Oktrends Uncovers The Real Intent Of Men Online

Here is the latest data from okcupid and this times it’s on the “mathmatics” of love
Looking a bit risky is the way to go if your either not to attractive or “cute” . According to oktrends, girls that have accessories and look a touch more alternative get a lot more attention from male users than classically unattractive or just normal cute girls.
Less attractive women that get more messages than attractive or cute girls could come down to something as simple as sex… If guys think that a women is more open to casual encounters they will get messaged more than serious relationship types.

Whether you call it game theory or guys looking to get lucky the most efficient way possible it does seem a little weird that men would be trying to contact the less attractive women on the site more than the cute girls.
But what is beauty anyway? Surely it’s in the eye of the beholder.
Okcupid mentions that the girls with tattoos and piercing’s seem to get more attention that girls without.
A user in the comments even suggested this similar view point
Garrett says:
I’m going this route:

A guy that sees someone as cute, sees someone as on his level. That is, someone that he could consider himself being in a long term relationship with. However, most online dating sites are used by guys trying to get their rocks off.
So they go for the ugly chicks that are ‘desperate’ and the ‘hot’ ones, hoping to get lucky. Uggo and easy or shoot for the stars. That’s my breakdown, take it or leave it.
I think what this study actually does is uncover the real intent of most male users. I use most because I understand that not all men have the sole motivation to be intimate with women but MOST do. It’s just in our DNA.

Men want sex and women want a secure, loving and protective relationship.
As a result most men will message the women on the site that they think will give them the highest chance of achieving this.
This is not trying to simplify a more complex issue it’s just how it is. Many women will be disappointed with this explanation of the data but they shouldn’t be.
Sex sells – even in an online okcupid profile picture!
It may also come down to the types of personalities that use online dating. Perhaps men online are getting a little desperate and see the easy pickings as a great opportunity. Is the self esteem of men on okcupid that low that they need to be messaging below their “weight class”? Surely men on okcupid and online in general would message the women that are the most “physically fit” in their eyes.
Game theory could be it but I think it’s motivated by sexual intent. We are just happy to even GET a date out of the dating experience.
If we have to settle for a goth with a tongue ring who might suggest a threesome with her girlfriend then hey why not? Better that than get some young confused flighty girl who doesn’t know what she wants. We just don’t have that kind of time to waste.
So hopefully there will be a parallel study focused on the behaviour of ok cupid women…
I think it will go something like this…
Single women will message the men they think will give them the best protection in a relationship.
These profiles of men may not be pin ups or male models but they will instil a sense of protection and authority. Women will message okcupid males that have reasonable incomes and reasonable jobs so you might find a similar result as with the male study. Big gaps where little interest is shown to a certain demographic of men that cannot protect and provide.
Of course like all the other data that has come out of the ok cupid labs there will be some interesting skewed result that will make as all go… REALLY?
I’m looking forward to what women are really up to behind the scenes!
I mean these women we are talking about get a ton of messages and a ton of interest from us!
They get flirts from filthy old guys and randy 18 years olds… Who do they respond to?
I comes down to survival and reproduction folks. Im am pretty certain that we will get a result that aggress with that theory.