuitively that confidence is one major underlying attractive quality of men but there is much much more.
Apart from the confidence of “pickupartists” they also have the ability to switch between personalities and trigger deep emotional connections with women when they need to.
Here are some male personalities and their relative level of success with women.

Nice guy:

The nice guy is great at creating general quite but generally boring non emotional conversation with women and as a result never triggers an emotional connection… great guy no success

Cocky-Funny guy:

Plenty of these around as a result of david d’s double your dating products… He defiantly has some success with women as a result of using cocky funny techniques but fails to create deeper connection as a result of overusing superficial techniques and superficial emotions.

Jerk/Bad boy:

Is actually able to connect with women at some level but tends to only pick up emotionally empty and damaged girls that are attracted to his negative use of attraction methods. He is unable to give them the real love and attention they need so they soon leaves or he gets bored.

The Natural Seducer:

The natural seducer bounces effortlessly between the jerk the cocky funny and the nice guy. But he is also able to trigger deep subconscious attraction. He can bring comedy, energy passion and intimacy while maintaining control. His internal validation and confidence is obvious for all to see so he is often not flashy or showy as he has no reason to be. The women are attracted to him without even knowing it and the natural seducer ends up being able to pick from any women he chooses. The natural seducer is the natural leader of any group by default.

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