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Where Can Older Men Meet Younger Women? / Where to Meet Older Men?

Are you looking to find your baby girl? Or a woman looking to find that silver fox stud to call your daddy? Listed below are just some of the websites especially curated to make sure you find that younger woman-older man romance to take your breath away.

If you’re an older man keep in mind there are also apps like Tinder, Badoo and Pof. You can easily filter by age, younger women will either like you or not so if you get matches you know that age is not a problem for them.

Fantastic Mr. Silver Fox

Steve Carell is a great actor and comedian. Some women find him attractive mostly because of his genius and somewhat self-loathing humor, but he was rarely complimented about his looks. Until he guested on  Jimmy Fallon rocking an amazing salt-n-pepper hair, a crisp suit, and a pair of hipster-suave eyeglasses as Fallon called him a stud-muffin, and Carell jokingly describing himself as a hunk of man meat.

After unveiling his gray hair for public consumption, he’s skyrocketed to hunk status. With women all over the world raving about Steve Carell the new Silver Fox in town, sharing the coveted title with the likes of Hollywood bona fide hotties like George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Pierce Brosnan, and Anderson Cooper, just to name a few.

One has to wonder, what is it about grey hair that women desire? Is it the grey hair that automatically gives that inexplicable appeal to the female species? Our society puts premium to youth, the vigor and vitality that comes with smooth skin, taut bodies and a seemingly never-ending supply of energy to take on the world. Why would age, something that people often associate with physical deterioration, and cause men and women insecurity suddenly become an attractive trait?

In media alone, portrayals of couples where the man is much older are well received compared to when the genders are reversed and it is the woman who is older. Kyle Buchanan of Slate has written about the fact that as Hollywood leading men age, their leading ladies stay within a certain age range. Case studies of the careers of Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Richard Gere, among others were compared, showing their age versus their leading women and the apparent disparity between the two as time progresses.  The Steve Carell gray hair frenzy is just one of many cases when men seemed to have been preferred by women as they get older because apparently, men are like fine wine that only gets hella better as it ages.

On a biological and fertility standpoint, according to Live Science, men continue to produce sperm even until their last day on earth, though the quality and quantity might not be same as when he was at his peak between 20 to 50 years old. With life expectancy averaging at 78 years old, this gives men at least 25 years more to sire children compared to women who go on menopause anytime between 40 to 55 years old. So that 25-year gap (or more) being discussed by Kyle Buchanan between leading men and women in his Slate article – completely normal.

While in the real world, an older man-younger woman relationship might still be greeted by some raised brows and hushed tones from rumor-mongering colleagues and neighbors. All those talks behind the back get worse when the older man is wealthy, and the younger woman, not so much. But as with any traditional constructs, modern society, along with other controversial issues like divorce and same-sex marriage, is finding it more and more acceptable with each day.

Why Do Younger Women Think Older Men Are Attractive?

As with any type of relationship, there will be good things and then there’s also the bad. Sometimes the bad can outweigh the good that people decide to halt relationships. Then there’s the time when the good is so amazing that any bad is shunned and here, we list down all the good things that can come out and one can have by having an older man-younger woman relationship.

Emma Barker of Cosmopolitan, Jen Glantz of Women’s Health Magazine, and Raquel Ward of Thought Catalog have all written about things to appreciate in this type relationship, providing women’s point of view about what makes older men attractive.

The Benjamins

We will start the list with the things that matter in real life, and that is the fact that older men are more likely to be financially stable and responsible than their younger counterparts.

Not to make it seem like younger women are dead-set on purely gold digging, and older men are nothing but sugar daddies. The fact remains that having a financially stable and responsible partner makes the relationship and life, generally easier. Seth Meyers of Psychology Today and Nancy Anderson of Forbes both acknowledged the truth that is the significant role of money in relationships. Having a stable income ensures that individuals do not get anxious about spending for their needs, which honestly is just inevitable. If money is not enough, pressure builds up from parties involved in the relationship. If one sees that the other party’s financial responsibilities are not met, or is insufficient, this could easily challenge the trust between partners and test the relationship.

A woman in her early 20s is most probably hustling the corporate world, trying to be an independent woman while making ends meet. Meanwhile, A 25-year old man is probably just starting to pave a career, in an entry level job, if not juggling jobs. Having two individuals who are going through the same experiences can create a strong relationship bond, but with less than ideal circumstances can breed issues, especially financially when what they’re earning is not enough for the life they’re living or want to live.

Outside the realm of merely surviving, older men tend to have years’ worth of professional experience already under their belt. While a 25-year old woman is in an entry-level, assistant or worse, still hopeful in an intern position, older men are either already in the top ranks of the company, holding management positions or higher, or may even be entrepreneurs and CEOs of their own businesses, in the most extreme situations, they may have already built their life and are on the settle down phase, just spending the money they earned on their 20 to 40 year-long careers. This allows them to pamper and spoil the women they love.

Further, having money for a sizable amount of time makes them more responsible – making them more likely to invest on high-quality things, services and experiences instead of wastefully splurging on cheap knick knacks and unnecessary items.

It can be that 25-year old girl stuck in a cubicle 9 to 5 who’s too tired providing for herself, who meets the older man who’s ready to whisk her away to a tropical island for a much-needed vacation or reward her hard work with some fancy jewelry or designer items.

Sage Advice

While parental advice is more often than not correct, younger people have this innate rebellious streak thinking that maybe if they try to live their life different from their parents did they’ll get a different outcome. Especially if they find their parents’ lives to be too mundane – something millennials have somehow perfected with their YOLO and FOMO lifestyle.

