Omegle is a chat site dedicated to connecting random strangers. You can chat via text or video. The site has been the subject of some controversy involving users saying and doing sexually explicit things. This led to the creation of an unmoderated video chat as well as a moderated video chat, though both are meant for those 18 and up. Part of the site’s popularity lies in its ease of use. You don’t have to sign up, register, or pay anything to use the service.


The site was created in 2009 by 18 year old Leif Brooks. Omegle quickly garnered a large following, getting 150,000 page views a day in its first month alone. In 2010, they began providing webcam chat as well as text.

Spy mode was introduced in 2011. This allows a user to ask a question. You have the option of asking your question to two strangers who are already chatting, or engaging in a one on one chat about the question.

Interest tags began in 2012. This allows the user to put in specific interests. If someone is found with a similar interest, the two are paired together to chat. If no one with a common interest is found, a random stranger is selected. You can also connect your Facebook account to Omegle. This allows Omegle to use your Facebook likes as interests.

In 2013, the site launched its unmoderated adult video chat. This gives users the option to use either moderated or unmoderated video chat. Those entering the unmoderated chat will most likely encounter sexual content.

Omegle began providing a dorm chat mode in 2014. This allows college students with an .edu email address to chat with each other.

The video chat was completely unmonitored before 2013. Since the site requires no age verification, minors were exposed to sexual content and profanity. Even though the chat is now monitored, it is only considered partially effective at preventing explicit content.

While this is a concern for parents, Omegle states on their website that they are not responsible for the content of the users, so the burden of preventing unwanted exposure falls to the parents. What do consenting adults think about the unmonitored video chat? What drives us to reveal ourselves to strangers? To have conversations with completely random people?


For one, this trend is very popular with the younger generation. The kids that grew up with technology and all the connectivity that it brings are more likely to feel comfortable on a random web chat. While your grandmother may have finally came into the 21st century and sent you a Facebook friend request, you most likely won’t find her on Omegle. The fact is the younger generation is much more accustomed to communicating electronically and even reaching out to strangers as a way to make friends. The Omegle crowd is hard to quantify for certain, but most users are under 25. If you are 30 or over and on the site, you are probably considered too old.

Connection Makes Us Happy

Can chats with random strangers actually fulfill our need for companionship. One study proves they can in real life, so maybe they can online as well. Study participants were asked to ride a bus or subway. Some were instructed to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Some were instructed to remain silent, and some were instructed to do whatever they normally do. After the ride, people were surveyed. Those that had talked with strangers on their trip had a more positive experience than those who didn’t.

If It Makes Us Happy, Why Don’t We Do It

We’ve all experienced it. The crowded elevator ride filled with awkward silence. The bus full of people that just makes you feel more alone. Why aren’t people more willing to connect in real life? For many, safety is an issue. Women have to be careful, because a kind word to a stranger can bring unwanted attention. While this is also true online, it is much easier to get out of the situation if you can click a button and leave the chat. We also tend to assume that people in real life just don’t want to be bothered. When we connect with someone online, we know they are seeking some social interaction.


Since the site is popular with the younger generation, many teens use the site. This has caused controversy because teens have been exposed to inappropriate content and even sexual predators. While there are some risks involved, there are also many benefits for teens connecting on Omegle. Here is a look at the benefits and the risks associated with teens using Omegle.


Many people come to Omegle looking for sex. The ratio of males to females is also very high judging by how quickly people exit the conversation if you say you are a male. There are also sexual predators on Omegle. The anonymity of the site seems to make it more risky in some ways. You can create a “fake profile” on any social media site, but you have to at least go through the trouble of having an email address. On Omegle, there is no signup required. This level of anonymity sounds safer until you realize the first thing 95% of people on the site will ask you is age, sex, and location. For someone under age, this could open the door for them to be targeted by a sexual predator. This coupled with the risk of seeing sexually explicit material means it isn’t really the place for younger kids. What about parental supervision? Isn’t it safe if the parent monitors their Omegle activity? In a world where the family shared one computer in the kitchen, maybe. In today’s world, kids can easily get on the internet without supervision, and once you open the Omegle door, it is difficult to close it.


Omegle isn’t all bad, though. It can allow your older, mature, responsible teen to connect with people all around the world. They can talk to people from different walks of life and even different cultures. This can be a great learning experience and help to teach them about respecting people who are different than them.

