OkCupid Upgrade: Becoming An *A-List* Dater

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OkCupid Features

So okcupid have this feature at the moment which enables you to upgrade your membership to an A lister. Being an “A lister” means you get certain benefits obviously but what are they and isn’t okcupid supposed to be a 100% FREE dating site? Well they still are because you DONT have to upgrade if you don’t want to , they are simply giving you the opportunity to express yourself differently and perhaps better.
A LIST EXTRAS – why upgrade to an Alist okcupid member?
The benefits to YOU the dater for upgrading your current free okcupid membership are:
ADDITIONAL FILTERS: Okcupid are already great at giving you the tools you need to find that perfect match but A listers get extra filter features which means you can narrow down and more easily exclude the daters you don’t want. A pretty trivial and novel upgrade but nice all the same.
A great feature okcupid have been able to implement is test matching… Self explanatory but heres the deal. Daters on okcupid take these tests that other okcupid daters have created right. You get a percentage score or “ranking” based on your results. How you perform tells okcupid and other daters about you.
Well being an A list member enables you to filter by match questions which means you can now get a list of 23 year old women with overlapping test answers in your area! COOL
Obviously the more similar the test answers the better match. But it’s more than that, there are so many tests on okcupid not many people take more than a few so which test a dater chooses is a filter in itself. Would you like to go out with a girl who chooses to take the
“how ugly am I” or “metallica rules” test?
I guess that’s up to you but I know I would be clicking away pretty quick. Anyway what I am getting at is overlapping tests and test answers is a sweet filter and you get it with A listing.
Dating Persona Filter
Once again I feel like this should have been within the free membership but makes sense form a business standpoint to withhold certain features. Now you can filter and get a list of 23 year old female singles with matching dating persona tests in your area! SWEET
This is all based on personality types that fit you. You understand that there are a ton of different guys and gals out there and very few of them are actually right for you. Meaning more bluntly you don’t actually get on with very many people! At least at that intimate level you are looking for.
By filtering by persona you are getting a very reliable and accurate representation of compatible matches in your area. Probably just as good or better than the famous eHarmony test. You might be a big brutish biker or a soft gentle stay at home mom.
It’s hard to get a really good indication of someones personality just by a profile, even if the user is TELLING you they are “kind” how do you really know? Okcupid suggests that there persona test can do better…
Okcupid Popularity Ratings
Becoming an A list member allows you to search and rank users by ratings effectively getting the best matches as voted by others.
So now you are getting the idea about becoming an A lister? You basically just get a whole set of filter features where you didn’t have them before – if you are having no trouble finding singles online then upgrading is not for you but if your serious about standing out the A list option might be what your looking for.
If you just cant seem to find that 35 year old mother who loves dogs and you think that they are defiantly out there the A list okcupid filter features now allow you to filter by certain personality traits.
Looking for the kinky sexual type?
Music and art orientated?
Okcupid assigns you to one of the many personality types: these personality types are based on your tests and site behaviour. With A list okcupid upgrades you have the ability to by personality type but you can also customize to also filter using all of the original settings to.
It’s kind of excessive, I mean if you live in a small town and you filter by age and gender there might not be a whole of singles to choose from anyway to filtering them with fancy features won’t be that useful to you but living in a big city or if your happy to search far and wide for a compatible match then you will need these filters.
Okcupid Similar users
Lets say you found a date on okcupid but for whatever reason it didn’t work out. Throw there username into the similar to a user bar and you will get exactly that.
So this A list upgrade just gives you more control over your okcupid experience. There are some extra tips that pop up from time to time to help you out and you can also save multiple search filter settings. Obviously you will also get more exposure being an A list member showing up more in other user searches.
I think the biggest benefit to being an A lister is not mentioned on there site and that is the plain fact that you have paid and ARE an A lister. There is inherent value in simply being seen as an upgraded member. You obviously care about this experience because you have spent money. You stand out in search results as mentioned because I assume you get a little “A list” icon. This means more dates (if you play your cards right)

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