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Meet your conscious partner, they said. But going through your run-of-the-mill dating sites or going on dates with people who claim they are woke can be quite disappointing if you’re one of those who legit conscious individuals.

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You’ll immediately that it’s a whole new ball game just from the sign-up process. You’ll be asked the typical gender, age, and location, then your sexual orientation. From the typical men seeking women, women seeking men, men seeking men, women seeking women option… what you’ll find as options are straight, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and asexual. If you’re not a part of the conscious crowd, this will boggle your mind (and it might be a sign that you don’t believe in the site at the first place?).

You’ll be asked to nominate a username and password, provide a tagline, and fill out other identification and profile information.

There’s a range of relationship-seeking options to choose from, some of which you’d have a hard time wrapping your head into if you’re not conscious enough.

The spirituality choices are also diverse, from the oldest, most dogmatic religions and traditions, to the more fluid, contemporary options.

Dietary Preference is also wide-ranging, just to make sure you get to match with someone whose food choices will not destroy your first date.

It also quantifies the level of your eco-friendliness by measuring it in the level of green pigment inside you.

Once you’ve provided these, you’ll get a short message from owner Jill Crosby that says your profile will be subject for approval, and an email will arrive when it is approved.

In the meantime, they allow you to search the database, save favorite and their most recommended activity – complete the profile.

You’ll be asked to upload 2 more headshots and 1 video. Answer multiple choice questions on the About tab, and answer essay questions. It can feel like applying to Harvard, but this is how they safeguard their community, and it’s not so difficult to finish all of these. The essays don’t have a word count.

The multiple questions are about your appearance, politics, ethnicity, and astrology. There are 22 essay questions available from which you can pick the ones you want to answer or you can customize a question that you’re willing to answer if the existing ones don’t do it for you.

You’ll also be asked to fill out the Match Questions, which is basically personality quiz of sorts, and how important these questions are to you.


Free membership allows the user to create a full profile with 2 photos and 1 video, browse the site, see members online, indicate interest by sending pre-written messages, reading and replying to messages sent to you, reply to instant messages, video chat with paid members, see basic astrology information, and see compatibility rate.

Upgrading to a paid subscription, however, will allow the member to upload 20 photos, 2 videos, initiate messages, IMs and video chats, and see brief astrology compatibility between you and other members.

Paid membership goes for $9 for a month-long subscription, $13 a month for a 3-month subscription, and $10 a month for a 6-month subscription.


Once logged in, you will land on the Main Page tab that provides a summary of interactions which includes messages, hellos, views and who’s favorited your file. It will also show your profile completion, your top matches, and members who are online at the moment.

The members online view allow for a detailed view, basic view, and gallery view. It will depend largely on you whether you want as much information or you’d rather not deal with too much clutter of information overload.Going to the Search Tab allows you to filter and narrow search results. The search results view is similar to the

Going to the Search Tab allows you to filter and narrow search results. The search results view is similar to the members’ online grid. It allows you to see a detailed, basic or gallery list of those who qualify based on your search parameters.

The Messages tab will display the people who communicated with you. If you’re on a free plan, you’ll only be able to exchange hellos – which are templated messages the website provides. If you receive a message while in a free plan, you’ll get an option to send a free hello back, or send a message back – which will then bring you to the plan upgrade payment page. But if you’re a paid member, you can message and communicate to your heart’s content.

There is a Connections Tab that provides a drop down to access the list of your favorites, interests, favorited you, and interested in you.

The Matches tab meanwhile, also has a drop-down that shows your matches, mutual matches, and matchmaker preference which allows you to broaden or narrow down the list.

The Classifieds tab is still under construction, which seems to be something that would show a Craigs List type of listing for the community members.

The last tab is the More tab which has a drop-down that provides links to your profile, account information, events, site etiquette, help, and the logout option.

The site etiquette link will, once again, remind you that the community is that of conscious spiritual individuals with the first site etiquette point as:

Always be kind to others

If that did not throw you into a Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian self-reflection, nothing will.

The events link will redirect you to which shows a list of retreats, workshops, conferences that center on new age lifestyle elements like yoga, reiki, healing, personal growth and development, and religious festivities.


It’s not so bad to go against the current, and this website caters specifically to the new age crowd. The ones who are interested in spirituality, the metaphysical, alternative healing, eastern religions, and sustainability. They are the ones who stick out in the regular daily crowd, tagged as eccentrics.

If you find yourself labeled as such, or just want a change from your run-of-the-mill relationships – especially if all those ended up as a failure, trying out New Age Connection may be worth your time and dollar.

They make sure to safeguard your profile, doing identity verification, and practicing caution with the members’ communication modes, such that only the really serious ones are able to reap the benefits of their highly curated community.

If you spend your time understanding your divine energy, practice yoga, and is into tantra, crystals, chakras, and auras instead of being just another mundane creature only with awareness to the material world… Then New Age Connections is the perfect place to find connection, companionship, love or your soul mate.

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