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Getting noticed in the online dating world is becoming harder by the second as thousands of new people sign up every day. This places a lot of emphasis on the quality and substance of your dating profile.
Without an eye catching picture and easy to read description your inbox could remain empty. It used to be enough just to be present in an online dating site but now you need to make an impression. Based on online dating statistics you get about a 15 second timeframe from each user on average before they decide to read or leave.
The ones that are actually interested in you spend several minutes reading your profile description, age , interests and a small percentage of those interested visitors will send you and email flirt or wink.

The Three C‘s

So you have 3 stages of interest that you can work on…
Catching peoples eyes as they sift through the endless headshots…
Capture there attention when they are on your profile with interesting and open suggestions about your life… This will ensure they don’t leave straight away and move into the potential emailing category
“Convert” them into a single that actually gets into contact with you…
If your wondering, Yes I did just make up the arbitrary three C’s
You might feel a little like a salesmen when your thinking about how to capture attention and “convert” browsers into potential dates but the reality is your on a personals site.
Your profile is designed to influence other peoples opinion of you. This requires just a pinch of clever wording.
We will go into what you should write in future posts but first double check your profile for any of the common dating profile blunders listed below:

False Information

Singles online will always lie about their appearance, income, height, weight and even personality but that doesn’t mean that you should. If your in this to find someone that you really get on with then it makes sense to fill
out personality tests and ABOUT ME pages honestly.
Ask yourself… who are you really trying to fool?
Lying about yourself is just an indication that you are not happy with yourself and current situation. You have to establish trust before meeting up online and by lying from the start you make it hard on the other person to reciprocate. Your honesty and integrity will shine through in the words that you write about yourself. If you really trying to find someone your profile should mirror this.
Remember that the only thing other singles on the site have to go by is your photo and you profile information. They don’t know that there is an honest and sexy guy behind that username so make sure you give them no choice. Let them know who you really are so they don’t have to guess. As soon as she starts guessing if your really interested in dating you out.
Because there are many men online that aren’t so great and not exactly great catches. As soon as you leave that profile blank say good bye to any emails that you could have received had you filled it out properly.
Understandably singles find it very hard to really write positively about themselves. Many will start writing and then read what they have written and be rather shocked at how negative it is. Don’t underestimate yourself. The more you sell your own attributes and abilities the greater chance you have of finding that special someone.
SMILE in your photos let everyone see your amazing face and eyes. They will connect with you first

No Profile Pictures

No picture at all is worse but uploading a head shot of a model your found on google images really is not going to help your chances. If your shy about coming out to the public then perhaps online dating is not for you.
What if you actually get dates from this profile?
Lying about your appearance is a terrible start to a relationship no matter how you look at it.
The only exception is that you state in your profile that it’s not your real headshot and that you are happy to friend them and facbook or skype them before you meet up… That’s a good way around not wanting to actually make yourself public to everyone on the site.
By the way it’s pretty obvious to everyone when there are unrealistic images used.
through the photos you choose to use.
Be sure to leave out information like address and past bad dating experiences.
Some information is better left in the far regions of your mind. It can come out later when the time is right.

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