Newsflash: All You Need To Attract Women IS Alphaness – Works For Ugly Guys

Using Alpha male psychology In the attraction of women
The base of all attraction that women have for men is based on the idea of the alpha male. This needs little explanation: whether you believe in evolution or not women have been programmed over time to be attracted to the fittest male in their social group. This “fitness” is expressed from genes by phenotypic (appearance). As a result females are attracted to attractive males with strong jaw lines and the triangular shaped torso.


Alpha status is extremely attractive to women and alpha status can be displayed in many ways. Do not be fooled into thinking if you are unattractive that you cannot be the alpha male in a particular group. Also that alphaness is often subjective and very much comparative within that group. In order to display or get more alpha male attractiveness into your demeanour and swagger follow this advice on how to attract women by being the alpha male.

NEWSFLAH: Good News For Men

All you need to do to attract a women is be alpha in a particular group. The great news is that a ginger haired freckled skinny hair teen with glasses CAN be an alpha male if he acts the right way. Its all about how you carry yourself.

NOTE: Other think of you what YOU THINK OF YOURSELF

Therefore if you are very attractive but walk around with down shoulders, a sad look and don’t talk to anyone your response to women will be low. On the other hand if you are classically unattractive but have a go getting attitude and know how to entertain a crowd the best the then women look apon you as the leader of this group and therefore the alpha male. This is based on a number of years of insightful research into female attraction.
What I have found is that attraction means little. As men we think that attraction is huge because it means so much to us! But to women personality and emotional connection humour and ALPHA is what counts.
IF you are not funny and not attractive it is STILL OK

BUT you need skills

You need to prove women that you are the best in your field at whatever you are doing. By being great at a particular sport (in the top team) you are proving to women that you are physically fit and capable of protecting her. The fact that you are not classically attractive means little to her.
With alphaness must come CONFIDENCE, you must convey that you are happy with who you are and that you are not worried about looks. Women place huge value on confidence and taking control of the situation at hand. So this and she will be eating out of your hand.

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