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Here is Derren brown on the law of attraction and what he has to say about dating…

The interesting thing about this video is that each guy got a girl… Each guy displayed something that was attractive.

Using seduction and dating techniques (david deangelo) got the most female attention

Being relatable and nice (natural game) came out 2nd
And even being a complete bastard got a girls attention because he displayed higher value + intrigued her by incorporating mystery into his personality.
So what is the best way to act around a women?

  • Act natural… have the confidence to be yourself
  • Be nice – women want a guy that has a tender side
  • Lean back and use seduction techniques (pua training) and flirting
  • Introduce a little bit of bad boy and mystery into your life

After all he is a master at influencing people right? And your efforts in the dating scene are largely due to your ability to influence other people.

Whether it be through your looks body language or conversational skills…
Derren brown is a master at every type of “magical skill” but his real skill lies in his ability to read other peoples body language. That and his practical use of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) + what is nlp ?

He is literally able to force people into saying certain things by anchoring them with references and words he uses in his speech and body language.

I would strongly suggest that you at least read a little about NLP so that you are aware of how people are influenced. NLP has been criticised since it’s inception and you need to make your own mind up about it’s effectiveness.

Those who are “unsuccessful” with women are their because there is a disconnect… a large distance between their mind and their body.

You may think that you can take control of your emotions in stressful situations but the reality is you fall apart… You are far to used to being in your head… solving important problems and dealing with every day life that when it comes to interacting on an emotional level you feel strange and uneasy.

Let’s assume this stressful situation is in front of a women that you really like…

The tough thing about being a guy is that we have this extremely strong sexual drive that seems to mask much of what we are trying to accomplish. The sexual motivation comes off way to strong and we scare away the women that actually liked us in the first place.

Women have this sexual motivation but they are able to channel it into playful flirtation… You will find that the guys who are successful with women are in complete control of their emotions. They know which words and body language triggers which emotion in other people.

They are playfully flirty too but in a dominant and manly way – they hint and joke and use body language rather than using cold staring eyes.
You are not staring into a computer! You are dealing with an amazing women who wants to have fun and joke around. Your preoccupation with systems and pick up lines distances you from your own emotions.

Your state is the most important thing you should be aware of. Your state just means the emotion that you currently feel. Alcohol is an immediate and effective way to raise your state but in the end a false means to showing your real self.

Your goal should be to strive to show your real confident loving self to the world without fear of what others may think of you.

There is one thing you cannot control and that is how women react to your approach. You can prepare but once you have made the decision to approach a girl it’s all down to your controlled emotional state.

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