Nervous In Front Of Attractive Women?


The main reason why you get nervous in front of women is because you think you have something to lose. Perhaps you havn’t see a good looking women you age all week and now… tonight, this could be your only chance.
Because you feel like you have something to lose there is something at risk – you want to put your best foot forward so there is some sort of performance anxiety that creeps in.
The reality is that it’s this very emotion of thinking you have something to lose that is unattractive to women.
This emotion forces you to act fake and be unauthentic when you should be trying to act completely normal and nonchalant.
To attract a beautiful women you need to learn to master this irrational fear that screws with your head every-time there is a hot women in front of you.

  • You have nothing to lose because it’s likely that you’ll never see her again…
  • You have nothing to lose because it’s likely she has a boyfriend…
  • You have nothing to lose because it’s likely she isn’t interested…

Remove The Sexual Thought

Almost impossible to do but you should be trying to remove it from your outward mannerisms. Being needy of sex is a very unattractive character trait.
What I would suggest as a system to overcome feeling nervous with women is remove all expectations that you put on yourself. With expectations comes stress… You might have the expectation that there is a possibility of sex at some point. Automatically you are coming from a point of wanting and needing.
Instead your focus should be to create a positive interaction, emotion or moment between you and her.
This could be as simple as a smile or as intense as full blown laughter.
Or though suggesting to you that you should be trying to make friends with this women is a little dangerous it’s justified in this situation. You currently wont interact with to many women because you always put barriers up between these relationships… This barrier is the expectation of sex at some stage. You do this with every women and therefore make it hard for women to relate to you in a normal way.
You may not find it to hard to get women interested in you sexually but this sexual barrier impedes on your ability to display your true self.
The end goal is to become the alpha male… the master of your own emotions. It’s the best of both worlds in that you are able to make friends easily with some women and sexually stimulate others in a very selective way.

But I’m Still Nervous In Front Of Women

This could simply be down to confidence – confidence comes with age as you build on your own skills and personality.
But the root cause is likely still as a result of performance anxiety. Questions like – I don’t know what to say to her indicates that your missing the point…
What do you say to your male friends?
Do they find you funny?
Why should women be any different?
Putting women on a pedestal only serves to further alienate them from your reality. The more attractive a women is the further you distance her from your position and the more value you give her thus remove from yourself.
This is why the “neg” seems to work so well for some guys…
It makes attractive women more accessible. You remove yourself as a possible suitor thereby suggesting to her that you have high value.
What you don’t want to do is create this sexual barrier between the two of you where you want to get something from her. Replace this ideal with one of giving and actually RELATING to her on a non sexual plane to begin with.
Do this with as many women as you need until you realize how human they really are. You are getting nervous because you have become disconnected from the male female relationship.
Ever wondered why guys with girlfriends always seem to be comfortable around other women?
It’s because they have NO AGENDA… they are used to female contact and this attractive women in front of them is just another person.
Is your agenda trying to get laid? There is nothing wrong with this so long as it’s not causing the nervousness and your honest about it. Women love a guy who knows what he wants… so long as it comes across in a non needyseedy way.

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