According to google trends oasis active has a huge following in Australia: In fact I have heard it has taken over rsvp.com.au as the most popular dating site in aussie… Could be wrong there but it’s becoming a big deal in AU.
Aussie singles are flocking to oasis active because
• More than 2,000,000 members have joined oasis active!
• 100% Free. No charges, Never Ever.
• Unlimited Contacts,Instant Messaging and Gallery Photos.
• There is usually more than 10,000 singles online at any given time
By all accounts it looks like it’s better set up and organised than plenty of fish. Oasis active Australia is making it’s mark on the free dating site world with
Good features
A safe dating environment
Social aspect with facebook and twitter
Younger generation are visual and like to share whats working.
When you sign up you can specify what you are after:
Casual Dating
So they cater to all preferences.
oasis active au
If you are on the fence regarding oasis active there is a good forum thread over at:
So what are the people saying about oasis active especially in Australia?
Well according to the above forum thread:
On the whole people seem to be pretty happy with the service that oasis active provides. You are always going to get people whinging about poor quality and no replies with free dating sites but the reality is that they are what you make them. If you are happy with the quality and you get stuck and get active you will get numbers and dates.
If you sit there with a lame profile description and don’t message people you wont see much action
People are saying that the quality is low… Hello? Free dating site… thats always going to happen
Others are saying that they found the site to be well meaning with everything they were looking for but they did not find the right person
Others said they found their current partner at oasis active au and that the site was a great experience.
Some guys are saying they were frustrated with the scammers and clowns that didn’t actually have any intention of dating. Due to the nature of “free” it’s all to easy for people to sign up to these sites and just lie about themselves.
Guess you will have to take the good with the bad and this is what you pay for going the free route. Oasis active Australia does everything in it’s power to reduce spam and scam but there will always be users that slip through or under the radar.
Another guy makes a good point about the nature of free dating sites. Even if you are not cheap what will a women think of you if your not prepared to fork out some dollars for a paid dating site. This is why many free sites tend to lean towards casual dating. Casual daters just are not that interested in paying. Serious daters are willing to pay alot for other serious and high quality singles. Fair enough.
Oasis active just looks like it could be a *paid* dating site which really helps it. Plenty of fish is somewhat of an eyesore while Oasis active.com really shines. (kind of like okcupid)
Heres what a forum member had to say:

There is actually some truth to this statement and it just comes down to the nature of free. Oasis active has grown very quickly because of the free business model everyone just needs to understand what type of user they are attracting or targeting.
Oasis active does not mean to target these free loaders and mis informed people but the incentive of free tends to attract slightly less educated users than $40/MONTH eHarmony (generalisation).
There are quite a few other comments within the thread regarding women and why they don’t seem to react to male advance. Whether it is the wealth of males to choose from or whether they just picky… who knows.

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  1. oasis active is nothing more then woman who cant make up there minds i get that meny requests from woman but when i meet them its a different story they have this romantic idear out of romance novels and they tend to decide in 10 min or over a coffee if your the right one or not there only one there because nobody else wants them and you see the same old faces that have been on there for yrs and they have the nerve to say there looking for mr right yeah right just to picky

    1. honestly mackins… well said. I’m not sure if they are there because nobody else wants them but you could be right about women online having so much choice that they dont actually have to commit if your not exactly their type.

  2. guys i couldnt agree more …the majority of ladies going on oasiss active are either money grubbing whores or those who dont know what they want and wanna string a guy along ……i went in there looking for love ….all i found was an endless stream of men looking for one night stands or unwilling to deal with a woman with an open [and intelligent ] mind and kids ….i am a woman who was disatisfied with oasis and i dont see why so many people go there claiming [both male /female]they are seeking love ….clearly only wanting booty

    1. Yeah, I agree…
      This is not the best place to find love. The same I can say about Facebook.
      Guys, what dating sites you can suggest (you have used)?????
      What do you think about this
      I found it lately and think about joining or not.

  3. Activeoasis- Most women have unidealistic profiles and unidealistic wants and desires.I have met quite a few women off oasis for different reasons and here is my conclusion.Most are on there because they are on the rebound or have been recently messed around(i`m a victim of that) or their husbands boyfriends have cheated on them and they go on there for revenge against a male,any male.patricia simone is one typical newbie to oasis,with whom i chatted to for 5 days and was going to meet,it never happened.i just got led on and WASTED my TIME.Time is precious to me and when people mess me around i get revenge.Some are lucky i haven`t posted their pics on disreputable sites.So fellas,don`t waste your time on there unless your looking for a bonk,plenty of skanks on there,otherwise,don`t even bother,better to walk upto someone on the street and say hello.John

    1. I met woman from Poland, lives in craigieburn melbourne. Just got strung along. Wasn’t upfront. Got close to sleeping together. I live in Queensland and i happened to be in melbourne. i thougt we hit it off, she was all over me and wanted me to come to melb again to see her, which i did, basically i think she was after money…strung me along in the cruelest way – i can tell you what her profile name is if you like. says shes “new to this” online dating – sure – years of it. My last visit was a white elephant – what a waste of time –

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