No Masturbation Until You Get The Girl


There are some edgy tricks floating around that claim to help you “get the girl”
One of the suggestions if you are single and can’t seem to attract women you should try going completely celibate on yourself until you do. Could be a fun experiment if nothing else. Men are known for their high sex drive, especially when they are young… quite frankly most women just don’t have the drive to keep up.
Part of the reason why men don’t end up finding girlfriends or any women at all is because it’s just not a priority for them.
They are happy to focus on their career or personal hobbies and take care of themselves. With the magnitude of free pornographic material online situations can get addictive if self restraint is not high on your priority.
With no girl in sight and time on your side you take matters into your own hands do you not? Well all of this fun could actually be working against you. You might actually be less motivated to get out there and talk to women than if you just let it alone for a couple of weeks.
Well what if you made a decision to ease up on this enjoyable past time and actually not Beat the morning wood (like every good boy should) ref:
With no wanks to ease the tension you now have to make the decision to get out into the real world and make it happen. The sexual motivation of men is arguably the most power human emotion known to man. According to the latest movie “the social network” facebook was created as a result of rejection!
You might just find out a bit more about yourself when you use the sexual tension as a tool against women you will have the motivation to make it work.
You might also find that you have more energy and enthusiasm for life in general. This is not a new concept at all and has been called sexual transmutation by some. You transmute the considerable sexual energy you contain into something that is going to help you in the future. It will take some mindpower and willpower but the rewards will be worth it.
Not every guy can go a month without some sort of relief but that’s the point. (unless you turn all weird and seedy rapist on it, in that case forget what I’m saying)
You use this new found energy to actually get the real thing. You will be subconsciously emitting more sexual energy as a result and women will feel your presence.
Give it a go and see how long you can last… perhaps a touch masochistic but you will be amazed at the difference. You might just have the confidence you need to be naughty with your partner after just a few days.
Comments: How long did you last?

2 thoughts on “No Masturbation Until You Get The Girl”

  1. Just looking for girls who are arter no strings dirty fun any time of day . Ive a good toned body and likes to wear Lycra pants to show off my cock

  2. Just looking for girls who are arter no strings dirty fun any time of day . Ive a good toned body and likes to wear Lycra pants to show off my cock

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