No Strings Attached


No Strings Attached

In a way it’s kind of like Ashley Madison. Where you can go and find other couples for joint sexual experiences or out and out flings.

So this site really is pretty naughty because you are searching for sex undercover. You have the choice to either be open about your need for sexual adventure or you can lie and go behind their back.

So basically no strings attached is just another casual sexuality related online dating site. Seems to me that it has a little more class than the casual version of friendfinder.

The pricing and features will be the same as AFF… around thirty dollars per month for one month but the more months you pay for at once the less you pay for each individual month.

No much benefit to singles living outside major cities.

I wouldn’t trust the search function that lists singles in your area before you pay. It’s in their interest to show you plenty of hot images near you so that you sign up.

There have been comments about logging in after registration and having nobody near you at all.

No strings attached is a new site so user volume may be a problem but we are still talking about millions of singles so don’t get your nuts in a twist over it.

One quality aspect about the site is that it’s not actually co-branded with other friend finder sites which means they don’t use profiles from their network to flesh out the site.

So if you find yourself in a loveless marriage and it’s beyond repair there are options. I of course would advise to try and work things out before you go creeping out the back door. Building a site that promotes infidelity and lying is just no good ethics.

However no strings attached has it’s place in society and fulfils a need… It could also be used for finding partners that want to get together for casual encounters so it’s more than a Ashley madison.
Thats about all there is to say about the site at this point…

Why No Strings Attached?

NoStringsAttached Privacy

Even though no sane individual should agree with going after cheating wifes no strings attached offers a great set of privacy tools to keep your ass covered.

If you’re a single guy that would love to get down with an attached women but obviously want to stay safe nostringsattached hides your ass behind an anonymous profile to keep your identity secret.

Of course they can only hide you online – as soon as you show your face in the real world you run the risk of getting caught. And a husband that’s being cheated on is one of the more dangerous phenomenon life can muster. Watch yourself!

Other privacy features include private calls to members without letting them know your own number!
Obviously discreet email contact with the built in email system

No strings attached “helps” people in long term committed relationships by allowing them to cheat… ? I would have to say I don’t quite understand.

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