One Night Stand Rules

One night stands can be fun – but make sure you read up on these one night stand rules… They could save you from ending up in a sticky situation.
Safety and attachment is what you have to watch out for – make sure that you keep STI free + physically safe – trusting your partner is crucial.

Keep Safe Kids

Are you going to have sex without a condom? Unprotected sex can be done with a trusted partner but for a one night stand you are going to have to strap up. Waking up the next morning or noticing a freaky spot a week later (sti) will only lead to regrets.
There is a small risk of getting something nasty but even with that small risk it’s still not worth it.
Even though making love with a condom is like being in the rain with an umbrella you have made the decision to have sex with some you don’t know. If you want to unsheathe then do with someone you trust.
Even if she says she doesn’t have anything sti’s can go unnoticed for years.

Don’t Screw The Crew

If you know this person from work it wont be a one night stand. It has to be anonymous. If you see them every day at work it will either be really awkward for you or you will be tempted to turn it into a casual sex relationship. So if you are only interested in a one night stand choose someone you wont see again.
There is nothing wrong with screwing the crew… but not if you only want it to be a one night stand. Chatting to your receptionist about upcoming appointments with the knowledge that you have slept with her will get in the way of work. There are plenty of women around so choose from in your area.

Keep Sober

For obvious reasons you want to be conscious when involved in one night stands. You performance and memory of the night will be greatly impaired if you have had to many brews.
Keeping sober allows you actually be in control of the situation rather than leaving it to chance.
Plus being drunk will lead to embarrassing impotence. For any women reading you certainly  do not want to be drunk during a one night stand for safety reasons.  ( safe sex)

Keep It Third Party

If you are trying to keep it anonymous then asking her back to your pad will blow your cover completely.
Hire a room for the night or perhaps go back to hers. If you are adventurous then the back seat of a car or even outdoors could work but make sure it’s away from your home base.
Which brings up the topic of using your own name – hopefully you have chosen someone that you trust enough not to throw your name around. But if you feel a bit weird about using your last name throw up a pen name for the night.

Watch Your Meal Choices

If you know the date beforehand then ease up on the weird smelling food for obvious reasons.

Public Setting

Make sure that you meet up in a PUBLIC setting first – asking them to come straight back to yours is a major fail unless you have chatted to them previously.

Don’t Use Your Car

(not necessarily required)
A car can be traced – it might sound a little crazy but it only takes one plate number search and they have your name and address. One night stands are all about safety (especially for women) and making sure that you are safe is of upmost importance.

Decide On The Level Of Intimacy

Most one night stands have very little mouth to mouth kissing and there is certainly no kiss at the end of the night or sensual massage.
Decide with the women what level of intimacy she is prepared to go to.
A one night stand is what you make it and if you want to avoid any emotional connection it’s best to keep the kissing to a minimum.

Keep Anonymous

If you really want this one night stand to be just that then don’t go texting her a week later to say hi. You can even use a fake name or alias to keep things purely sex orientated. If you keep the contact up it will lead to attachment and no longer be classed as a one night stand.
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