On Sexual Transmutation And Being A Slave To Your Emotions

One of the better posts I have read in a while comes from david wygant – he talks about how to NOT be a slave to your dick… It’s geniuous and you can read it here:
Why you should not be a slave to your dick – Like dave says many guys live lives that are completely controlled by their emotions.
sexual transmutationAny physical urge they get is quickly eliminated by a dirty jerk to some filthy internet material or cam4 girl. Rather than transmuting their sexual energy they let it control them.
Women have been hinting and suggesting that this is wrong all along but many men just never seem to get the point.
There is more than sex and there are deeper more meaningful interactions that need to be established before sex occurs. If it was only about sex then more men would be interested in purchasing sex. Like it’s some transaction completely void of human emotion!
But deep down every guy knows that there is something more to this strong urge – The second video below talks about how sexual transmutation is very difficult.
He is not suggesting that you reframe from all sexual acts but he is suggesting that you should channel the flow of energy toward something more productive. Do not indulge in sexual activities in excess because it becomes a drug that you abuse.
When you indulge and “let your dick lead” you allow the flow of energy to pass out of you… In the first video below tellman suggests that most of the very powerful and successful men actually have a very high sex drive but they have been able to control it.
Rather than objectifying women like a piece of flame grilled steak or talking down to a women because you have 8 inches of gold… treat women with the respect they deserve. Talk to them on an emotional level.
Tell your ego to F*^K off for once…
E.Tolle in the power of now suggest that it’s your ego and relationship with life forms and objects that are keeping you from enlightenment. I suggest that you read his book and practice the art of sexual transmutation to escape from the controlling nature of the male sexual organ.
Dave is talking about how lazy men have become – by becoming completely controlled by their dick their minds become clouded. Has your mind lost it’s way? Has your mind become controlled by your sexual drive?
Sex is a wonderful thing that should be cherished and enhanced by love – but that’s not to say you cant have a causal sexual relationship with a women…
You may be more conscious of this than women are! Don’t think that women are saints either, they can be in search of sex for the attention of sexual enjoyment – they can abuse this source of energy too but women seem to be more aware of than men. We are easily persuaded by our dicks to do their bidding!
Who is in control here?
Women are interested in a man that is control of his emotions… are you?
Women are also interested in a guy that has a high sex drive so that when she becomes REALLY aroused you don’t fall asleep 10 minutes after starting.
The reality here is that most guys are completely unconscious of what’s going on or that they even have a choice in the matter.
You can transmute your sexual desire and you will have more energy and vibrancy as a result.
Women will be more attracted to you sexually because of this unknown sexual energy you are now transmitting. You chose not to leak that source of energy away last night and are now enjoying the benefits.
It’s not about abstinence – it’s about controlling your emotions.
Letting your dick lead further distances you from the women that you want to be with because you objectify them. You make them an OBJECT of your desire rather than just another special human being that needs your love and affection.
Rather than seeing a hot women and immediately thinking “Dam I wanna slam that”…
Transmute that energy AWAY from your dick and into your expressions of love and personality. Your tone your eye expressions and speech.
Think “she needs my love” rather than “she needs my dick”…
Get to know her as a person rather than an object of your satisfaction.
Videos on sexual transmutation:

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