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Despite popular belief the tests that you take when using okcupid do not count toward the singles that you are matched to.
So if you get a score that says you are horribly seedy and sexist you wont be matched with other seedy sexist people or though I think they SHOULD incorporate test result scores in their matching system… Makes sense to.
The tests are just there to better describe yourself to other users on the site. So if they don’t use any test results how does okcupid serve you up the best singles in town? The mathematicians use your behaviour (click trends, keyword analysis of emails etc) to match you.
Which means when you first signup they won’t have a very good idea of who should be matched to you other than the fact that you’re a 33 year old white male from new York.
Okcupid goes about analyzing almost ALL of the data that you give them and they do their best to serve you up some compatibility.
OK Cupids Colourful Commentary is used like a trade-off between your original behaviour and what you tell them in your IMPROVE MATCHES page. You can rank the importance of several questions within the site. So eventually you give okcupid a good idea about what you want and they weigh that up with how your acting and the attention your getting.
% Matching is based on some serious math – MIT shit coming at you all in the name of love. If you see that you have a high % match with another single on the site okcupid is pretty dam sure they have enough info about both you and them to claim it. Your match % will be knocked down at the start against everyone if you have not given them much information about yourself for the maths to go to work.
Good question: Navigate to the Okcupid IMPROVE MATCHES page and fill out as much as you can. This is the fastest and easiest ways for okcupid to get your match percentage up. Otherwise just keep using the site and emailing people.
OKCupid Personality Traits
Heard of an Uber Algorithm? Neither… But I have heard of an algorithm
It’s kind of like a list of well-defined instructions for completing a task
Your personality trait is measured using this crazy algorithm they have created. It sweeps past your profile and analyses what you have been up to (Kind of like google does with we pages) Which is why they have been called the google of online dating I guess.
Anyway this personality algorithm studies and sorts everything you have told okcupid and comes back with percentages that realate ONLY to your designated gender and age classes. Cool huh.
If you have only been exposed to a few questions relating to say romance then the confidence interval or scale that is shown to you wont be particularly narrow. Get it? Meaning okcupid does not automatically say you are in the top or bottom % romance for users in your class just because you flunked one test.
Okcupid tracks certain personality traits (55) that are changing all the time and only 30 are “pubic”. Neediness, love, romance, introverted, extroverted are just some guesses…
Even if you are matched to a single 90% if okcupid is only +/-10% sure of this you will likely see an 80% match so it pays to tell the okcupid brains alot about yourself so that they can be more certain of matches.
The friend % is just okcupid trying different ways to match singles. Meaning how LIKE you are to other singles. Meaning they could be good friends but not necessarily good dates.

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