Unmonitored Video Chat

Basically there is only one reason people go to the unmonitored video chat on Omegle. To have some form of cybersex. What is the attraction to exposing yourself to a random stranger?

There is something sexy about the newness, excitement, and risk of having sex with a stranger. If you’ve ever had a one night stand, you know it is a thrill that is hard to match. The sex usually isn’t outstanding, but the excitement makes it worth it. Cybersex gives you that excitement in a much more convenient and less risky form. Part of the attraction of having cybersex with a random stranger is simply because they are a random stranger.

Since Omegle is anonymous, it also eliminates some of the other problems associated with casual sex, cyber or otherwise. You don’t have to pretend you will call or email them the next day. There is no expectation of any sort of relationship. You also don’t have to try to figure out if the other person is looking for the same thing you are. You don’t have to worry about someone liking you too much and cyber stalking you, or breaking their heart because you wanted a five minute cam session and they wanted a long distance relationship.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t connect with someone you’ve met on Omegle after you’ve logged off. If you are both interested, you can continue your conversation on another site or email. Anonymity relieves the expectation of acting like you are interested in keeping in contact, but leaves you free to do so if you are both interested. Omegle does have a tendency to disconnect the conversation, so don’t wait too long if you are interested in chatting again.

Finding Someone You Are Interested In

Whether you are using text or video chat mode, you can enter in interest tags. If you are interested in having a sex chat, enter it in your interests. If you have specific fantasies or fetishes, enter those as well. The other user will only see it if you share the interest, so you don’t have to worry about looking like a freak. You can also enter your geographic location in your interest tags if you are interested in connecting with someone in your area. Otherwise, You may be connected with anyone around the world who speaks your language. If you are truly just interested in non sexual companionship, you can type friends in your interest tags. The more interest tags you enter, the better your chances of finding someone with at least one common interest. It also gives you a starting point for your conversation, because the site will inform both of you of the interest that you share.

There are some very hot Omegle chats that people have posted online. If you are into sexting, this could be the perfect way for you to connect with people and have some fun. You can also save your chats. Be careful about the information that you give out, though. The other person can also save the chat and post it online. The same is true for videos. After your one on one cybersex session with a sexy stranger, they can save the video and even post it on the web.

Cybersexing via Omegle text has several advantages. You can imagine the person is anyone you want, and you don’t have to worry about ending up on Pornhub without your consent.

Personally I find someone telling me what they are going to do and imagining it much more sexy than being able to see them. It allows you to immerse yourself in it and focus on your fantasy. Other people, however, prefer a more visual experience. I must admit there is something hot about showing your goodies to a random stranger. Letting them see you pleasure yourself is even hotter.

My Experiences

I decided to try Omegle for myself. Several of the conversations I attempted dropped me after asking for my A/S/L. I suspect that being 33, I was too old for them. Others never responded at all. Several of them ended the chat with me when I told them I didn’t have KiK or refused to give out my Facebook information.

A few were interested in chatting. I had an interesting chat with two different guys from other countries. One of them seemed to genuinely be seeking someone to talk to. The other one seemed to be bored and looking for some sort of action, but he was polite and didn’t come on to me. They did tell me that many people came to the site looking for some sort of sexual hook up.

It was different than any other chat site I’ve been on because there are no profiles. You can’t look at a picture of the person you are chatting with if you are text chatting. Personally I found chatting with faceless strangers a bit disconcerting, but I found the thought of video chatting even more so. The thought of appearing for a random stranger on camera, and knowing they may be revealing more than I wanted to see just put me off.

Does Omegle level the playing field for those of us who aren’t a perfect 10 in the looks department? Your average dating or even chat site shows you a page of pictures, and you can choose who to interact with. Pairing you with a random person may give less attractive people more of a shot, even in video chat mode. Perhaps you find yourself talking to someone in a chat that you wouldn’t have decided to talk to had you made the choice yourself, but the small window of opportunity a random chat gives makes you give them a chance.

I also believe that sites like this are great for those who become anxious in social situations. The anonymity it gives makes you less concerned about being embarrassed or rejected. We tend to feel much safer behind a screen than we do in real life. Ironically, the internet makes it infinitely easier to misrepresent who you are, but it also makes it easier for many people to be their true selves. You aren’t as concerned about what others think, so you are free to be completely you, or whoever you choose to be.

If you are looking for a free place to chat or have some type of cyber sex with a random stranger, Omegle is probably the place for you.