Nice Guys Finish Last

Reasons why you don’t want to be the nice guy:
If you are trying to find a girlfriend or just wondering why the heck your still single read on…
Being the nice guy might make you feel good about yourself but when it comes to attracting women it blows.
You might as well be a chick for the good it’s doing you.
Don’t trust women when they tell you that they are looking for a sweet cute nice guy to date. That’s what they think they are looking for but women are confused as hell over this subject.
For one… attraction is not a choice so by explaining who they are attracted to is not a great start (I guess you can stereotype the usual people you end up with)
But what girls think they are attracted to and who they actually end up being with are most certainly two different things.
Long story short you don’t want to be the nice guy opening doors and answering phone calls from all of your “girlfriends” after they got dumped.
You just don’t want to be that guy – they should be calling their girlfriends for that sort of thing.
Nice guys seem like they are attracting girls because girls are attracted to the sensitive nature and boyish good looks of the sensitive man. Do not mistake this for sexual attraction.
Accept that the women is attracted to the nice guy in a “he’s akin to my future baby” sort of way. (not what your after)
Nice guys do not get girls in the end because women are not attracted to them on a sexual level. Women might want to argue that sex is not a part of it but I can assure you it is.
Being the nice guy can work through school but just make sure you grow up afterwards.
As soon as the baby maker starts firing up women are attracted to the protector and the giver of resources.
Become the authority figure, bad boy, rich man, whatever you need to be… just not the nice guy.

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