Needy Nervous And Nerdy Ned

Guest post from anonymous… let’s call him ned
My sexual rags to riches story

Years ago I was this nervous nerdy and needy guy … needless to say I didn’t get any action in the bedroom. In fact I was still a virgin and had barley hugged a girl before.
Their were girls at my work but they took little interest in me or what I said.
I thought I had some pretty cool stories but apparently not. Even the nerdy girls were more interested in the dudes from marketing than me.
Well this kept on for some time until I decided that I need to change something. I figured the quickest and easiest way to get attention from women was to change my appearance… Well I did just that – I changed my clothes shoes and hair style all in one day. It was one hell or a liberating experience and I got laid a month later with a nice girl from work that I never knew worked their.
Anyway it wasn’t just my appearance that needed changing it was the mindset that I was unworthy of hot female attention.
I was amazed at how quickly my confidence grew after I wore the right clothes. No more jeans and sneakers for me! I got some really nice dress pants, some leather shoes and I exterminated much of my facial hair.
Cleanliness was not something that I took very seriously in my work because I just didn’t think that it was that important but I realised that it WAS something that women were very preoccupied with….
So you could say it started with my exterior appearance and this gave me the positive reinforcement and confidence that I needed to start to believe in myself. This spurred me on and I started reading about natural game and self development.
One really great thing I realised was that I already had a really good job + plenty of money coming in so I was well ahead of many of the guys that I originally thought were to good for me!
Now that I was growing in confidence every day I could confidently walk over to these guys and join in conversation. I was happy to be myself because I had accepted that being myself was good enough. That’s not to say that I don’t work on my conversational skills but because I now believe in myself others are believing in me!
I have joined a social sports team and am loving the comradery and bonding experiences that I have never had in my life before.
My life changed a few months back when I read something on this site and decided to change – I started small.. Just with what I wore on a daily basis but from their it has grown into somewhat of a butterfly effect.
I am not saying that what I was back then was bad – I was happy playing video games and enjoying my own company. What I have now is just different… More social life and a girlfriend that lightens up my day.

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