Older Women Seeking Younger Guys

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Perhaps the best fit for casual sex sites is in fact this age gap of older women and younger guys.

Divorced, separated, widowed or even attached older women are still on the lookout – they have the money freedom and time to explore and have fun. Younger guys are obviously on the lookout but the 20 something girls their own age are in heavy demand.

Not only from other guys but also older men – for some reason 40+ men, if they are given a choice, will still go for younger women. This puts alot of demand on younger women and gives them alot of choice.

Older women can still be attractive – they may have lost that youthful sheen but they gain experience, confidence and perhaps a little wisdom. Many like the idea of having a toyboy or younger guy to enjoy the nights with but have no idea how to attract one. Casual dating sites connect ethnicity , age difference and orientation to one location.

So where would you find these milf’s cougars and pumas… or if your the older women where would you find these guys?

After all some younger men are just not interested in dating older women – either they are not attracted to older women or they get enough from girls their own age.

You can always go to sites specifically related to this age hookup like cougardating or similar sites but I would recommend that you stick to the larger established sites and simply specify your intent.

Going for the volume profile approach rather than camping down in one niche site will get your name out their and give you the best chance of hooking up.

The main reason why this age difference hookup works so well online compared to just hitting up some nightclub is that it’s still a little taboo.

  • An older women rarely get’s out to bars in search of guys
  • It’s not socially accepted yet that it’s ok for her to sleep around with lots of younger guys
  • It’s not a normal thing for a younger guy to approach an older women in seduction mode
  • Most of the older women you will be attracted to will be attached/married
  • Most wont be interested in younger guys
  • Most older women will be after stable wealthy older guys

Allowing an open anonymous and acceptable location for people to meet and discover each other eliminates the stigma and judging that may have occurred offline.

This elimination of any fear then lowers the bar for everyone thus relationships can be established that wouldn’t have ordinarily been possible.


Where To Find Older Women

Even though I have said their wont be to many older women on the lookout their will be one or two bars close-bye that 35-50 year old women tend to hang out… It wont be your normal rave style bar but it’s worth a shot.

Online there is always the likes of craigslist but your better of going with a regulated paid personals site if you want quality and security.  Senior friend finder is an option as well as any of the other friend finder networks.

plenty of fish okcupid oasis active and yangutu are tending towards younger audiences but you will still be able to find what your looking for – they are all free so you might as well create profiles to give yourself a chance.

Where To Find Younger Men

Look – you don’t have to go far to find a younger guy that would be keen for casual sex but if your no looker it’s unlikely your going to be able to keep his attention focused on you for very long.

As far as volume of younger guys looking for sex is concerned it’s not going to be hard – Any dating site or bar is full of them.

As far as quality and maturity of younger guys is concerned I can’t comment. You will have to be the judge of that – it all depends on where you look.

It’s guaranteed that you are going to find immature emotionally null dudes looking to abuse a casual sex relationship. Choose wisely and you should be able to find someone that meets all of your  needs.

Older women have gained alot of experience over the years – they know what they want and how to get it. You will still need to make the first move but expect that they will show you the ropes at some stage. They will be considerably more forward than your average 23 year old girl.

They will also be more flexible and understanding of your situation. There is every reason to be out seeking older women if your a younger guy sick of the immaturity of your age group.

The Likely Outcome

It’s likely just going to be an exciting short term casual fling – she might well be a little eccentric and certainly experienced. Depending on your personality it could be the time of your life or a complete flop. Don’t give up on the idea of seeking out a cougar – some of these older women might be a little nuts in the head.

You’ll thank me when you find that attractive 37 year old sex buddy that’s upforit every night of the week. Don’t forget that women your own age are always going to be their – keep that opportunity open for a girl your own age to come into your life.

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