Oasis Active Review– Another 100% Free Online Dating Site

oasis active review

Looking for completely free dating sites no hidden fees?

Oasis Active Review – Another 100% Free Online Dating Site (completely free dating sites no hidden fees )

Oasis active boasts:

  • More than 2 million members
  • NO charges… ever… for anything
  • Unlimited galleries and messaging
  • Usually around 10,000 members online at any one time
  • Christ you would think these paid dating sites have their work cut out for them
  • with such great free dating sites huh?
  • Oasis active has a much smaller user base than plentyoffish but thats to be
  • expected. Oasisactive seems much more intuitive and social than pof.
  • completely free dating sites no hidden fees

Things you can do from the home page:

Search singles by gender location and sex.
Click on tags on the right which specify user interests.
Cycling Dancing dining out driving Animals art Beach Eating out Family Fishing Food Football Friends Gardening Golf gym motorbikes Movies Music outdoors photography Reading Shopping SOCCER Socialising sport sports surfing swimming Tattoos tennis Travel Traveling travelling walking weekends away Camping Cars Cooking Cricket
oasis active

This is a cool feature: You get to see the types of people inside oasisactive.com by clicking on your own interests.
Dating sites such as plenty of fish, oasis active and okcupid are 100% FREE which means that there are NO hidden costs or upgrades required later on.
There are ads!
This is how the site makes money so if you can put up with a few paid dating site ads while finding your lover then 100% free online sites are worth it.
You might find a niche dating site being advertised that is more suited to your tastes and choose to use it. In the end it’s up to you and if you find that oasisactive does the job then stick with them.

Oasis Active Auto Matching

Once you fill in a few fields during the signup process oasis active should automatically match the users inside to your preferences and location.

Oasis Active Messenger

Within a matter of seconds – and without taking out that credit card! You will be chatting with singles in your area thanks to the built in oasis active messenger.

Oasis Active Photo Sharing

Awesome photo uploading and sharing abilities within this free dating site:
You also have private photo gallery in your members area in which you can hide certain *private* images and then expose them to users you feel you can trust.

Oasis active is more than a free dating site, it’s a community of singles from all over the world sharing pictures stories and themselves in one safe environment. Oasis active is a social dating network rather than just a serious dating service.

You can sign up and share pictures with other singles while chatting to people all over the world free. Unlike facebook which is restrictive to the people you can talk to (friends) free dating sites are completely open to anyone.

There are all sorts of different stories as a result of the differing cultures and countries involved.

Oasis active singles could be from
Remember you are allowed to filter by country so if you just want singles in your city then everyone else disappears.

With thousands of singles signing up every day to this diverse social dating site oasisactive.com ranks right up there in the top 5 free dating sites online.
I have mentioned this before but I’ll say it again is it is the predominant benefit to you. Oasis Active is 100% free. Meaning whatever you do on the site whether it be sending 100 emails a day or chatting online using the oasis active built in messenger won’t cost you a dime. Similar services can range from $15 to $40+ per month.

Why use oasis active or plenty of fish?

  • Your a guy blatantly just looking for sex for the weekend (or a girl)
  • You are looking for a long term stable relationship
  • You have been single for too long and are just plain lonely
  • Your a girl looking for nice guy with similar interests, a guy that understands you for you.
  • Your bored
  • You have not had much success with offline dating
  • Insecure about approaching the opposite sex
  • You could be looking for a penpal from another country
  • Casual naughty encounters
  • Marriage
  • A Soulmate
  • Romance
  • A date for the night
  • completely free dating sites no hidden fees

All of the above is open to you 100% free (if you use the site well) – completely free dating sites no hidden fees

What are you looking for: completely free dating sites no hidden fees ?

Just plainly and honestly describe what it is you are looking for. If you only want a pen pal then let everyone know that so that you don’t get any rude emails. If you want a sexual encounter and fast (or at least that’s your motive) you might have to go about things a little less obvious to get results.
Don’t be sneaky about things but just be honest about yourself and what you’re after with oasis active. You will find most singles on the inside to be very open and friendly to your advances if you are respectful.
100% free online dating has taken off in the last 3 years because people online just love not taking out that credit card.


People will test the waters with a free site before trying paid just to see if it’s for them. They often realise how good the free route is and stay.
There are some downsides – the free sites don’t have the money to put back into really advance
features so the quality is often down as far as professionalism. But the free dating sites are not that far off the paid ones and the gap is getting closer every day.

Vs Plentyoffish

You will notice that the oasis active graphics and interface is much better and cleaner/more intuitive than plentyoffish. They offer a different more social user experience.

Safety – dating sites do not do background checks on individual users so you can never be certain of user intentions. Always watch out for your safety when using free online dating site like oasis active.

Ensure that your first offline dating is in a public place. Profiles are manually and auto checked for authenticity by staff so you should see a happy and friendly dating site on the inside and out.

In the end every one wants the same thing with online dating site…Some sort of emotional, it’s just the intensity and pace that differs between users.

Easily report any suspicious users or abuse within the site to staff and they will investigate.

You might have a feeling that users that use free site are somehow cheaper or not serious about their love lives. Singles within oasis active are just as serious or even desperately serious about finding a soulmate as you are.

Find your perfect match at Oasis Active- completely free dating sites no hidden fees .

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  1. I’m a single grandparent has full custody Of my amazing three year old granddaughter which I would change for nothing..I’m just looking to have some fun until the right one comes along then maybe you might be that one..lol

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