With age comes life experience, lots of it. And for a young woman trying to make sense of life, having someone older who is not your parent to give advice on how to traverse the intricacies and complications of adulting, is always a good thing. Whether it is career advice, settling debts, investing, or other issues and decision – having someone 10, 20 or even 40 years older to give you insights about human behavior, how things work, how companies operate, and even the most trivial things like “is it ok to eat pineapples after a heavy lunch?” is bound to steer someone younger into much better position without having to go through all the trial and errors and food poisoning, without someone older giving advice in their lives.

No games

With great life experiences comes likelihood to tolerate less bullshit – and by that it means all those insecurities, jealousy, games, and all those irrational things people do because they don’t trust their partners enough, or are too scared of losing them.

While this might not always mean that they are as loyal as Rottweilers, it means that with all the lessons learned in their past experiences and relationships, older men are likely to know what they want from the get-go, and they will lay it out to manage expectations, ensuring that everyone knows what and where the relationship is.

A younger woman and a dapper older man may find each other and decide to enter a relationship that is for the long haul and even marriage as in the case of Harrison Ford – Calista Flockhart love story. Or maybe the Hugh Hefner type playboy who collect droves of younger women as girlfriends to spoil and spend his fortune on so they remain attractive to satisfy his carnal cravings.  But despite the polar differences in these two types of older men and relationships – they lay out from the start of the relationship what they want out of it.

After at least 15 years of being single, men get an idea of what they want, if they’re the marrying type or the eternal bachelor type. If they’ve decided that they’re entering a serious relationship that they want to normally progress into marriage, they are less likely to flake and decide to play around a serious mid-relationship, unless there are deeper issues in the relationship, and if any change of mind will occur. If they’re dead-set on simply playing around, they will set the woman’s expectations. This way, both parties get what they want out of the relationship, whatever the terms are – from financial-sexual co-dependence to real love.

None of those jealousy, Jedi mind games, and other emotional instability driven by insecurities and self-esteem issues either. A younger man might find himself jealous if the woman hangs around with male colleagues, or get insecure of the successes achieved by the woman. An older man knows how that works, what’s the drill, and instead of confrontations and arguments will be supporting in the sidelines so that his partner gets what she wants out of life.

Appreciates Life and Youth

Older men are more likely to appreciate the beauty of youth seen in their younger women counterparts. They will appreciate the vibrancy and life that their youthful muses exude. This is bound to make any younger woman who might still be in a stage of their lives when constant assurance is needed to make them feel better about themselves and to boost their self-confidence. Confidence is always  sexy and attractive, and it goes into a cycle of you’re beautiful so you’re confident and you’re confident so you become even more beautiful.

While younger men might also be appreciative of their partner’s beauty, knowing that pretty much everyone you know is young and beautiful somehow fades the novelty of youth and beauty.

Romance and Chivalry

With money, life experience,  wisdom and an appreciation for the younger woman, the older man is bound to become or seem more romantic.

Money can buy all the fancy dates – from fine restaurants to jet-setting trips and vacations – something that the younger guys might be a bit on the shortage of, unless he is a trust fund baby who grew up with all the luxuries.

While a younger man with the same amount of moolah may seem superficially to be on the same footing as a successful older man, the older man cements his edge with his life experience and wisdom that cannot be faked. Life experience and wisdom allows the older man to empathize more and provide a moral support having seen a lot during his youth, or even experiencing it first hand. Such qualities are the makings of a very caring and supportive partner in the eyes of the younger woman who will no doubt appreciate the help, concern and support being extended to them.

The appreciation of their partner’s youth will make even the most independent, strong woman blush like a shy little girl and get them a little weak in the knees. Compliments and just expressing how lucky and blessed one is to have the younger partner will surely win the older man points in the younger woman’s heart.

What are the Disadvantages of Dating Older Men?

Just as there are benefits to dating older men, there are not so good things too, which younger women may tend to experience if not complain about. Just some of these are:

Awkward questions and people giving weird looks. Because the sales officer next cubicle hates her life and would rather talk about others’. Friends might also ask awkward like “Is there money involved in this relationship?”

Family Introductions. Especially when he’s closer to the woman’s parents’ age.

Established life, not willing to follow you anywhere. If he’s got a solid career or business running, the odds of him agreeing to lead the nomadic / vagabond life is less likely. But if his career or business can be run remotely on a Macbook, he will still probably go.

Set in his ways, difficult to change/adjust. Being alive for so long, he’s built habits, quirks, and ways that may be hard to change. Nothing that compromise can’t fix.

Ex-life, ex-wife, kids / stepkids, etc. Buy 1 get 1, or 4. An older man might have had earlier relationships, marriages or children. There is a need to adjust on the younger woman’s part – especially when she’s just 5 years older than his eldest son.

A different set of friends.  The odds that people with quite significant age difference attended the same high school, college or works in the same rank are little, so both will just have to live with the fact that the younger woman’s friends think he’s their dad and the older man’s friends thinking he’s won the jackpot.

More mellow, less adventurous. Older men might not be as interested in parties, hiking, extreme adventures and what not. Younger women might view this as boring. Meeting halfway when it comes to shared activities will easly solve this.

Might be afraid of commitment. Real talk. How did he get that old as a bachelor or why did his ex-wife leave him? Is he a commitment-phobe? 

Power trip because of age. He might come from a generation that thinks age equals respect and power. Best to communicate from the start that no one is the boss, age does not mean superiority, and it is an equal relationship of mutual respect and benefit.

Health issues.  Heart problems might make having hot and steamy bedtime sessions impossible, but woman on top is always an option. Older men also aren’t necessarily as physically strong to do manual tasks as those in their 20s and 30s. But he probably has more than enough money to pay to get things done.

When you think about it though, the disadvantages are petty compared to the benefits and perks of having a younger woman date an older man. Older men ought to capitalize on their strengths in this arena and have their lives filled with the vibrancy and vigor only a younger woman can supply.