One Night Stands With Romance


When I say romance here I don’t mean candle lit dinners and I am not suggesting blowing cash on her. What I do mean is a romantic and classy experience full of charm and wit on your part.
Basically this is a call to all guys out there to pick up your game and get in on this romantic casual sex life. You can have casual sex with lots of woman and every experience can be romantic and full of spiritual and emotional enjoyment.
There are plenty of busy sexually frustrated single mothers out there that are happy to accept a young guy into there home for a one night. Just take a look online into these demographics and you will discover a bunch of activity and naughtiness going on. Be naughty, fling, plenty of fish,  oasis active, and the friend finder networks all generate sexually motivated connections on a daily basis.
There is one thing you need to be very aware of when you set up one night stands. It’s important to respect the women that is trusting you with her body. The problem most guys have is that they are only thinking about their own  needs.

Put yourself in a womens shoes…

If she just wanted a quick lay with no intimacy or romance her toys do an arguably better job than most guys right?
So if you want to turn this relationship you have created online and make it a reality you have to show her your not a creep that’s going to mac and run. You might be interested in turning the one night stand into a long term friends with benefits situation. This means the sexual relationship must be beneficial for the both of you.
Should a casual sex relationship involve candles, massage oils and hot wax? Or should it simply a 10 minute quickie in the back of your truck?
Both are fine depending on the relationship and situation – What I am suggesting is that many women require much more than just physical stimulation. You don’t need to jump from one extreme to the other, just include a little sexual tension, play fighting or teasing and temptation in your foreplay.
Remember that foreplay should start early and continue right up to sex as most experts would agree that it includes all types of flirting and sexual innuendo.
You should be trying to give as much value during the night as possible – rather than just trying to get your end off and get out make the night as memorable as possible.
It’s kind of like, masturbation can only bring a certain kind of excitement and joy… When your in a one night stand or casual sexual relationship you need to be aware that it’s really that emotional connection and togetherness for a brief period of time that you are seeking.
The pleasure of the sexual act adds to the fact that you are so intimately close to someone else. Just remember to never forget about how sacred and important sex can be for women… It’s so much more than just physical pleasure for them and it should be for you to.
The risk here is that you might get attached to someone that initially was supposed to just be a casual fling. You need to weight up how much of yourself you invest in them before you start.
The more romantic and sexual tension there is during the initial period of the one night stand or relationship the better the sex will be.
So it’s in your best interests to foster what women are after – if they are happy it’ll mean more smoking hot no strings attached sex for you.
This is really a rather simple idea – you give a women what they want and they will give you TWICE of what you want. So rather than fighting for table scraps like most guys who try to manipulate and cut and run… you give a women what they want and essentially what you want to. That really sexually charged but emotional connection which can just last for one night.
You can make it last longer and it may even flourish into a long term relationship but if your just interested in onenightstands it’s STILL important.
One night stands with romance does not mean a table lit dinner while blowing a load of cash on a women that’s going to ditch you. It DOES mean refining your game so that it’s about offering the kind of class and confidence that a women dreams about.
If you can create a personality that is similar to the knight in shining armour for women. Charm them with your smile and be polite, get them back to your apartment and see where the night takes you. Make them feel comfortable in your presence because you are comfortable with yourself.
Creating a romantic even is about creating that serendipitous experience that just flows from one stage to the next.
An expert like Paul Janka will suggest to get a number on the street and move on – later you can ask her to a more private location like your apartment for more intimate conversation.

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